World of Warships- PLEASE Keep This In The Game

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Hey guys, today I talk about the current ranked sprint season, how much I enjoy it and why it needs to stay in game.

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  1. Gustavo Bueno Vittorino

    Best game mode ever. I want some more of this!!!

  2. Of course its fun when you have the Pommern, a ship designed for this mode.

    • [ELIT3] Uranium_PlayZ

      Alaska slams

    • I played georgia and the underrated izumo, pommern isnt really a problem if you are shooting from mid range, make a cross fire to it.

    • I played all my games apart from a few in the Kitakaze and fucking stomped everything and evereyone, never reached rank 1 that easily. But correct, Pommern was great this season aswell (I just dont have it)

    • @Danne Karlsson If you get the containers, there’s a chance of getting it because that’s what I did either way you get signals that blow up you’re XP.

    • @Zachary Jackson im glad or not so glad tbh that i wasnt the only one that got super shitty Neptune players… somehow i carried the hell out of a game where a neptune yolod and a FTG went brain dead for a second….luckily georgia secondaries killed a dd by themselves while i finished a GA and a pommern …. was tox….ive yet to finish im stuck at 1 star from rank 3 and im scared to play

  3. …this ranked season was 100% designed to sell pommerns lol

    • You can take out people even with FDG and a 8 point captain like I did, lots of people with T9 Premiums are very bad haha

    • @halo werder So much this. And so many bad people blaming the Pommern. Had a match last night where, from the start, the opposing team was whining about our team having 2 Pommerns. They lost. Not because we had Pommerns (we hit exactly 0 torps) but because 2 of the 3 sat broadside on to us while the third (the only one with a positive WR in rank, mind you) actually angled.

    • Gordon Goldsteinburg

      I ranked out this season by using HE FDG and gimping the Pommern’s torps just beyond their range. Also the fire focus means they usually burn to death as well.

    • Well i have plowed through a few pommern in my Alaska. Alaska is king in this ranked sprint.

    • Kitakaze was so much better.

  4. I thought this ranked sprint was a blast, best one yet. Loved the close in brawling!

  5. It was a blast! I regret rnaking out so fast, took me 2 easy afternoons. No stress, no rage, no frustration. Did it with Gerogia and a few battles with Neptune. One thing I didn’t like, besides the Pommernspam, is that people at high ranks tried harder to save a star then to win by kiting and witholding fire form 15+ kms away, which is counterintuitive, because pushing hard and fighting for every HP of damage yields a higher chance of winning and/or saving a star then sitting far away and losing with small amount of damage done.

    This mode was so fun, even though some ships were underpowered for the mode. I’d love to do 3v3 in other tiers too, CVs excluded

    • so you were one of the bastards running Neptune huh? Why anyone would run a paper ship with nothing but crappy AP just so they could use single fire torps is beyond me. Like just use Jutland at that point

    • @Zachary Jackson Well, Georgia was in battle, Iowa was without captain, i didn’t like Fletcher so the only viable tier 9 ship in my port was Neptune. She’s a beast in the right circumstances, each salvo takes off 5-6k HP, so in 30 seconds i can evaporate 30-40k HP off the superstructure and bow. Also, 8 torpedoes on each side can delete pretty much anything. I had a few great battles with Neptune, but it depended on the map. Openish maps were brutal, too much radar and proximity spotting for stealthy surprise buttsecks on clueless battleships. But on the 2 maps with agglomerated archipelago in the middle, boy it was brutal. Even if i was detected with radar and sonar i was able to delete an Alaska and a Pommern with torpedoes.
      However, i struggled against super cruisers. I had a battle in which there were 2 cruisers and 4 DDs. My DDs died in seconds, but i deleted both enemy DDs with rapid fire AP. We still lost because the russian supercruiser (Krohnstadt?) citadelled me in one salvo from almost full health. I was angled to him, but angled paper doesn’t stop jack shit

    • @tamas lapsanszki ran into lots of matches with Neptunes and felt that the team that got one was doomed from the beginning. I played Alaska and never once was feeling threatened by a Neptune. My radar insured their smoke would be useless and island cover made me able to back up at any moments notice so i could avoid spam and just focus 1 ship at a time. Hell i had one match where 2 mins into the match i surprised a Neptune and landed a volley that did 38k and sent him back to the port. The ship belongs in Randoms

    • @Zachary Jackson yeah, she’s too situational. I relied on Georgia to get the stars, but neptune was glorious too

  6. Arthur Blackhomes

    No carriers, not that much teammates (especially last sprint with t9s and 10s, disaster), divisions (eh), and a map design so people will not play passively. Ranked is still ranked, but its great.

    • The Phengophobic Gamer

      This is for sure the most fun I’ve had in ranked this year. Ive been strapping on all eco flags and rolling in XP, even though I’ve lost almost half my matches. Saving has been alot easier just by playing normaly too, at least for me. Only lost a star once out of 5 defeats and I’m onto rank 5.

    • Sadly I must rebuke the “no passive play” point. Trust me, my team have found a way at least 5 times. From an Izumo just up and running away from the fight because they are down 1/4 their HP to an Iowa that figured that our enemies wouldn’t expect a flank across the entire map…I wanted to smack them.

  7. Who here watches Sea Lord here just to see how fun world of warships is 🙂

  8. This 3v3 is really fun for someone who absolutely loves brawling. been playing FdG exclusively and it’s been a blast. WG should make these small scale combat into it’s own gamemode. small scale maps mean passive gameplay won’t be rewarded, and you have to brawl your way to victory. also, no CVs.

    Anyways, nice vid as always, and stay safe, Sea Lord

  9. This season was so darn fun, just a bit short. Ranked out too fast with my Jean Bart (only lost 4 games). It was just a nice change of pace from the normal, sit in the back and snipe while your team dies, random battles. I would definitely like a 3v3 mode to stick around for randoms or its own mode. Big battles are fun, but the small oves are a nice change of pace (and 1v1s are too one sided).

    The only downside of the 3v3 mode is if you have an AFK ship, you’ve pretty much lost.

  10. Jamie Parslow-Williams

    Stay safe my friend, your life is more important and the videos can wait.

  11. I’d like to see the game mode but implemented in alternating tiers each week, say tier 7 one week, tier 8 the next, then 9, etc. Just as long as they don’t allow CVs or subs when they eventually come in.

  12. Gotta face it though, WG made this gamemode fun by accident. It was designed to sell secondary-BBs and supercruisers, and just coincidentally ended up being enjoyable.

  13. I think he’s forgetting it’s “Ranked Sprint” not “Ranked”
    Hence the extra irrevocable ranks, 3v3, and divisions of 2.

  14. Call the new mode “brawl” and add it!

  15. This should be a permanent mode. I agree with you sea lord

  16. When you actually want to play ranked instead of having to play it

  17. would love to play 3v3. If only I had a tier 9 ship 🙁

    _in other words, why does ranked always have to be high tier. low tier ranked seasons…to have relatively new players participating would be something maybe. I’ve seen Flamu’s Video about how fast he tiered up and that going through the levels was so much harder years ago. Which in return lowers the quality of tier 10 players. Well, I am not saying it is still as hard to level up, but as a new players you don’t get all the benefits, which help you leveling that fast. I am talking signals, containers, missions, etc. Like As long as you are not at least tier 5 you can’t even do missions as there is only one mission allowing tier 5. All other missions you have to be at least tier 8 and even in those missions a lot of tasks ask for tier 9 or above. Then you can’t participate in ranked and so on. So most of the “powerful” sources of getting signals to boost your ressource income and your ship, you just don’t get as easily and fast as those “I am playing the game since 2015” players. Therefore leveling takes much longer for new players, then what most “old farts” probably think. I started the game 2 months ago and I just got my first level 8 ship. Sure, I am only playing a few days a week and then only a few games. So I could have done it in half the time. Still though, leveling up even more is probably taking me another two months. Especially as it’s not only about ship levels but also about commander levels. I don’t have 7 19 point commanders in reserve. My highest scoring captain has 15 points atm and I have like 3 level 10 point captains. So I have to fight all the seal clubbers while on lower tiers (like < tier 5) who take their 19 point captains and simply outclass my ship due to captain skills in 1v1 situations. Therefore, plz...give us ranked at lower tiers._

  18. When i was in Ägir or Alaska and saw my secondaries start firing – then i knew “yeah, knifefighting time” 😀

  19. Manik Samaraweera

    Ranked out by jumping in with my clanmate in a double georgia secondary div and making crossfires with the enemy ships. Worked quite well.

  20. First off, Stay safe!

    I tried a few ships to begin with mixed success , then switched to Jutland and the next thing I knew, sprint was over 🙁
    So much fun!! Way less serious, easier to Quickly communicate and coordinate a plan, there is little doubt that this makes better players.

    WG really needs to add a separate battle mode and rotate fun different types of battles like this, different team sizes, could add arms race, and such.
    But even 3v3 crazy fun

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