World of Warships – Playing Without Captain Skills | Twitch Stream

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No captain skills? No problem.


  1. Black and white? Why

  2. bbs are best for no captain/low captain because you are least dependent on consealment, fire damage, torpedo reload and so on… you can do same dmg with 19 points as with 0 points, not talking about jean 😀 with 10 sec reload on that ability… now try it on z52 or gearing 😀

    • Sorry but thats a crock of shite.

    • No it is not. In fact, most of the cruisers can also get away with less than 10 point captains due to their playstyle and abilities. However most the DDs have similar jobs and all relies on the Concealment to make it work. Maybe 20km torp Shimais a different story. Or a captainless Harugumo can still wreak havoc.

  3. Kamikaze is Love, Rize is Life

    Try no captain skills…. on a DD

  4. Welcome to a free to play player’s life

    • Some lines are better than others for free to play, like Russian and French cruisers (don’t need concealment), French and American battleships (don’t need concealment nor secondaries). I wouldn’t play Shimakaze nor Yueyang line DDs without 19pts captain, on those ships every point matters.

    • Then I guess it’s a good thing I started off on American battleships. Hi, free to play player here for 3 years! :3

    • 🙂 good to know this game is actually free to play. I really enjoyed the American battleships, they are better at surviving air attacks than other battleships, which made my playing experience much more enjoyable than when I grind through the Japanese line.

  5. You actually could be effective without a captain in a BB yes, but DDs rely on CE so hard (except Haru) that you are a hinderance to your teammate because you can’t do the spotting.

    However, current state of DDs are miserable thaf you are better off playing radar cruisers or Haru the light cruiser

  6. Personally I think they make leveling a 19 pt captain too much of a grind. Up to maybe 12 or 13 points its ok but after that it’s crazy amount of time for anyone that doesn’t have all day every day, or is a really great player, to devote to the game.

  7. Having no commander skills isn’t the end of the world. If you know what to do, there is no reason to complain about the situation

  8. Now do a teir 8 DD without captain skills

  9. I think it’s somewhat a folly thing when other people have those advantages when you don’t.
    Also like most comments here, try to do a captain-less T7-10 DD lol.

  10. 3 t9 top tier div, including a Jean Bart… use this battle and ship type to show this content….come on chase, you’re better than this!:(

  11. As long as you know where to aim and where to be… captain skills shouldn’t matter

  12. lol. And he got reported for it. Please don’t play like this. 10pts captain is enough good, you don’t need 19pts to be effective.

  13. wow, iChase, the black and white looked just like real WW2 film, good job!

  14. I have played a Loyang with 3 point captain when I got it first … it’s not the end of the world. Your concealment is anyway limited by radar range these days….

  15. Do you plan on making a know your ship on the Souryuu and Hiryuu?

  16. Enjoy the videos, more so for the instructional ones. One suggestion would be and this applies to live streams, would be to lower the Discord voices or even mute them a bit. It is quite distracting hearing other voices talk over you fairly often.

  17. One way to get a free 15 point legendary captain is to complete the Admiral Halsey campaign. FYI, it can be complete in PVP or PVE. I started working on Halsey around a month ago and I’m around 60% of the way through, all I did is keep repeating the first two objectives over and over again. You only get the rewards for those missions once, but you do get the stars each time you complete them. One is “gain X amount of XP”, the other is “earn X amount of credits”. I don’t like PVP when I’m feeling tired or feeling too relaxed. When I feel like that I just do a few PVE’s. It’s nice to always be making some progress.

    The Yamamoto campaign can only be completed in PVP.

  18. I went and tried running ship with zero skill commanders about a week back.. ya didn’t make that much of a difference.. and I drive DD’s

  19. Yesterday, I accidentally ended up in a Random battle in my Lightning configured for Co-op (No flags, no premium consumables) with a 6-point captain. This turned out to be Tier X battle, I expected the worst, but did the best I could. I ended up surviving the battle and sinking a Bismarck. I was still able to spot and harass the enemy. I also capped one area and finished #4 on the team.

    And I am no ones unicum player. You just have to be careful and consider all your actions.

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