World of Warships Polish Navy – Błyskawica Destroyer!

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World Warships NEW Polish Destroyer!

Thanks watching!


  1. Yeah, world or warships , great work Baron

  2. FranKolej Gaming Channel

    yeah polish ship 🙂 im from Poland :)

  3. Flecher!!!

  4. Flecher!!!

  5. use an Erie hahahahaha

  6. van you talk Dutch?

  7. Hiya Baron. Couple things about being spotted. If you are on fire, add 2 to
    your detectability range. Same with speed boost if I remember correctly.
    The big one is firing your main battery. When you fire your main battery,
    add 4km to your detectability range for 20 seconds. Hope this helps.


  9. One of my close Polish friends has been aboard that ship in Gdynia. It’s
    really interesting, from what she told me.

  10. I wish they would introduce the Royal Australian Navy

  11. Baron, how r u in a destroyer and NOT have the captain perk that lets you
    know when you’re spotted?

  12. Baron please do the kiev tier 7 dd and then you can compare with this dd.


  14. So we had the German Hidden Burger and now the Polish Sausage :P

  15. “Torped Orange”

  16. I’m so glad that they add Polsih Navy to game (i from Poland). I wait from
    beta to add Polish Tanks in WoT…. but now they add Polish Navy! <3
    Błyskawica -> Lighting -> ‘bwyskahvicah’ (or smth like that)

  17. Chirayut Wattanawongwisut


  18. Does the normal L exist in Polish?

  19. Błyskawica means lightning in English, not sausage…

  20. Piotr Aleksandrowicz

    i m from poland and i see Błyskawica.

  21. I’m polish it means lightning

  22. You understand baron that if you launch torps and the FIRE, your telling
    them that you are there and that they should be expecting torps.

  23. So glad I won jingles’ błyskawica give away love this ship, love watching
    people play it 😀 sadly waiting for it to come to NA

  24. Viva la Polska!

  25. Is this Premium ship still on sale? Can’t find it.

  26. H&Ks until the end of days!


  27. it meant lightning

  28. I’m polish

  29. Would love to see the new tier 8 and 9’s from soviet and Kriegsmarine
    (reichsmarine) and your priceless evaluation. have a 92% win ratio thanks
    to your advice and theory of use of various ships.

  30. Can u ask gaming company when can we play German DD?

  31. ZanosThe assasianPlays Minecraft

    I’m polish and I have no idea of how to say it

  32. Hey Baron do you know when it will be put on the North American premium

  33. Hey Baron, you should make a bit more use of your Smoke when around Allies,
    or engaging enemies and you need to get well within that 8km range – But
    either way been loving your content both on main channel and on BVLP :D

  34. You might want to watch +flamu videos on dd play. There was a few instances
    in the vid where you could have used the “offensive smoke” tactic that
    flamu likes to use.

  35. bweskaveetza

  36. I just visited the original ship a few months ago.

  37. Are you trying Steel Ocean Baron? There’s submarines!

  38. It means lightning baron

  39. Błyskawica = Lightning

  40. Wiktionary has a sample of the pronunciation. “Bwiskaveetsa” is how it
    sounds to me.

  41. Baron, I’m Polish and I don’t even know how to pronounce it…

  42. I pronounce it Błyskawica.

  43. POLAND

  44. Buiskavitsa 😀 (not in english pronunciation)

  45. gdzie sa moje polaki !!!!!!

  46. on this map, the size of the caps means that bb’s head to A and dd’s head
    to c. it’s a actually a really shitty map. looks nice but has very
    repetitive gameplay. it only produces one game over and over

  47. “I would really love to hit that”

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  48. Baron like the video. Just an FYI the Mahan now has 9.4Km trops as of patch
    5.1.1. However speed is very slow with them now only being 51 knots.

  49. yo Baron, heard of Steel Ocean? Found it out thanks to Phly.. it’s wicked
    fun! And it has SUBS! The Uboats are amazing :p

  50. Use google translate. Type in lightning in english. Use the voice in the
    translator on the polish translation. ł is a letter native to polish
    language. It’s the sound that a baby makes when it cries. c is pronounced
    like in Tsar.

  51. Penis Buffet!

  52. how much do ship slots cost, real money ?

  53. hell yes! polish sausage!

  54. Loving the WoWS keep it up bud

  55. Iowa… Murica Firepower

  56. Fun fact: poland and indonesias flags look a like

  57. Call it lightning please that’s the Polish translation trust me I know I am
    from Poland and have been on the ship.

  58. its pronounced bwiskaveetza

  59. Błyskawica = lightning.

  60. Iowa PLS !

  61. Baron pls stop, don’t try to pronounce, pls no

  62. Polish sausage is good.

  63. I have no idea how to translate to you how to pronounce it :D

  64. More World of Warships

  65. bliss-ca(r)-VEE-tza

  66. Can you play the New Mexico Class.

  67. Rens van der Hoeven

    Baron, I think it’s pronounced like ‘Bluz-ka-vee-za’

  68. hello

  69. bwysckavica I’m polish and that’s how you would say it

  70. For those who don’t know how to pronounce it. It’s boo-yskavitza :V


  72. hi baron…new to chat…i subscribed to u and phly

  73. First.

  74. World of Warships is back with more torpedus! If you want more WOWS let me
    know by hitting that like button…and letting me know what ship we should
    play next!

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