World of Warships – Plane Sailing.

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Taking a break from the usual high level stuff to show what happened to Justdags when he spawned into a tier 5 match in his USS New York to find two carriers on the enemy team and suddenly wished he’d been in the USS Texas instead.

See what I did there with the title? Okay it’s not very good, I’ll see myself out.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Morning Jingles! I hope you’re well today!

  2. Jingles, we need a KV2 and/or TOG2 video. Please.

  3. jingles: 2 carriers
    me: this is gonna haunt us forever

  4. Sleep schedule: time for sleep

    Jingles video at 2:00am: sleep schedule well you see…

  5. Fyi: The Audio is cut for a second at multiple sections

  6. I once had a battle where I killed the entire enemy team. It was in my mikasa at like 2am and the mm struggled so hard it put me in a 1v1 with a cruiser. It was no fun for either of us, even though I had a laugh at first.

  7. “20 health remaining” is just the paint job surviving ..

  8. Konig did a respectable job with AA, 53 plane kills in a game with two carriers.

  9. festung Kourland

    They admit carriers are broken by limiting tier 8+ games to one cv per team , but….all the tiers with very little aa and people “learning the game” lets show them the hell they are in for.

  10. Colin Walker please rewrite this comment, maybe with better syntax

  11. 3:30 I see the players in this game remember the days when a carrier was a carrier, and not a guided missile ship…

    …which, oddly, if I had taken my T5 carrier against a Texas… hell, when I took my T7 carrier against a Texas, it was effective at stopping me.

  12. 1:00am:gets notification from jingles
    me: alright one more video

  13. normallyChallenged

    Cries in Atlanta.

  14. Tyrion Lannister

    I recently got 8 straight wins in randoms with my New York. I doubt that will ever happen again. The spreadsheet made sure I suffered the next day.

  15. its litereally a New york type ship. Which is why he said that.

  16. one thing i always see in these videos. Is that PEOPLE CANT AIM AT ALL!!!! it bloody triggers me

  17. Actually Jingles, you did show someone sink all 7 enemy ships in a Tier 7 ranked battle some three years ago!

    Nice game though.

  18. Fun fact: the “New York” model in-game actually *is* the USS Texas.

  19. Her AA was amazing before the AA balancing and the new reinforcing mechanic…

  20. lol, got my first “Solo Warrior” by sinking the last 6 enemy ships by myself in my Fuso and had to do a lot more damage then that but getting all the kills in a match? that’s new…
    Seems to be an american thing though, coming late but claiming all the glory^^

  21. @SirDancealot Have you seen her AA stats ?

    It short range, but so is everything at that tier and the planes are so slow and squishy. It will MURDER T4 planes when used well. Its got like 500+ DPS.

  22. Enemy Texas: 28 planes shot down
    Friendly Koenig: 53 planes shot down


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