World of Warships – Petropavlovsk Still Strong

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Petropavlovsk is ofc, without any doubt, still a very strong ship. Very tanky and very much capable of devastating its opponents. However I feel that it lost a bit of its accuracy, aka dev strike potential. I didn’t too many games in it and games were like this one, so definitely still strong, but I feel like I can’t murder ppl at max range like I used to – which is a good thing ofc xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Da comrad! Russian bias always stronk

    Btw, 8:37 he launched his left side torps, and 1 managed to hit your ass

    • Lol that one never gets old and guess at least you can still do Russian jokes even if you can’t do black ones anymore 🤣

    • Zsolt Huszti-Bagdi

      The wake of the torpedos is visible just before you pulled away the camera

    • @Somarik Green seems weird that whole twitter and reddit echo chamber love communism but on wows they drooling on nazi boats and shit on commie boats.

    • Nguyen Johnathan Cause it’s almost like one’s a game and the other is reality or some crazy like that

    • @mrb692 or that a consistent train of thought and reason from right wingers is wayyyy too much to ask.

  2. That intro is my WoWS experience in a nutshell

    • What? He got a carrier….. here on SEA we are lucky if we only have ONE carrier per side and if we even have DDs in the lineup…..

    • @Scholesy92 Today in the SEA queue(a hour ago) : CV21 BB28 CA14 DD8
      CV numbers are on the rise lately, don’t know why but always get 1 or 2 CV every match during this month.

    • @U-MAX Absoltuely mate – and the number of games with no DDs at all is astounding the past few weeks, this is going from bad, to terrible, to even worse.

  3. WOW! Last time I was THIS early, only the U.S. had carriers!

  4. Flambass did not go mid in Two Brothers?

  5. All of those citadel’s happened in the last 3 minutes, it’s like the ability to citadel was locked behind a pay wall that required 2 kills to unlock lol

  6. I believe the wishes of the one guy should be honored. Create a survey of games lost before even started.

  7. Manik Samaraweera

    I was rewatching your old petro vids when I saw this.

  8. What treachery is this. he didn’t go up the middle… I want my money back…well ok there’s no money involved, but you get the sentiment!

  9. guess the kraken would have been official, just like the confederate was…

  10. Need to farm citadel-hits for missions?
    Want some medals?
    Tired of getting blapped?
    Play the new balanscruisers!

  11. Sees map: “YESSS!!”
    Sees carrier: “…goddamnit”

    Anyway, I’m surprised just from a tactical standpoint more warships didn’t have 360 turrets. It just makes sense.

    • Does it though? Don’t compare real world naval combat to what happens in this game.

    • In real world it would result in more weight due to extended armour belt and torpedo pretection. Better to put all senstive parts as close together as possible. This was the main logic for the nelson class having all three turrets next to each other.

    • And the superstructure is still preventing to shoot from all angles

  12. When is this line being released they stagger these launches so much i can never keep up

  13. I see lucky stuff more and more from you…dodging torps, avoiding rams and (luckily) getting him killed….and then still complaining about a kraken….skill gets luck and the way around I’m guessing? Getting cocky in the end….

  14. 1:33

    Time to change your Name again ^^

  15. Bernd-Peter Pohle

    Besides, this match took around 10 Minutes. Half of the enemy gone in the first 6 Minutes of the Game. Is that fun ?

  16. An OP Russian ship? Still strong after ‘balancing’? Well I never.

  17. Me: enjoys the Tallinn
    WG: You have seen Nothing yet.
    Bring in Riga and Petropawlowsk.

  18. When will the Soviet heavy cruiser line be added into the game?

  19. it hasn’t lost its accuracy, you were aiming too high most of the match.

  20. lol the heli pad comment made me laugh, that right there shows the power creep. Ships with heli pads in a WW2 game.

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