World of Warships – Phoenix Class Light Cruiser

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The first “paper” design in the US Navy cruiser line, the Phoenix class of light scout cruiser was never developed but the work done on researching the ship went into the development of the tier 5 Omaha Class instead. It’s completely different from the Chester and St. Louis at tiers 2 and 3, but get used to it, because this is the way the USN cruisers are going to be from here on in.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. You’re a better world of ships player then a world of tanks one Jingles!!! 

  2. I want Jingles to sing “Omaha” by Counting Crows.

  3. I tend to use the speed and slim profile to charge in with front turrets
    dodging bb fire torp . zip past hit them with rear guns and torps . rarely
    do broadsides in this or the omaha. thats just me tho 

  4. This has probably been said before but WG had two more Jokes, they made a
    Video about how they are going to put modern vehicles into the game and
    then they put the PZ IIJ on sale. Personally I didn’t find the latter to be
    particularly funny.

  5. The Brooklyn Class was the mainstay of US light cruisers in WWII.
    Clevelands were late arrivals. They had 4 more 5″ secondary mounts and
    had the superior 5/38 over the Brooklyn’s 5″/25. They should have put
    the North Carolina class of armored cruisers at tier 4.

  6. Alexander Karavas

    More Videos Jinglesssss! Please!

  7. Anybody got a invite code. I never was able to get one

  8. USS Arizona

  9. The Torashuu guy who warned you in chat about the torpedoes was the guy who
    did launch the torpedoes at you Jingles lol

  10. deimonas suchanka

    meh,this game sucks.

  11. I really liked the phoenix (once fully upgraded).
    I really like the maneuverability and it’s firepower (rof + torpedo = yes

    now I’m at the Cleveland and it still has an awesome firepower (high rof)
    but the upcoming penascola looks like a let down on paper :(

  12. Are there any faster ships than these stupidly slow things? I like a
    reconnaissance role mostly instead of fighting!!! Derp man +The Mighty
    Jingles ??

  13. Harrison Rawlinson

    152mm guns have short reload! Look at KV2!

  14. Satyanarayana Gavarasana

    Do destroyers

  15. Brooklyn would have been a better choice. or put the Brooklyn as the
    Premium,, and put the Atlanta in it’s place. Especially since it was a CLAA
    not a (strictly speaking) a CL.

  16. 0:27 ‘MURICAN cruiser

  17. I’ve been looking forward to playing this game, I was thinking it would be
    less stressful than WOT…. hahaha I’m not so sure that will be the case
    but at least I won’t have trees in my face. 

  18. I did hate this ship at first and for some time. Once upgraded and you
    learn how to fight with it, It’s OK. Still happy to be in the Omaha now.

  19. The Mighty Jingles – When will this game go public?

  20. I must admit jingles you seem to do better at WOrld of Warships than
    Quickybaby does at world of tanks. It might be that you spent 20 years in
    the navy but who cares. Your awesome. Singed, a subscriber

  21. TheNecromancer6666

    Im waiting for Germans and Britains in World of Warships. I hope they will
    implement Battlecruisers…. Battleship weaponry and Cruiser Speed ….

  22. 1:52 – 2:40 You know what Jingles? I bet they put the Phoenix Class Light
    Cruiser there just so you can say this.

  23. Any ETA for this game?

  24. Yup, once Mr. Torpedo is in the water, he’s nobody’s friend :p

  25. its gone dead ruined

  26. they killed war thunder 

  27. Hi there.1 thing.I heard there will be much WW1 ships in this…you maybe
    know if ther e will be some Austrian ships?especial some like the
    “Tegetthoff” Class maybe you know something about this…greetings from
    Austria(of course) ;)

  28. Hey Jingles how do you have piasters and so many slots in BETA test??
    I can’t buy any???
    Thanks -O

  29. Ah, the Mighty Jingles made a mistake, the U.S.S. Atlanta has torpedo
    tubes. Two mounts, four tubes each. We still love you even though you made
    a little mistake.

  30. The game looks so fun i wish i could play

  31. how long is the queue for beta?

  32. Hey Jingles,

    I have always been put off by games like World of Tanks etc. by the
    inclusion of consumables like premium ammunition, do you know if World of
    Warships will include such consumables?

    The game play itself certainly looks fun and rewarding, just the kind of
    game I have been waiting for since playing some of the strategic titles
    back in the 90’s!

    Thanks for creating the content that you do.

  33. What is the super Jingles refers to when talking about the Aicraft Carrier?
    Is it the structure that hold the top part above the hull?

  34. Thumbnail very tricky, I thought you didn’t upload for a few days cuz the
    thumbnail is so pale, grayish. As I was scrolling through my subscription
    feed I scrolled right through it because I thought it was something already

  35. Learning the ship’s history is awesome thank you Jingles for the lesson.

  36. what days do you livestream? I have to say the back drop on the ships are a
    great add on to the video. Keep up the good work

  37. Most of your videos are really nice lessons in history and why things came
    about. A lot of entertainment with education. Very nice.

  38. If they do put in the Brooklyn Cruiser is should be the USS Wichita

  39. Outstanding team work!

  40. Rock on Mighty Jingles!

  41. Everyone likes flattery; and when you come to Royalty you should lay it on
    with a trowel.
    Benjamin Disraeli

  42. Wished you had more WoW vids! ;)

  43. How have you got Piasters??!!!

  44. Watching where torpedoes are coming from on both the enemy, and friendly
    sides, yeeeeah, doesnt help when you go through the narrow passage on the
    east side of Fault Lines next to C base, then take a few friendly torpedoes
    fired from a nitwit in a destroyer at the south end of the map, who didnt
    bother to check his map to see that youre heading down that way, and not
    say anything either…. a LOT of scumbag morons jumping over from WoT its

    But when a match is good, its GOOOOOD!! Fuso, tier 9 match (MM was
    exceptionally drunk) on my own against a Nagato and an Amagi, take off 9k
    health by standard fire on the Nagato, get in close for one last salvo
    before i inevitably died, every single shot hit, 3 citadels, knocked off
    47k HP and killed him. by FAR the best game ive had to date. Fuso is an
    EASY keeper when Piasters are in game!

  45. Ville-Veikko Suikkanen

    using friendly as shield id pretty good tactic

  46. U are the most negative person ever 

  47. Northampton class heavy cruiser

  48. Awesome video & historical information 

  49. How about WOH World of Helicopters??

  50. Will it have 3rd person camera?

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