World of Warships – Petropavlovsk VS tier 10 BBs TEST

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This is a test to see just how powerful Petropavlosk is against tier 10 BBs. There are no premium BBs because they are not allowed in training room (for bots) but you get to see the magic this thing does to a class which is mostly considered to be untouchable by cruisers when it comes to AP.

If you want to test your ship against bots like this, go to training room and put game mode on TEST, add bots and learn 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. “I’m only getting one Citadel”
    sitting in a Cruiser shooting BBs at 13km mhhhh

    • @Brett Hobbs If you wish to counter the HE then don’t extinguish one fire, if you got full health I’d let two or three burn until you can get into cover then damage control. Remember heals cover all fire damage, plus you shouldn’t broadside either, as Dennis and CloneD have said you just need to angle in or out. Also dispersion, while not good, is a balancing factor that ‘should’ also encourage you to get stuck in and support your cruisers and destroyers as best you can. Honestly you shouldn’t be having these problems playing BBs if you follow those instructions

  2. Everything gets massive damage while kremlin doesnt give a shi.t.Balans indeed

    • @lildimka Aint no way you have over 50% win rate and think the Kremlin is balanced. If you undestand the game enough to have at least a 50% win rate then you wouldn’t need anyone to explain to you why that ship is overpowered. People who think the ship is balanced are the ones that try extra hard to get killed and only die half the time cuss the ship is basically idiot prof

    • “weak sides”

    • @ivan holik Are they jealous of Ohio 30 sec turret traverse and Thunderer 36 sec turret traverse too?

    • @Kaga Kai Ohio (also with nuclear powered turrets + best winrate) and Thunderer are just as good BB’s as Kremlin nowdays. Ohio is probably better. So they must be all OP?

  3. I guess wg decided: “Ye Kremlin’s a bit OP, let’s make a ship that can deal with it”

  4. Alektra Lainheart

    This ship nuts, the pen are so dumb. REALLY WG!!! REALLY!!!!

  5. stefanos perivolaris

    u want a citadel only firing ship??

  6. Yes, I can see clearly that the AA-health will be nerfed by 15% in the next update cycle.

  7. A cruiser barely devastate a Yamato with her 220mm guns

    • Yamato took about a dozen 500kg bombs and about as many torps before it started to sink, the USN planes actually had to do a torp strike just on one side to finally get it to the bottom.
      Of course that happened in real life, so a piddly russian cruiser sends it packing with 5 broadsides. Pathetic.

    • @Luis Nunes as far as i remember it took 18 500kg and dozens of smaller bombs and 21 torps, but don’t quote me on that. They really did quite a number on this ship

    • @Jakub W. But in soviet russia no one cares about real life, right? 😉

    • @Luis Nunes definitely. Entire russian tech tree with few exceptions is the evidence of that

    • @Jakub W. This is exactly what I want to say
      Petropavlovsk’s 220mm guns have almost same penetration curve with Starlingrad’s 305mm guns. This is not making any sense

  8. undertakernumberone1

    hmm… it’s kinda funny… german cruiser strength was meant to be the AP. Which basically works only under 10km against non angled targets with its real impact, due to not that impressive penetration and bounce angles. German cruiser accuracy also i think ain’t the best.

    Soviet Cruisers: Less damage (relatively spoken), but better pen, better angles, better speed, better fuzes… oh and better precision in CQC…

    So unless the soviet cruiser ain’t brain dead, i could see them outfight for example a Hindenburg relatively well… in the melee that was meant to be where teh german AP shines

    • Gonzalo Javier Gimenez

      As a German Line player i can say with 10k battles on my back, Hindy before “balans” was a crap for a Heavy -no even close- Cruiser and After “buff” – lol this was a funny joke- still underpower and sad intent for a T10 ship in compare with others, Z52 is useless in the current Cv+Radar meta, and Gk saddest BBs in the game (turtle back only made agony longer).
      I say it before on other videos on different WoWs CC, WG acomplish her task of made to WoWs same they do on WoT: send german line at trash cann and OP all Russ ships just because Russ shananigan
      WG made it clear, they dont care about balans or user(players) opinions. They will pushing Soviets politics in game.

    • Np with good russian ship but when i encounter a Stalingrad broadside a 6km with my bismark and i’m the one getting punished it feel broken 5 or 6 pens salvo for 3 or 4 k dmg. the same thing happens vs any cruiser and if he don’t get out quickly the second salvo is deadly. Anyway russian people don’t need op ship to be good at this game.

    • They also said Henri AP is great. 240mm btw.

    • Russian bias factor*

  9. These 220mm guns makes no sense but it is soviet after all…

  10. I’m surprised it doesnt have a citadel accelerator consumable .

  11. What would not even be clickbait. This is literally 1000000 damage at once 😀

  12. you think you’re shooting a 220 but it’s a permanently reload boosted french 380

    • @sebastian arley My first lesson about Kremlin was that my JB don’t do shit to him flat broadside at 14km. 2nd lesson was that Republique don’t do shit either.

  13. I can already see the first nerf this ship will receive… after 6 months with this shit messing up the MM at high tier, WG finally will admitted that’s a bit broken… so they will nerf Petro AA a bit…

    • turning radius increased by 10m

    • Ser Garlan Tyrell

      @ArmchairWarrior Or like many Soviet ships of the era, spontaneously decide to become an artificial reef.

    • @Ser Garlan Tyrell I wish, but WeeGee won’t do that to their precious soviet babies. Nerfs this thing will receive: AA damage reduced by 3%, AA range reduced by 2%, Turret traverse increased by 2%. But because of they don’t want the nerfs to hit too hard they’ll buff it’s noes armor by 4mm. All because their spreadsheets told them it was a good idea.

  14. while kremlin ias being shot at, just remember the reason why WG nerfed 10k HP from Odin, ” too resiliant”

  15. Remember back then when they made the german Cruisers supposed to be “AP focused Cruisers” ? Well, the downsides were so severe on them that powercreep came soon and buffs were needed. Every single time players asked for a bit better performing AP, especially in regards of penetration/pen angles. Every time we did get a “njet” from WG. They buffed things like HE, reload and Heals instead.

    Now they throw this on their bias line no one asked for, 10 times stronger than players wanted it on ger Cruisers. But thats not everything, the Petro also got much better Armor (Hindis Armor is only better at close range), much better concealment, much better firing angles, it has better range, its faster, AA is better etc.
    WG is killing this game…

    • My first game in Hindenburg I had 8 kills and around 4k base exp,, I might still have an old screenshot not sure.. But yes it was an absolute beast.. AP citadelling cruisers and bbs everywhere.. Now its all noob armor in combination with Priority target..Priority target is basicly a big nerf to AP and dds.. Anyway I still love Hindenburg cause of its german hydro and torpedos..

    • @RepaleoN Halo True. For me the Hindi is the only good german ship in high tier. Made my overall dmg record of 309k with her 🙂

  16. this is the equivalent of a chinese company making a FIFA game where chinese players have better stats than those playing in the champions league

  17. Its a shame this originally historical intended game has become world id Russian paper ships, the mightiest battleship ever built dies to like 2 salvos from 220mm guns

  18. You played Tanki Online? Lol

  19. Wtf Tanki Online?

  20. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    @The Hippy Griff Thank you. The RN had more classes of ships (either in commission or laid down) not currently in the game that could be, than the Soviets had ships in that period, period. From the Crimean war up until the 1950’s, they were basically non-existent.

    Fair enough if they have to keep adding ships, and some by necessity need to be paper ones for “balans” reasons, but the Russian line in particular seem to have gone way beyond that and they take a name of something that was thought up, and the rest is just straight out of a stalin-a-boo’s wet dream.
    Like there’s no way, even with pretty good aerodynamics programs that the shells have that little drag (or manage to go anywhere near where they’re aimed/don’t destroy the barrels in 30 shots).

    For reference their entire fleet can be summed up as follows:

    A fair amount of destroyer classes actually, I can’t find that they did very much at all, and the single largest class, the Skoryy-class isn’t even in WoWS.

    They had a couple light cruiser classes (the Sverdlov class was pretty big at 14 ships, but nowhere near the swarm that was ordered) between the end of WW1 and the 60’s when everything was missiles… Just 2, for a total of 19 ships.

    Battlecruisers – This is where things start getting funny… There was the 4x Borodino’s of WW1 (aka Izmail), none of which were close to being completed. Then there was the Kronstadts, 2 of them, neither more than about 1/10 complete. And finally there were the Stalingrads, of which they planned a whole 4, managed to lay down 3, but only launched one hull, which almost immediately sunk/grounded its self.

    Battleships (dreadnoughts) – 4x Imperatritsa Mariya-class (aka the Gangut) (including 1 of a sub-class), and then the 1x Imperator Nikolai I was laid down. Then the hilarious one, the Sovet Union class (Sovetsky Soyuz), of these 60,000 ton behemoths, none were even close to complete, though 4 were laid down, out of a total of 15 ordered. Yup, some Soviet union official, frankly living in fantasy land, ordered 15 essentially Yamatos, despite the Soviet union not having made a battleship since a first generation dreadnought, and not having made a ship larger than 8,000 tons since (and that was the Kirov class that had major problems too). And they were ordered with 16″ of armour despite soviet steel industry being incapable of making much more than 9″, so they resorted to stacking 2x 8″ plates on top of each other, which means that their actual effective thickness was more like 13″, or even less if you compared it to the better armours of Britain, Germany & Italy. And then the guns had horrendous accuracy problems, a trait inherited from their Italian designs.

  21. SteigerTractors Inc.

    @Ser Garlan Tyrell woah there, you’ll make WG cry with such facts about their glorious paper navy.

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