World of Warships- Please, DON’T Be This Guy….

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Hey guys! Today we talk about one of the most toxic, annoying, and down right undesirable players in the game.the stat jockey, enjoy!

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  1. @stuffandwhatnot4401

    When I was a new player and learning the game I took my stats private for this very reason. I’ve never found a reason to change it back.

    • @iliashomerus9981

      you have this guys who also ask why I hide my stats…. ‘because of you’ I always asnwer 😉

    • @liberalsockpuppet4772

      I love trolling stat idiots. I got the Graf Zeppelin in a super container, and I used it to learn carrier. I tried going up the tech tree, but there is just no comparison between a tier 4 carrier and a tier 8. When players call out my win rate I lean into it. “Yeah I’m 38%, but I just lost my last 3 matches so I’m due for a win!”

    • I learnt to put my stats private when I had a player call me out in Ranked for having a 38% win rate in the Stalingrad. However when I looked, he was calling out my random win rate which was very different to the 54% in the current (at that time) season of Ranked.

    • @@iliashomerus9981 This…this… this…

    • sometime in the distant past, i put my stats private. now i can’t remember how to change it back… can someone help tell me where i need go to do this? thanks

  2. @jordonnicoli6093

    Hitting the nail on the head.
    I have been experiencing this for years. Not just on WoWS, is it mostly on WOT.

    • Especailly​ the one that Use XVM winrate and throw the match ibhat

    • That’s why I quit playing that game years ago, right after warships came out. I got so sick of hearing that “tomato” shit.😾

    • @@xray86delta The other day I got the potato comment. In a GK that can be seen from the Moon… yet I still annihilated two players with shots and whittled down another. We still lost so it was my fault. I couldn’t care less and did not reply. When they get no reply it often takes the wings out of their sails.

  3. @ashleighelizabeth5916

    Winrate is dependent on SO many different factors and it’s childishly easy to manipulate if you want to do so.

    Play a lot on the weekends? Your WR is going to suffer. Play late at night on a weekday or during business hours when most people are working? Odds are good you will get better players or will be more able to have a positive impact on your team and thus have a better WR. Got a lot of experience but play a lot of matches in tier 4, 5 or 6 especially late at night? Odds are your WR is going to be a lot higher (especially in a bot heavy period of play). Held on to just one account since you first started learning the game? WR is going to probably be lower. Dumped your old account after a few hundred games and started a second one? Pretty likely that your WR is going to be higher. Focus most of your play on one ship type or one country? You probably have a higher WR. Play a bunch of different ships all the time? Well it can be a lot harder to master a single ship type that way. And if you have over 2000 battles including those where you were just learning the game it’s going to take a LOT of matches to shift your numbers even a few points.

    And that doesn’t even account for what MM can do to your chances. Random is anything but random as it’s been shown by multiple different people who keep tabs on stats that WG has a bad habit of throwing in a team of ringers against a team of scrubs on a pretty consistent basis. In fact it’s probably the most busted problem in the entire game. IMO it’s worse than anything having to do with subs or CVs.

    And I’ve absolutely seen people either sit on top of the leader board that were terrible teammates or people do excessively stupid things despite having a good WR. Win Rate doesn’t mean shit to me quite frankly. What I care about is are you helping your team win in the match I’m in with you Right EFFIN now! Basically it’s like Janet Jackson said, “what have you done for me lately?”

    • WR is really hard to mask whatever you are doing to boost it.

      It’s by far the best metric about your overall understanding and skill in the game.

      Last couple of thousand battle performance is a great measurement of how you are going.

    • @ashleighelizabeth5916

      @@deaninchina01 I’ve already explained my why I disagree with that so I won’t repeat it. I’m just going to agree to disagree with you on this one.

    • ​@@deaninchina01aha found the avg wows player

    • You are spot on!

    • Winrate is not dependant on your own personal performance and less so on outside-factors. Ofc there are always going to be games that you’ll lose no matter what, I’d say its about 20-30% of games. However that means that 70-80% of games are winnable and their outcome depends on what you do as a single player.
      The biggest mistake you can make in WoWs, is to rely on your team and or try to play with them the majority of time. Try to avoid being team-dependant at any given time.
      This is the thing that you need to understand if you want to get high winrates in general: Dont play with your team, dont depend on your team unless you know that your teammate can be trusted (e.g. playing in a division with another good player).
      The matchmaking argument is complete bs. It is random. It is not rigged, has never been and will never be. You will have poor and good teams, sometimes you get more bad than good, sometimes its the other way around. And even if you get a bad team, does it matter? No, unless you try to rely on their performance.
      “Bad Wr bcs weekend” I dont know why people think thats true, yes there are more bad players during the weekend, but that does not only apply to your teammates. You’ll both have more bad players on your, aswell as on the enemy team.
      Winrate can also never be boosted without giving away that you are doing so; Look up a profile on WoWsNumbers and look at the following; Solo/Div Winrate, Ships played, Tier played, ReRoll Account? If someone rerolled or just spams cringe divs (cv, permakite, overmatch bb | Smoketrain etc.) then their winrate is to be disregarded.

      Additionally; Playing different ships doesnt make you worse, it makes you better infact. Only by playing multiple classes and shiptypes you can understand and predict what the enemy will do and react accordingly.

      Winrate is and will always be the best metric to look at if you want to get a general idea of a players capabilities and skill. A good player knows how to win a game by themself, a bad player doesnt. And if you really think that a high-wr player will try to spend his time helping you have a good time , then Im sorry to disappoint you, but thats not gonna happen.

  4. I had this happen in ranked but then they act as a bot and runs to the far edge of the map or they never load into the game because the web stats page says we going to lose

    • That is annoyingly common in ranked whenever I play.

    • if you play mostly bbs its hard to do well if the team does not spot. and then dies very quickly. when you can only shoot twice a minute and then only 2 shells might hit and do dmg out of a salvo its pretty hard to get much done when match over in less than 10 minutes. i have 20k matches experience and still end some games with less than 50k dmg because they were so short!

  5. They take the game too seriously…they need to get out more.

  6. i see them ive been playing for 6 years my win rate is like 48 i mostly play tier 9 10 . I dont farm i brawl or spot ..Its a game have fun i just mute the stat clowns

  7. The two Stat Jockey types I pity, hidden profile big mouth and the other the Unicum that had his stats reset and went on to seal club with thousands of games in tiers 1-5… My response to them… “Get a life”

    • @wildmeatloaf8373

      Played against one dude who had over 10,000 battles but only had three ships. 8,000 of his battles were in the St. Louis. At tier 3. I was dumbfounded.

    • I’m new to Randoms, and have run into these guys at T3/4. 2k games in a Clemson, 3k games in an Orion, while having <100 games played in anything higher than T5. One in particular had over 14k games all

    • @christophermitchell923

      Why do you need to know their stats if they are hidden . Again you’re being a stat jockey

    • ppl resetting accounts used to be big thing on WoT.. so you have ppl starting over from scratch after thousands of games and then suddenly claiming to be such a good player. or they have the wallet to keep buying the latest op high tier premiums

  8. Win rate really depends on team. More than once went to cap, but suddenly every DD & CC runs. One BB agaist 4 ships with no other targets. Yup I sink fast that way.

    • HAd it happen yesterday, I’m a BB main but can play reasonable in anything, decided to take out Moskva as I haven’t used it in a while, Push in with 2 dd’s and a BB and then both DD’s and BB decide to sail to the other side of map, I knew we were going to get flanked but had to try and stay to delay enemy, 5 enemy ships against me and sure enough we lost because they ditched one side and got caught in crossfire as the flank came around.

    • YOU are the only constant in your game. Try to look for what you could have done better everytime instead of putting the blame on others and you will get better and win more games.
      (of course you cant win everytime)

      +look at ur map, if all the light ships sail away from the point then go into a more defensive position and kite the flank instead of going in.

    • @chiracultrainstinct3d629

      @@kongou1912stop. Some team mates are really atrocious and seem to willingly want to commit suicide or grief the team

    • @@chiracultrainstinct3d629 yes, you cant win every game. But the only constant in all of your games is going to be YOU urself.
      Blaming it on bad teams is just a cope holding you back from improving yourself.

    • @Brianparsons1991

      Watch all your videos man. Really well put together and truly appreciate your approach to the game and how people can do better.

      I’m not real sure why, maybe folks have an idea, I see players slow to offer up a game plan or ideas for the map but towards the end when things aren’t going their way they start blaming others and the match maker.

      I would appreciate it more if these folks could gather a clue about what is going on and not sorta lose their shit. For instance, when a BB kites out of the cap and we start to lose points, he’s probably about to be outnumbered and no one is there the deal with the sub or the three cruisers he can’t win against. Call out how you can help or what he can do to not die. I’ve gone mid with my BB, it’s what I like to do, and hit a wall of torps more than I care to admit. Not real helpful for the team to be honest. It would do me no good to blame to the DD player for not pushing around the island to spot for me though. Should have known I went too early and the team I was playing with weren’t that aggressive. So staying off the W is good advice for me.

      In the end, love the game but it might be time for me to play in a clan bc the lack of a game plan, cooperative players, and follow-through is wearing.

  9. @andrewjackson5127

    I can predict the outcome of a battle in the first 3 minutes of play pretty consistently. That tells me it has little to do with my individual play. A LOT of my highest damage/highest kill games have been losses because the rest of the team’s play. There are 23 other players every match that determine the outcome which effects my win rate. In have a much higher win rate in 1 v 1 matches.

    • you are the only constant in your matches.
      +some ships are better in duels but have less match impact in randoms so they can inflate/deflate your wr in the respective modes. (if you play them well)

    • @markcostello5120

      If you have a 53% average win rate you can expect that almost 50% of the calls you make are going to be win/loss, which is in no way impressive. You don’t win the lottery any near as often or big.
      You say it’s your team that causes the losses, I’m also guilty of this but how do you know that the outcome of the match would still be the same if you went to play the match differently? You can’t, none of us can know this.
      We all make errors in every match even in the matches we win. Sometimes we blunder over the finish line sometimes we don’t.

    • @@markcostello5120 3% over 50 is already a lot, considering that its a 12 v 12.
      So I wouldnt say 50%of the calls you make are going to be wrong.

      Altho you are right in that you should always lookt at what YOU could have done better instead of blaming teammates you cant control anyway.

    • @papaversomniferum2365

      @@kongou1912 Just chill out and have fun playing. If game is fun then you have won, even if the match is lost.
      Worst thing one can do is to force himself to play. Math helps, but if youre not feeling comfortable playing then equation is never gonna be true.

  10. I confess, I have stat shamed someone once….that player was so toxic and annoying that I have to said that him that: “someone who died early and only has a 43% wr has no right to constantly insult 2 DDs players who are carrying the game” (and we won thanks to those 2 players)

    • @denizozsakarya3378

      i have lots of match where people blaming me without looking into anything beside themselves.Most of the time they are celf-centered and miss the whole picture. For example yesterday a dm player insult me in yueyang and says that im shit because i didn’t cap, i can’t hit torps so why do I play and lots of bad stuff but the thing is we were weak flank and outnumbered and also near that cap a stalingrad waiting for me while inside an enemy radar yueyang stopping me from capping and I had no support because our bb died and dm is only farming enemy bb. to add that my only maneuvre backwards because left is stalingrad, ahead bbs and radar yueyang and to right kitekaze waiting.I was waiting for our strong flanks push but it didnt go well and we lose but i ended in first with something like 130-140k damage and 70k spotting damage with over 1m potential damage. That dude not stop there and still continue to flame me afterwards.Its insane.I am not saying iam a good player but i have pretty overal stats in 1900 matches with %51 wr while very bad in dds but this must not be reason to flame someone.Toxicity adds us nothing and before insulting others we should be more aware of their situations and if we saw or think they are doing mistake we should offer them advices to correct them not swear them. If they don’t listen thats on them.

    • @denizozsakarya3378  some people forget that just being an unspotted DD in the general vicinity of a cap mean the smart players on the enemy team have to act liie a DD is torping them at all times

      That DM was an idiot for not understanding that let alone all the other stuff

    • As a DD driver (who has been one of those 2 DD’s), thank you for understanding. Seriously, it can be really disheartening after a time.

    • @markcostello5120

      @@denizozsakarya3378 Games are never lost because one player made one mistake. There are so many errors in judgement made they are made by the entire team. We all make mistakes and sometimes we also capitalize on the mistakes of others.

      It may be that matches are lost as often as they are won because of lemming trail pushes but every time I see a bunch of lemmings the first thing that enters my head is – loss..

    • win rate means nothing in this game

  11. @marcinkwapisz7752

    I remember only one such situation in my WoWS career. For me the most annoying and toxic are guys who just abuse you after a match in a private chat. In most cases I find them mentally unstable. It is like a road rage. Completely unreasonable behaviour. You are attacked and you don’t know why.

    • @eldonvaselaar7208

      I had someone do that to me because they won the game but got mad I sank them with my cv so sent me a message about f***ing farm animals after the battle, I just told him I wouldn’t sleep with him then blacklisted him like bro just let it be

    • @broccanmacronain457

      @@eldonvaselaar7208 That is a good one that I have to remember to use.

    • A few of them may be sociopaths.

    • @albosecutitytec350

      @@LoanwordEggcorn Few? 😂😂😂

    • @papaversomniferum2365

      @@LoanwordEggcorn Nah, they are average Joe’s. People cant get on with mess that is our 3 dimensional world, dont expect them to leave this mess behind the doors when they enter game.
      Be calm, kind, polite. Sunk others, have fun, chill. Isnt this game, a free time (whole concept of “free time” is absurd, but I’d stay silent, there is no time for explaining, haha) is dedicated to enjoy little things that you like. If game upsets you then leave it, simple.

  12. @thelonelyturkey7902

    I have found that dead people sure are noisy in this game.

    • @wildmeatloaf8373

      “Die Then Cry” the Wargaming way.

    • @@wildmeatloaf8373 Completely justified when you complain about stupid BBs on line B

    • @ashleighelizabeth5916

      @@shilombaba especially GERMAN secondary BBs. I had a Tirpitz the other day try to explain how he was kiting…. in a Tirpitz…. from literally behind the spawn line. I’m not kidding this moron spent more time going backwards in the game than forward and literally hugged the edge of the map behind spawn the entire game trying to snipe.

  13. I also feel like there could be more support from fellow players when one toxic player starts calling another out. I never see anyone support the guy getting called out, maybe because others agree with the asshole or people don’t want to get involved. However it means a lot to that player getting picked on if at least one player steps up and says something

  14. Back in the old days when you could take damage from friendly fire, these are the jerks who would actually shoot at you.
    Then there is the player who keeps a “Black List” of players he has decided are contemptible, and if you ever appear on the same team with him in the future he will know it and announce to the team you are a lousy player and not to be trusted.

    • @papaversomniferum2365

      Who cares? I mean if you care then you have to chill. They only bark loud, they want to feel you getting upset. Ignore them or politely explain that they need to chill. It always works, you can”t be disturbed by people who are trying to disturb you. If you are, then you lost to your own black list residents.

  15. I used to be a stat jockey. It didn’t improve my gameplay or my experience, so I gave it up (long ago).

    • I do confess, I keep the stat monitors open so I can find the best people on their team to aim at, like you raptor! 😀

    • @papaversomniferum2365

      Stat Jockeys are most annyoing. WR doesnt matter, you can play a decent game as a player and still loose, 2 days ago i lost like 6 battles in a row, no matter wich ship i played how many enemies i sunk, always been in top 5 in terms of base xp, and ofc all these battles were on tiers IX-X. Then i took my Scharni, did 30ish k and won. Not a single fuck given. Ever, and I do play since beta. Had some great games today, 2 of wich were at tier X with over 2,5k base xp, ofc people on chat were talking about how i suck when i had to carry the win, they usually are getting silent after few kills/caps secured.

      I do not care, just want to get you guys a bigger picture – a friend of mine is in “stat jockey clan”, after he joined this clan he has not much of time to play divs with me, his “clannmates” are basically brainwashed him, now he steals frags like a pro, he buys and plays ships that clan want him to play, he grind the lines that they want him to grind, obviously he is toxic on chat and gets banned from chat at least once per month, wich is fkin hillarious, as he can barely speak english. Not that he hasn’t been a little too focused on getting all the kills, but now my old pal is just brainwashed young adult, wich dont even give a shit about naval warfare history. I remember 4-5 years ago when i told him, that real warships had alot longer range and been less acccurate, he couldnt belive it xD

      It looks like I’m having most fun, but I keep asking myself a question – why do people can get so upset about a lost random battle? Why so many young men are loosing their sanity, cause of me being calm? Im, convinced that majority of people think its caused by my habit, wich is related to my YT nickname, nah, Im calm, cause i play what i want to play, if i get killed then i get killed. This is a PvP-focused MMO after all, so there is nothing to be ashamed of.

      My humble advice to ALL OF YOU is simple – CHILL, NEVER HIDE YOUR STATS, BE NICE, BE HAPPY, BE KIND, BE POLITE at the end youre going to die, we all do, some of us will come back, some wont (i mean this thing called “reality on planet Earth”), it’s everyone’s own choice.

      P.S Just in case – Do not try to tell me what im doin “wrong” in my life, that i should quit my habits and so on and so forth. If any of you want to hunt some witches or get rid of zombies then read my advice, that I have mentioned above. Have a great night, whatever you people like to then just do it. Just do not harm any other living creatures, at least dont do it intentionally.

    • @@papaversomniferum2365 Lots of good advice in there. =)

  16. My very favorite is when someone stat shames you and you outscore them in the end.

  17. I’ve been incredibly lucky in my time playing because I ran into several people who actually fought at Midway, Coral Sea and the Marshall Islands. They were old fellows. Well, they must have been to have fought there. They were very kind to inform me that their 55% WR reflected such illustrious history. And in another occasion there was a Navy SEAL who took me under his wing (for a couple of chat messages anyway) and informed me of all the things I was doing wrong. It was a tremendous education. So lucky to have someone of that stature give me direct tuition.

    In fact, that’s why I stopped playing random matches. I felt ashamed to be alongside such luminaries.

  18. I see this a lot in random battles and it just gets to where you don’t feel 100% in wanting to play that game once this happens. This person will start in on one guy, then the next, then the next and it just gets worse from there. Great video thanks for bringing this to light.

  19. @broccanmacronain457

    I agree. I am one of those people that the stat kings like to slam. Last time I checked I was somewhere around 46-48%, but I have been playing since Alpha Testing. I have ships in all classes and countries so I divide my attention across all my ships. I do not grind anything but play a ship until it wins (except for the Kansas which I usually give up trying to get a win in) that then move to the next ship I want to play. I have often had stat kings tell me to delete the game and go play Wordlle, or Tetris. I play to have fun not for kicks by trashing other players. One thing that I noticed is that a lot of stat kings are members of clans that seem to generate a lot of stat kings.

  20. One thing that has surprised me is that player experience/wr is not taken into account in matchmaking (confirmed by a WG ticket). I’m new playing T4 randoms, and noticed overwhelmingly one team would be stacked with experienced players (one in particular only plays a T4 DD in randoms), while the other would usually have players with <100 or so games.

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