World of Warships: POLTAVA, GIVEAWAY, Soviet, Tier-7 Premium Battleship

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\ Notice – These videos are intended for a mature audience only. ///

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I am a member of the World of Warships Community Contributor Program, and although I may receive in-game benefits as a result, my opinions are my own and NOT influenced by Wargaming.

In this World of Warships video, I set sail in the POLTAVA, Soviet, Tier-7 Premium Battleship. Gameplay starts at the 12:00 minute mark on the video timeline.

If you are here for expert gameplay or tips on how to be a better World of Warships player, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE! I am an average to below average player, making mistakes, stumbling along just like most players. These videos are NOT average games for me, they are, for the most part my best games, mistakes and all. I hope you enjoy them.

Fellow Tubers , I could really use your help in growing this channel. Also feel free to leave some comments, I would love to hear from you.


  1. Seems interesting. I’ll enter.

    Name: JanOle
    Server: EU

  2. Looks like it’ll be fun

    Name: CommanderBruggink
    Server: EU

  3. Major Disappointment

    Looks like a nasty downrange sniper. lol McJustice server: NA

  4. She’s better looking than most of the Ruskie BB’s as well.
    Name: Munihausen
    Server: NA

  5. It even got that long b o i aesthethic, looks good

    Name: Yween
    Server: EU

  6. Looks like a nice ship that I can get into!
    Name: Fernyfarm
    Server: NA

  7. Russian bias looks like it’s showing through
    Name: FearTheLock
    Server: NA

  8. That ship looks shorter than me

    name: richie_macrophage
    server: NA

  9. Implications Unpleasant

    I need more bias in my life

    Name: Implications_Unpleasant
    Server: EU

  10. how well this ship in the battle was.

    Name: PocketFisher

    Sever: Na

  11. Tier 7 isn’t bad at all

    IGN: Mrskiline_gunner
    Server: ASIA

  12. Name: Rampenstein
    Server: EU

    I be needing moar balans!

  13. This looks like a fun ship!

    Name: TehMantis
    Server: NA

  14. There is no need for Soviet BBs and nobody asks for them. WG like “challange accepted”

  15. it looks interesting

    name: erikglas
    server: EU

  16. Looks like a fun ship.
    Name: Rhayge
    Server: NA

  17. I’m an Aussie trying to have a fair go in this game. Would love having a crack with this ship. Cheers mate
    Name: Cheesytanker
    Server: NA

  18. looks more like a light cruiser 🙂

    name: fionbo
    server: eu

  19. This ship looks good. I will play this.

    Name: LaksamanaMifta
    Server: Asia

  20. Russian bias all the way

    Name: Zens_Nor
    Server: EU

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