World of Warships- Plot Twist!

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Make sure you watch until the end! This was quite the match!

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  1. Cv can’t defend. fighter cant help anymore. Why don’t people don’t get that. Fighters are spotters not fighters

    • +Sea Lord Mountbatten around him, but on top of the DD if he hadn’t any attack plane left ? Because his deck seemed empty.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      mickael delatre CVs get unlimited planes now so unless he somehow lost every single plane, he still could have sent a plane out to drop a fighter squad on top of the DD

    • +Sea Lord Mountbatten With one plane left, you’re right indeed. Now, from what I see from your video (excellent performance with the Yama by the way, knife fighting with a Jean Bart requires lots of skill !), the matchmaking was tier 10 – with possible Mino ? Being deplaned is a possibility if you are not careful enough (and you know too well that “careful enough” when a tier 8 in a tier 10 MM sometimes isn’t enough …) as regeneration rates on Saipan are not great if I remember right (not much experience). Depending on when you did this game, stealth AA was also possible, so even “careful enough” may not be enough if you are not super unicum. So, if it’s the case, he clicked to what he thought was a safe zone, and went away as he thought it was over anyway.
      I won’t excuse his afk mind you : if someone signs for a game, you stay till the end, plus he could have followed a bit the game and fled further away – your victory could have been a loss if the Khaba had been more lucky. You were right to report him for that, imho. Just explaining he may have been unable to send any plane of any type, so spotting was not possible.

      Now, if only a CV could send fighters without this wonky mechanism of “dropping” them … I dunno, for instance let’s be wild and imagine some mechanism with the minimap where you select fighter consumable and you click to send fighters to the designated area …
      Oh wait !
      Joke aside, replacing rockets with real WoWP fighters. Or better, making rocket fighters a dual fighter/rocket, with speed boost and agility boost if you drop rockets. Lots of things to tweak to make it workable without going into the pre-rework problems, though.

    • +Sea Lord Mountbatten … apparently my answer got lost in the UI. So, short version :
      1) first and foremost, congratulations for your Yama fight, going knife with a JB ? Not for everyone 🙂
      2) tier 8 CV in tier 10 MM, as any tier 8 in a tier 10 MM, requires lots of careful play – and with the last version and AA traps you have to take zero risks. He may well have been out of planes, and next regen was too long to do anything meaningful for the DD. Since he gave you quite some help before, one can imagine he was not inactive because ragequitting.
      3) now that doesn’t excuse his afk stance in the end. He could have explained he was out of plane, and he could have been more pro-active when he fled instead of autopilot clicking and going to the kitchen for a coffee. When someone signs for a game, he accepts that he will do everything he can to help his shipmates win. No planes ? Then look at the minimap and go to the safest zone, kite, etc.
      You were right to report him for AFK. I would have done the same. Just pointing out he may well have been out of planes for a sizeable amount of time.
      4) was making a joke about pre-rework fighters, but changing rocket planes to fighter planes with a pseudo wowp setup ? Your thoughts ?

      /edit sorry in advance if I answered twice. I may have screwed up with YT UI. Keep up the good work !

    • BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!

      Spotted planes are better. They are up longer and give you some plunging stuff.

  2. Lul u got a discord?? Didn’t notice that before xD

  3. My gosh the last minutes were so frustating.. but.. enough after all gj!

  4. Back in October I had CVS which would nuke their own team and now here is this guy.. who was absolutely an ass but wasn’t an ass enough..

  5. That was an emotional rollercoaster. Holy crap dude.

  6. btw everyone, the Atlanta is on sale.

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