World of Warships – Pillow fight

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Let’s just say I got what I asked for xD
Enjoy and have fun watching πŸ˜‰


  1. first evr first view

  2. She likes to commit war crimes? damn, she must be a Serb. πŸ˜€

  3. Excellent tumtumtum tum dun dun, Flambass!

  4. what’s the captain skills on your fiji?

  5. Breaking news: DDs knows to smoke teammates?

    • Happens sometimes, but it’d actually help if those who get smoked up would appreciate it with compliments instead of auto reports if you just dare to look at them.

    • Half the time I’m in a DD, I offer and people don’t take me up on it. The other half, they demand it when I’m either too far away or it’s on cool down. Two nights ago in my Fletcher I did it and the BB sailed right past it, then bitched that I’d laid it “wrong”. So yeah, I’ll just keep it for myself.

    • I always try to give others smoke but they don’t use it:-( even when horning and chatting

    • Smoking up allied dds is fun too.

    • Ever since the new smoke / spotting mechanics, smoking team mates has become fairly useless, especially heavy cruisers and BBs. They get visible when firing, the more the bigger their guns.

  6. So, have you send that V25 Monster-clubbing game to jingles yet ?

    On a different note, are you actually speaking english to your Girlfriend ? Or only when youre streaming ?

  7. As you talked about seals Discovery uploaded a video about how violent mating season for seals is…

  8. I had this on while I went into the kitchen, when I came back, the first thing I heard was “pedos to starboard”

  9. That’s why people stop having pillow fights, shite gets broken.

  10. 12:05 very manly scream

  11. this was Hysterical on the stream … and even funnier in a vid …
    Gooooo Mrs Citadel πŸ˜‰ Girl Power πŸ™‚

  12. Flambass: making like floating batteries do. Staying stationary, in the smoke, wrecking everything in guns range πŸ˜€

  13. Note to keyboard warriors: Never bring your keyboard to a pillow fight!

  14. John Chucky Tomlinson

    It must be nice to be Flambass, because people see you and it’s smokes around the board….🚒

  15. Oh dear Flambass, didn’t you know Mrs Citadella is the 69th-over pillow fight champion?

  16. So the person at the other end of the pillow (6:27 et seq.) would be Mrs Citadel?
    Clearly so-called because she’s Hans’ bombshell…

  17. This huge asset to be streamer… DDs spend their smoke, teamates instinctively try to help or trust ur tips (and are generous in karma also)…

    That helps !
    …it doesn’t reduce flambass true skill in WoWS, but that helps… 😏

  18. U were funny as hell, Good times !!

  19. Smoke up, man! Keep hidden from wifey, or just use cigar as a deterrent 😁

  20. Flambass, the fact that your missus is able to hit you with a pillow is of great concern to me.
    I have, regarding this, some questions:
    1. Why is your woman able to get to you in the lounge?
    2. Have you thought about making her chain from the kitchen a little shorter to protect yourself?
    3. Will you take legal action against her?
    4. Did you end up getting your dinner in a timely fashion?
    5. Do you have a sense of humour? πŸ˜‚

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