World of Warships – Plot Twist!

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So many plot twists in Hallkers’ battle today, starting with my not taking the easy way out and just calling him “Dave”.

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  1. im early again, old man!

  2. i was hoping you would post a video and the gnome great overlord has deliverd

  3. Christ I’ve only been here a minute and Jingles is already announcing his sex tape!

  4. “I’m gonna pay for that” I now imagain jingles doing the rest of the video on his front step locked out

  5. josh thomas-moore

    First thing Jingles hears next morning “FBI open up!”

  6. The first 2 minutes of this video…. are something.

  7. The first part of the video caught me off guard. Jingles I’m cooking breakfast here….
    I dropped my perfectly cooked sunny side up😭😭

  8. Jingles loves to clap loli boat cheeks. Can’t blame him. Loli boat cheeks are the tightest.~ oWo

  9. Juliet_ Whiskey66

    Early as hell! Huzzah for working the night shift

  10. He’s finally going senile.

  11. 8 minutes? damn Im slow today.

  12. Jingles: “young men doing young girls is quite a popular sub genre, I’ll have to ask Rita if she knows any young girls!”
    Sooo,…I want to know on the next Mingles with Jingles how comfortable the couch is!

  13. Jingles is a confirmed Lolicon now.
    ONE OF US!

  14. Omg that was the perfect intro! HAHAHAAH

  15. One of the best videos yet, hands down.

  16. “Apparently old men doing young girls are quite popular”. Damn it’s just a minute in and I had to check back which youtube channel this was

  17. I really like that post-battle result screen. More of these, when needed(and maybe sometimes when they are not needed as well).

  18. “I must make a sex tape.”

    I just felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices all cried out at once.

    And they shouted DON’T! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T!

  19. Petition to have this replace the results screen every time.

  20. Jingles: Post battle results scween.
    Me: Hehehe
    Jingles: *gun cocking sound*
    Me: Yikes…

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