World of Warships- Please DO NOT Do This!

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*slaps roof of Thunderer* 10k dubs



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  1. Look at the list of ships available: you dont even get the opportunity to apply the discount to any premium you want, but only from a fixed list. Thats insulting. Really? I am giving you a ship that is not longer available!! And cannot even choose to which ship apply the discount and have to be limited to a list? No way. And in any case, I am not expecting huge discounts. Maybe they will give you 6K dobs for a Thunderer … LOL

  2. I find it interesting that they let you trade coal ships. knowing wargaming its very suprising that they let you exchange something thats somewhat easily obtainable without any money for something thats practically impossible to obtain without any money.
    I probably still wont trade in my GK cuz she’s best girl right now but its still interesting

  3. Momchil Gradinarov

    Lots of people have premium or two that they never play for whatever reason. Recently I pulled the 40k japanese T8 BB, I don’t intend to play it but if I can trade it for a brandenburg, I would do it in a hearbeat. Getting doubs through ranked and the odd SC is extremely long process.

  4. WarGaming has already calculated how they will benefit from this ship trading scheme. Don’t expect any huge benefits.

  5. Another reason not to do it. If you get rid of a premium that you don’t like much, then you don’t have it anymore, that means when opening a container as far as the game is concerned, that’s a ship it can give you.

  6. this is similar to what Wot has done several times. trouble is the list of obtainable items is very limited and they wanted ppl to trade nice new tanks for some old stale ones that were long ago made obsolete by WG power creep. unless you have the latest tanks you simply cant get anywhere with wot nowadays. wows seems set on same course.

  7. Tiger 59 would be biting the dust on so many accounts if it were allowed, But I think I’ll pass myself, if it’s a WG thing it’ll be loaded heavily in their favour 🙄

  8. If you trade in a lower Tier ship. Chances are high, that you will get this from the next Container (Super oder Christmas) back again. I keep my low Tier ship. Even if they are worse ships. But only so I can make sure , that I get a higher Tier ship from the next Super or Christmas Container. That’s my view why they do this in the first place. Just my 2 cent.

  9. If they made the trade in like 75% off another ship in the same Tier that wouldn’t be bad. But we all know it isn’t going to happen. It’ll prob be 50%

    • it is around 50% according to the dev blog. whatever ship u trade in will be valued at 50%. So if you trade in a same tier ship, you are essentially getting a 50% discount. Which is arguably more than BF. It’s a good opportunity to get rid of bad ships or ships you barely play (assuming you actually want something on the list). Bayard, Kaga, San Diego, Kearsarge are all great options to name a few. Yes u can get the ship u trade in again in containers, but it’s a gamble u gotta take.

    • @rith2757  see to me…. 50% is kind of a joke. When you consider they are 25% off with a coupon in the armory or during black Friday, or other events. So you are basically trading in a ship to get 25% off ? That’s stupid. Unless you have a crap ship like Tiger 59. And even then….is 25% extra off worth it? 🤷‍♂️

  10. Many moons ago, WG had a mission chain playing different individual ships at different tiers. Not knowing any better, think I had just started playing for less than 6 months; I had sold off some of the ships as I KNEW I wouldn’t need those ships anymore (silly me). Learned that lesson even though I haven’t seen that mission since then. Currently have over 530 in fleet, and trading in NADA.

    • You might be talking about “Personal achievements”, which is back and which I enjoy; however, this time it’s tied to Spanish cruisers instead of having its own rewards.

  11. Tbh, 9 out of 10 times I would agree. But if you can trade ship for coal that you don’t play, at all, for dubloon ship you really want, why the heck not.

    • OFC if you have few ships…
      But if you have 3-400, and you sell a less desirable ship; like the California. You will run the risk that you will receive it in a supercontainer or xmas gift later., since it’s on a short list. Oh… you want to sell one of your super-rare, to get a new ship.
      Oh… you didn’t llike the new? Sorry for you.
      This is well calculated by WG… and it’s success rely on that people think they do a good deal, but don’t.

    • @andreas pedersen TLDR it’s a long term loot box

  12. Thanks Sealord great article times a thousand. I had recommended the wargaming about a year ago that they should allow players to sell ships to one another, the incentive for WG is they charge a finders fee like 10%. Players could sell ships that they don’t want anymore or if they’re leaving the game i.e. somebody sells Missouri to a player that has always wanted it. Oh well at least this is a start. I guess wargaming is the car salesman with the loud-colored suit jacket lol !

  13. The only case I could see for this, if you have say a J.Bart and the Black version; trade in the normal version for a ship you prefer. But even then I double there is good value in trade ins from WG.

  14. Another reason for not doing this “exchange” is they warn the exchange prices can differ from the real price.

    I would not be surprised, if they bring later some bigger discounts on these ships available to get in exchange..
    .. Making this exchange maybe later a big loss.

    There is also the reason of Anniversary event and Santa event too, you pointed
    .. There is high probability to receive these common premium ships from rewards.

    Also PTS preview of this exchange didn’t show free choise of ship to get from exchange, if not wrong.

    Anyway I try avoid most of exchanges, until I got either big amounts of that resource or ingame currency or its easy to get again just from playing the game.

    I would like to see someone to tell how little he payed to get Smolensk, Thunderer, Musashi, while getting rid of 3 or 4 ARP Kongo ships. That would be a deal. 😅

    No 1 alarm: The prices on live server can also differ from prices shown us on PTS!

  15. now that you can run a ship right away if you die in battle, I can send in one regular premium or the black version which I have a few doubles from past events. Seems like that may be a viable option. I think I can do a Mass, Atlanta, Cosack and maybe another.

  16. Krispie Kreme is tempting… The reason I got her was entirely predicated on the old commander system where I could have a T5 light cruiser with 16.8km guns…. I could outrange every cruiser and a lot of battleships too… Was just an absolute menace, T5 Smolensk that could completely lock down a flank of 5 or more ships with distraction. But then commander rework came and shes back to 14km which isn’t great ‘cos now most stuff can out range *you* and you have 130mm guns…..

  17. could you do a top 5 low tier OP ships? it would be intresting to see if there is any these days.

  18. It also makes it harder to get the rare ship you want in the Santa containers. You’ll just get the ship you traded.

  19. If it was possible to trade ships for rare ships, I would use it.
    Even if it never offered a discount.

  20. I honestly really feel like this “Trade-In” event could’ve had the potential to spark a big scandal that would eventually lead to a playerbase revolt and finally bring corporate Wargaming down to their knees.

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