World of Warships- Poltava First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today I bring you guys my First Impressions Review for the new Tier VII Premium Soviet Battleship Poltava! Enjoy!

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  1. Dem guns need a hell lot more bias, wth?

  2. this ship i think she has unstable gun behaviour just like the nagato sometimes it shine sometimes it doenst

  3. Νικος Χριστινιδης

    congrats on the 6k!

  4. *fires at an OR* stop soviet on soviet crime ??

  5. From watching other people with this ship, it seems to be don’t waste your time shooting at anything less than 12KM away.

    • MackDye Transformers

      Bingo you figured out the poltava playstyle. Shoot at very long range targets. This means your not tanking for your team.

  6. Cash staying in pocket I’m not paying for it looking pretty. 14 inch guns that shot gun all over getting uptiered to play T8/9 Hell No ??

  7. wait, this is the same tier as the colorado? seem fair and balanced, just russians

  8. Sir, I suspect you are my long lost brother. You and I bot say “I’m an idiot” when making a pretty n00b mistake like trying to shoot through an Island. I think the “October” is much more refined than this brute… she fights dirty, that dispersion would see my driving into port and demanding they fix it *IF* it were a real ship.

  9. WG is like ok guys lets release one thats kinda meh but solid so the balans memes stop

  10. No matter how bad this ship dispersion gets, the current gneisenau still has it worse

  11. fair and balanced, yeah sure…

  12. Its a litterly another Roma at Tier 7 with vonky dispersion……

    Great WG………… 🙁

  13. Sergio Molina Triviño

    Yesterday at this time, the ship was put up for sale, I saw it and it was just on or had been one or two days, and suddenly it is gone, something has happened with that ship.

  14. Yep, tier 7 Roma

  15. When comparing ship sizes use the azure lane or designer tables ports, all the other ports will instantly change the camera position and scale making the even a destroyer seem the same length as a battleship, the azure lane and designer tables don’t do that.

  16. when is black Friday hitting WOWS

  17. This is the most German Ship I have ever seen.

  18. I’d honestly have HMS Hood over the premium Russian battleship

  19. Finally a Russian ship that’s not overpowered it’s a miracle

  20. I would take the California thats coming out over this anemic garbage ship.

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