World of Warships – Play Smarter

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In which self-confessed “noob” Tyrants_Bane shows us that while he may not get crazy damage or kill numbers (although he does today) he manages an impressive win rate by playing smarter, not harder.

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  1. Hey Jingles and subscribers. Oh wargaming games. It has been so long for me. Nostalgia!

    I’ve played a lot of world of tanks back in 2012 to 2015 and got pretty good at it. I remember the BatChat25t being my absolute favorite. But at the end of my playing days the meta had changed to big alpha tanks and the game were over so fast it gotten a bit obsolete.
    And some World of warships around 2015, 2016. I’ve stopped when subs got introduced. So it’s been very very long. What do I need to know about current game situations? If I open it for a few rounds I will probably get killed very fast cause 1. My skills are long gone. And 2. The game and meta and gameplay has probably changed a lot.

    When I returned after a few years into world of tanks around 2016 and 2017 for a few games I was like a noob and a ghost of my previous purple skillset. And the wheelies were annoying asf. The games were so fast. Mid and end game was disappearing. That was a shame cause that’s where the good skills came in.

    Thanks in advance!

    • i remember getting the Japanese type 4 (and 5) heavy tanks. Got them cause i loved the kv-2 and pre HE changes those tanks where basically just that, but on t9 and 10.
      Then the HE patch hit, together with wheeled vehicles getting played more and more. I just made a chuckle, said wp Wargaming, and uninstalled world of tanks. (gold ammo spam also got more bcs of that in my opinion because HE became obsolete)

      Now i just play world of warships sometimes for shits and giggles. Haven’t had a problem with subs so far myself (unlike cv which i hate with a passion) but i also do not play enough for it to see it as a problem. But when subs also get on my nerves i probably stop playing warships as well and just go to a well balanced game with better mechanics like Lawnmower simulator.

    • Everything History

      Interested to see the replies to this. It’s been a while for me as well

  2. 16:53 Want to take a moment to appreciate the Jinan dropping to a perfect 1000 health, and then to a perfect 500, before ending off at a perfect 0. Don’t normally see numbers that rounded unless you’re looking at measurements for a battleship that had to fit through the Panama Canal.

  3. An excellent display of intelligent although at times a bit risky, cruiser gameplay.

  4. Us night shifters in the salt mines thank the overlord for this gracious upload!

  5. Damn, that was a nice game! Well done to Tyrant’s Bane!

  6. beautifully played. Well done!

  7. It’s actually quite entertaining watching games where the protagonist plays smart. Keep these coming!

  8. 19:07 Jingles: And he’s never gonna go undetected with the fun police coming in again for a torpedo run
    Me, looking at the screen seeing dive bombers: “Actually Jingles…”

  9. Wow never thought I would get featured, thank you Admiral.

    I actually didn’t remember than the Schlie was faster than me until he caught me had a big of “well shit, here we go” moment.

  10. Des Moines…..still after all these years, such a good ship. Love how well-designed boats like her and Atago don’t need to be over-gimmicked to still be good seven years later. Nice work in this match.

  11. Really smart. Well deserved being shown on YouTube. Congratulation to that guy. Did the right things and the right time. This can only be said to very few captains!

  12. Jingles: “We won’t see fancy numbers”
    Me: “314k dmg in a non arms race battle… what are fancy numbers for our mighty Overlord?”

  13. everyone needs a team mate like that

  14. i was about to say lol, been playing since CBT, and it was the T10 since at least then

  15. DestinyShallPrevail

    “The team reached a hundred points”

    Jingles, I think they did that ten-fold.

  16. The ship was called Senjo and then it was renamed to Zao. It was in alpha stage of the game.

  17. That was an amazing game to watch ! thx for the commentary Jingles, and thx for the gameplay Tyrant !

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