World of Warships- Please Don’t Fall For This Scheme

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Hello guys, today we go over the Journey To The West Event, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. At the end of the day the question to ask oneself is, “does WeeGee deserve our real money?” The answer is a loud and resounding no! They are turning this game into a water-based version of World of Tanks! Is there a game and they can do what they want but that doesn’t mean they have a right to be compensated for it. Stop buying into the hype and just play the game. Working your skill and the game becomes perfectly playable. Accept the challenge of playing and winning with non-premium stuff. But hey, for folks with more money than common sense feel free.

    • i dont even care for premiums anymore, nor for a premium account. i have like 4 premiums, 2 or 3 of wich i got for free and besides that, premiums dont even feel that special to play. The game is perfectly playable even without a premium account, you just need to rethink the game a bit. instead of spamming t10 games just so you can break even with premium account, what about you just accept the fact that t10 wont get you credits and is just for fun of playing that ship and instead for every couple t10 rounds you just hop into a t6 and make all those credits back to fund playing the t10. playing a t10 for me is like driving a car for fun. you know you wont make money driving it but pay for the fuel. i dont play t10 because i want or expect to make money from it. i play a high tier game because i want to and its fun and i can afford playing that round with a few credits

      the entire concept of paying extra to get extra credits is kind of dumb because yeah you have more credits now but you have less money so in the end you barely break even regardless. its even worse because you dont spend money to have more credits, you spend money to have the ability to get more credits. you have to spend time on top.
      its like as if you would spend money to be allowed to buy a car but you still have to buy it ontop

      spending one currency just so you can buy something to get currency is a terrible concept. Do you really think a freaking digital pixel ship is worth 60 bucks? the amount of games you need to play this 60 bucks ship just to get the extra credits worth 60 bucks compared to a regular tech tree ship is insane. we re speaking of like a year or more just spamming this one ship to even break even so you re trading 60 bucks and a shitton of time just to get something that any tech tree ship can give you aswell. because the overall gameplay experience is the same. yes a ship might be a little faster but overall the game does not change with a premium ship. 60 bucks could get you like a brand new full price aaa game… a full game with years of development and hundreds of people involved. compared to… a ship…. that basicly does the same thing as every other ship…

      wg value for money is terrible.

    • Preach it, brother!

  2. Here’s the thing: if you don’t expect botes and really don’]t mind which ship you get at the end, it’s great value. If you want ships, it’s a terrible value, since it’s up to RNG.

    • Agreed. My personal feeling is that the only thing worth buying in containers is Santa Mega Containers and ONLY AFTER you have collected a majority or most of the mid tier crap ships that are likely to pop out of them first. If you have most of those mid tier garbage premiums THEN it’s reasonable to try your luck to land an original Belfast or some other ship that isn’t available through any other means.

      Otherwise if you want to throw money at WG for ships just go buy the ship you want (preferably with a coupon discount if available).

  3. good point always check what T7 you have still to get before rushing to get a T7 ship crate.

  4. “a slim chance” to get a ship out of a SC, I hit that chance 3 times in the last year… twice in the monthly SC

  5. Got the Ashitaka and Bajie out of it, I’m happy with that. Good summary of the bundle and whether it’s worth picking up or not.

    • I got Munich and Bajie

    • so you basically got a nerfed Amagi and an Izumo out of it. Good work buddy lol! Just play the OGs, they are way better and free. This is the dumbest event they do all year. Cant believe people still throw money at it. But you do you buddy lol.

    • @Samarth Raizada I mean I got two premiums I’m actually interested in playing for less than the price of one tier VII premium so yeah, I’m pleased. Maybe try finding joy somewhere else than being a dick in youtube comments in the future, mate ^^

  6. Very helpful advice, thank you! Got 1 tier 7 and the wukong tier 8
    premiums. Not bad! 🙂

  7. I usually avoid these sequential bundles. But, I still don’t have four of the Tier 7 ships, and the guaranteed Tier 7 premium ship container at the end convinced me. So, I got T7 Collingwood. Two of the premium Journey to the West containers also gave me Bajie and Wujing (premium versions of T9 Izumo and Alsace). I gambled and won.

  8. I went to journey to the west container around 600 doubs and dropped the Wukong. I did the same last year, went to the first premium container and got nothing worthwhile. The previous year it was a little different and you bought containers at big discounts like the old black friday event where you bought preceeding years black friday containers separately and not like this years with dozens to wade through.

    Two years ago with the old style I dropped the Baji. So overall a T9 and T8 gives me a 66% hit rate on this event. Can’t complain.

  9. I started buying those with my leftover dubloons before realizing it was over. Dozen things to buy in the chain and not like 3 or 4.

    Only got couple, the 1 dubloon for 2 days of premium was cool.

    I got the Wukong in the first free container from WG and I was jazzed when I found out that the Alsace clone was in there after you hyping it up and I was feeling jazzed so I spent the money to get the 5 container pack since I had some dubloons already and got it! It looks pretty sick with the skin, haven’t tried Wukong in PvP yet

  10. I did the whole thing, and I got all free exp boosters for my big containers, and a trash tier 7 at the end. It was brutally regretful.

    • Sorry to hear that man. I can relate trust me. F this company. They don’t deserve anymore of your hard earned dough. Wargaming can burn.

  11. Well, the only one of those I do not have ti the CV, and seeing as I have actively avoided playing CV’s since the rework this is no hardship

  12. I went to the 8th group which was the Asian premium container and got the Bajie. It must be my lucky month as I also got a Tone in a regular super container last week.

  13. I got the Bajie in the first Asian premium container and stopped.

  14. That’s what I did, only got Bajie, but IF you’re willing to spin the dice on JTTW crates, this event give you 6 premium crates and the other stuff for less than buying the 5 pack.

  15. I stopped spending $ on this game when they introduced homing torps. So many matches have become unenjoyable now, it’s difficult to conceive how they determined the subs with homing torps would be a good idea. As if one player object who can neutralize and delete you the way a CV can isn’t enough, if a sub decides you need to die, chances are you’re going to die. No other player object really has that capability without exposing itself to substantial risk.

  16. Alonso Ovando Chico

    When I read the title of this video I was concerned I had fallen for a dubious scheme, but really now, how else am I gonna get a Yudachi? I got a Wujing from the prem Journey to the West containers and a Duke of York from the t7 box so even if I didn’t get my DD I didn’t feel ripped off

  17. I find that the Indianapolis is a great ship for farming Operations.

  18. Thanks for the video, just bought the entire sequence of bundles, got the Wujing, Bajie, and the tier VII Toulon! WORTH IT!

  19. @Roger Thomas what skills and equipment do you recommend?

  20. I got 50k doubs at 30% off for my anniversary so I figured I could splurge on this event. I got lucky. I got the BB Wujing in one of the containers and got 15K coal for my super container. I’m debating on getting final 2 items. The final tier 7 ship I figure I’ve got about a 50% of getting something that I’ll use. I really don’t care about the red economic boosters. I think everytime I’ve ever used a red has been in a losing effort. Maybe I’ll spend the the extra 3K doubs (about $12) and hope I get a duplicate ship and end up getting the 12.75m credits.

    Update….I went and got the tier 7 ship. I got the DD Huron. So MAJOR FAIL.

  21. I already received a tier 7 premium ship container simply by letting twitch streams with drops enabled run on my computer when I was otherwise engaged. I got a few additional community tokens to assist that endeavor while playing airship race. I can simply continue to let twitch streams run as long as I wish to collect more tier 7 or tier 5 premium ship containers until they change the rewards on the community tokens page.

    That being the case why on earth would I give them money for something I am getting for free simply by having a website open in my browser when I am otherwise engaged?

  22. I had all tier 7 premium ships.
    I already had Baji.
    But I got the Alsace clone in a premium container through these bundles. So it was well worth it.

  23. @orangesodaland For operations the main things is learning how the bots work. So for the equipment MA1, DCSM1, ASM1 and PM1 to reduced things breaking and improve the ships aim a little. For my main commander anything to improve the main guns.

  24. @Roger Thomas thanks man I really appreciate it!

  25. I’ve got Yukon from this conteiner and it’s better than I expected after your review

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