World of Warships – Poltava Review – Just Play Sinop

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Tier 7 Premium Soviet battleship Poltava offers so little that one might as well just play Sinop. 356mm guns with 1.7 sigma at tier 7 is the pinnacle of MEH.


  1. Really glad to meet you ingame in same team and in enemyteam right in next match with you ichase
    I really wae excited and i tooka screenshot cause i didnt believe it was you, love your videos and are really helpful

  2. Im honesty surprised this ship wasn’t for free EXP or coal. Given how weak she is

  3. Dude.
    You sound as if the love of your life just dumped you yesterday for somebody better.

  4. WG can now say that we don’t make Russian bias ships. Lmao

  5. thx for your honesty!!!

  6. It’s how Premium Ships should be, balanced to where they are a little worse than the tech tree counterpart or different for more experience and credits

  7. I feel like this was released just to for WG to say: Hey, not all RU ships are OP. Look at Poltava. xD

  8. I wish wargaming would actually give you GOOD ships!!

    I guess they did give you Puerto Rico 🙂

  9. From what I’m hearing this is how a premium should be, some good points with clear flaws balancing them that you need to be account for when playing.

  10. Saved me some money, Thank you.

  11. Ichase you have the best ship review videos hands down. Lots of information on stats how it compares to other same tier ships. Positives and
    Negatives, armour layout overmatch and so on. No watching a replay of your stream through the video telling us what you did in battle rather in battle telling us about your experience with the ship. Thank you

  12. I got her…i like her…

  13. Christopher Jonasson

    Guns are all over the place when you get into range (no spotter) the massive turning circle exposes the Africa sized citadel to AP

  14. Is this like Soviet Battleship with German accuracy? That’s what I’m getting out of this

  15. why is there smoke instead of water splashes when the shells hit the water?

  16. If you have plan for Russian premium BB, their Tech tree ship are actually pretty similar
    Poltava ❌ Sinop ✔️
    Lenin ❌Vladivostok ✔️

  17. last time i saw new video from ichase he was smashing the original naval biro idea ??

  18. La Llanta No Quema Cuhh

    To me she’s actually kinda good and Poltava is the first ship i broke 90k dmg for tier 7 but it all comes down to ur style of gameplay

  19. At 5:24 you mention that the rudder shift time is 11.9 seconds, but don’t mention until 6:39 that you upgraded to Steering Gear Mod 2. Doesn’t this mean that the base rudder shift time is 14.9 seconds? Thank you for taking the time to make this video. As always, your videos are very helpful for me.

  20. “Roma have better Sigma”
    OUCH…This vessel is one big NOPE!

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