World of Warships- Players Spent THOUSANDS On This ONE Ship

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Hey guys, today we go over the Tier IX Premium American Battleship Missouri, enjoy!

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  1. Ignoring the historical aspect for a moment, I find I can make as much in say the Pommern than the Mighty Mo. I just play better with the German BB line than most of the USN BB line. I’d stick with the suggestion of playing what you enjoy and don’t go chasing the dragon (for your wallet’s sake). However I say that but would still very much like to add Odin to my personal collection >.>

  2. I missed the FXP chance to get Missouri by about 75k FXP, I just couldn’t make it in time. I did however drop her a year or two later when they started the Santa crates. She is def a Mehh ship but throwing her in game when I need fast credits is a breeze. Even without boosters you make more than your average Premium. My best haul is a little over 3,000,000 in a single game. Even then it was what I consider only a slightly above average game. I remember being a little confused at how I made so much. Did I just do lots of things right or did I do one thing great. Or did Wg’s sometimes goofy way it calculates results just give me a cash bonus. Either way SLM is right it’s a below average ship with well above average economy. If you don’t already have the OG version just avoid it in the Premium shop.

  3. Footnote, I also believe she cost me very little because when WG brought out the Christmas crates that first year and first night they totally miscalculated the drop rates and you could buy a pack of crates and get back so much gold you had a good chance of making enough gold to buy another set of crates and rinse and repeat. I got all the available ships and several hundred thousand gold by the time they fixed it. for very little real cash. Sadly they they don’t make mistakes like that anymore lol. That WG mistake turned me into a collector overnight and every Xmas I just bought a few packs of crates which allowed me to max out each year for not too much.

    If only they could screw up like that again 😆.

  4. they should just buff the new Missouri and give legacy Missouri players the option to transition to that one or keep the credit earning potential with the less powerful heal

  5. I wasn’t around for the original Missouri unfortunately, but I did buy the Kii with a Kobayashi camo. I play that quite a bit to this day. Not Missouri levels of economy but it is very nice. Looking back on it now. I kind of wish I got the Roma as well, in spite of her horrible accuracy.

    • Mayne i was hitting 20s but the roma was really acurate for me.

    • If you get Roma, make sure to also have some stress relief toy nearby, to squeeze to death when you miss all 9 shells at 2km on a broadside BB. Then the next shot dev-strikes some other ship at 18km by hitting all 9.
      Roma doing Roma things.
      I got her, I love her, I hate her
      And when you win on good performance battles, she prints a shitload of money, especially if you have the brain-tumour camo

  6. Got mine WAY back in the day. She was a decent ship. Even though you get better credits, she kinda sucks being bottom tiered to Supers.

  7. A very complete “how we got to here” for the MO. Sealord, how did you get the guns to behave on this ship? You made some very impressive shots.

  8. A buff to her heal is required since the meta has changed since her release. Yes, I have the old Mo, but I’m a ship collector too. We only had one ship at the time with 18-inch guns to worry about. Not anymore!. Hell, I purchased the RM Giuseppe Verdi last night. I’m at 541 ships in port. I’m on the fence trying to decide which of these two ships to choose from, FDR or the Shikishima.

  9. I have “original” Missouri. I got her shortly before removal. I enjoy playing her from time to time, but in today’s WoWs it’s just not worth spending all that money! Making credits in this game is pretty easy, especially if you have one or two “higher tier” premiums (7+) so other than earning potential, the radar is an ace up her sleeve while in Ranked. I don’t take her into randoms anymore, not a bad ship, just not that special anymore 😢

  10. I missed out on the Mighty Mo when it was available. Honestly, I use ops to print credits. Running the Tirpitz or the Massachusetts , I can get 800k to a million per game with blue bonuses. Good video as always

  11. I got it for Free XP when it first came out. Made a model of Missouri when I was a kid, and I love seeing the details. But I agree I use Iowa more. … Looking forward to getting Wisconsin and New Jersey too when they come out, but not if they are costly.

  12. I got it during that crazy 1 in several hundreds chance to get it! It was in the first thing offered! Big Score!

  13. i bought all the tier v and vi ships as they came out because i wanted to colect them and they were cheap when the santa containers came out 2 or 3 years ago and they had re rolls on ships if u already had the one u rolled… i realized i could easily get the ships i wanted which were benham enterprise gerogia and a couple others i spent 600 bux on santa containers and boom i got every ship there was… literaly saved about 2 or 3million plus coal i got the russian carrier i got all the coal ships it was literaly the best 600 bucks i i ever spent in a game… because i had already bought the cheap v and vi ships every re roll was on a higher tier

  14. LoL great video. You can make “How to play…” videos on any of the tech lines of each nation such as “German cruisers” or “Japanese battleships”, even on premium ships like “Paolo Emilio” (Yes, that op thing)

  15. I just missed getting the Missouri from when it was a free XP ship. I was quite bummed about that. You know what my favorite premium ships have been? U.S.S. Texas and U.S.S. Albany. I was pretty good with Texas, bought her as soon as she was put in the game. The Albany I think I got as some kind of reward, but man tier II is fun. Derpy, but so much more fun than any high tier game.

  16. My missouri is the the original old school ceedit earner. I have halsey as her captain and she has the radar upgrade. Despite what sea lord say, she is still a good ship if you know how to play her.

  17. I would love to have the ship, except for the high price tag, whether that would be in containers or maybe a auction. Thanks for your thoughts on this BB

  18. I am so glad I got the ‘old’ Missouri for the 750k free XP. It was more than worth the long grind.

  19. I want to say they did nerf the Missouri (even the old one), since the credit bonus is additive instead of multiplicative like it used to be. You’re only getting the fair value when you play with cheap boosters, with red boosters it makes almost no difference. Imo if you play with blue boosters, it’s just not worth it over a ship that is more fun to play, you might get more credits there.

  20. I cant believe people spend so much money on Musashi, Missouri or other ships. I got them for free back in the time but i dont play them because they arent fun to play. Its insane spending thousands of dollars but WG wants exactly that. Its pretty toxic in my mind to remove ships like that just to make them way more expensive. Fear of missing out get used a lot by them.

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