World of Warships- Please Don’t Get Suckered Into This….

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We have the details of the Smolensk option and…..oof

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  1. Suddenly the price of ships in star citizen seems a good deal lol

  2. BornRaisedAndLivingInCalifornia

    Now I know if I see a Smolensk B I’m playing a sucker and a chump.

    • Tbf if you have all coal ships (or all the ones you want at least), you could dump your coal stockpile into it and be fine.

      Still not worth it. I didn’t enjoy it when it was OP and with the nerfs it’s really not that amazing anymore.

      Imo Gdansk does Smolensk thing better these days.

    • Joselito Sto Tomas

      Or the guy had the original smol and wanted the B version for his collection.

    • Doesn’t mean he got it in the auction. I got mine shortly after it first came out.

  3. I wouldn’t be worried about them. I have a Smolester I got for Coal back in the day. You hardly see them anymore and I hardly play it. It was a real pain back when it could hit at 19.2km as an open water attention whore, but with 16km range now, its a lot easier to kill. Plus very easy to blindfire into smoke at it.

  4. “Please don’t get suckered into this!” Then, proceeds to play Smolensk and showcase its salt and pepper ability. To be fair, I have the almost impossible to get Graf Spee, Champagne, and Schill. They are really fun to play especially when they surprise clap enemy ships of 70-80% of their hit points or just delete them outright.

    • I got schill for 3k coal how is that hard to get

    • @Jayson Nunley how did you get _anything_ for 3000 coal? I think I missed the Schill event so you’re going to have to explain the ship to me as well.

    • @dylanwight5764  there were 2 coal crates as well as the stupid monetization crap event thing you just have to keep in mind that Schill will be released later as well like all new premiums

    • @Jayson Nunley No, what I mean is: What are the circumstance that let you purchase a ship for 3000 coal? Are you sure you don’t mean doubloons?

  5. Not a single ship in WoWS is worth more than 10$

    • Rick Van “SicknessWithTheThickness” DingleBerry

      I would say $5 but yes, totally agree.

    • Yeah I can’t believe the amount of money people are willing to drop on this game. Especially since there’s no guarantee that whatever ship you blow a bunch of money on won’t just get nerfed later down the road.

    • Value is relative. Thank you for telling us the value you place on these ships.

    • Agreed. I cannot ever see myself putting the cost of an entire triple A game title on a single digital ship inside a ‘free’ game. Value is not relative, if you feel it is, I have some NFTs you can buy. (I don’t)

    • In economics, “value” refers to the worth of something compared to the worth of other things, and is generally measured by how much money someone is willing to spend (or receive) in exchange for that item. A free market, as exists in this situation, relies on people making individual decisions about the value of things.

      Can we agree that some people do spend more than e.g. $10 for ships in this game? If so, by definition those ships are more valuable to them than the price paid.

  6. I’m just so mad at Wargaming putting Smolensk B up for auction only. I have enough dubs saved up from F2P events where I’d be able to afford it if available for direct purchase. But I don’t have a mountain of dubs or coal to throw away for a limited reward auction.

  7. As soon as this ship was supposed to be taken out of the game I immediately bought it for coal.

  8. Joselito Sto Tomas

    Ah, the OG Smol:

    1. When getting 300K damage was easy. Set a BB on fire, and move to the next BB. Rinse and repeat. Arsonist and wither are easy to reach.
    2. When you wonder where the reds went and you see on the mini map they moved to the other side of the map where you spawned.
    3. When all nine out of 12 of the reds decided you must die.
    4. When you end up with an excess of 2 mill potential damage and are still alive at the end because the Reds made it their mission to kill you.
    5. When you play to the song “Rah, Rah, Rasputin!”
    6. When your Karma drops every time you play the ship.
    7. When red BB’s charge at you and they find out AP shells are worse than HE.
    8. Last, when you type three letters on the chat that makes the reds, well, see red: B-B-Q

    Good times, good times

    Well, I’m sitting on a lot of coal. Put it n the smol b and see if they take it.

  9. I saw that this morning, my reaction was “I don’t want any ship that badly.” That’s at the starting price, and while I do have enough doubloons, I’m not wasting them for this.

  10. So glad I got this ship when it was a coal ship in the armory!

  11. I do not like the auction but at least players are not forced to use it (until WG puts the Odin in there…sigh). I think it could be interesting if WG put the B versions of the ships up for coal as another means for players to get them and another way to burn coal from economy. However I doubt it would happen due to how much money they make each Black Friday off of them.

  12. I have the original, and its reputation is exaggerated. It’s good, but I don’t play it much. It is most useful when you have a ‘mission’ you want to do that requires X amount of main battery hits. It’ll complete that mission twice as fast as almost any other ship. But it won’t raise your win percentage…

  13. Would love some up-to-date strategy videos. Especially on how to survive; IE don’t be the first or second ship to die on your team. I would gather this strategy would be different for BB, CC, DD, ect. I often watch your videos just to see the play footage in the background to try to get some idea on how to be a better player.

  14. I have one. It was in a Santa crate. I will not pay for a B version. in my opinion a Mino, Sherman, Groningen, or Brisbane are, to name a few, better. Maybe you should a top 5 damage producers at tier 10 among DDs and light cruisers.

  15. I got the original for coal years ago and I am looking to get the B version for coal. Have a mountain of coal at my disposal so not to worried about not getting it. If I do get the B version, I will get the mission where i play either ship to get a total of 4000 base xp and receive 2500 doubloons and 25K coal as reward. Call it a “rebate”

  16. Judging by the results of the Somers auction a few months back, i will guess that Smolensk B will go for around 750K coal

  17. Considering how nasty and good that ship still is in the right hands I’m not surprised and I have the OG Version from Xmas Crates last Christmas so…

  18. to be honest many of these older Special ships should not really be inflated way above what the Price they were in the past. Old Smol was a Monster in every sense of the word, yet today its a above way above average Cruiser if you play it Right.
    Then there’s the Musashi a Yamato that traded most of Her AA and some of Her Sigma for being one tier lower at a time where she and Yamato where the only ones Armed with 18 inch guns which at tier 9 could lead you to fight tier 7s. nowadays we got 17.9 inch armed battleships at tier 9 as well, (Gerogia, Tsurgui, etc) While not being able to over-match 32mm plating and muashi having more guns and better armor, they can still much more damage then 16 inch guns and can Penetrate angled ships in ways that 406mm guns cannot. and the 17.9 inch ships have faster reload and better dispersion.
    so many of these older ships besides being powerful in their own ways, have kinda lost a bit of value since the meta they dominated is long gone with many new contenders providing competition. many of these older ships could be worth more then other same tier premiums because of their unique strengths, but there is no reason from them to be priced so high.

  19. Got Smolensk when it first came out. definitely not worth the black market value but then no pixel ship is worth $180

  20. My issue is I want one but I’ll have to bid on both lots in order to get one, but there is a chance I may end up with both depending on how I bid.🧐

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