World of Warships: Pommern – Amazing Game

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Pommern is tons of fun, especially when you have amazing matches such as this one! It does make me question the secondaries though.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 German battleship Pommern on the map Haven.


  1. Have you ever had a game where things line up this well for you, but somehow it’s still a very close match?

  2. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    1:25 Well boys we did it, CV cancer is gone…..except not lol Sempoi wrecking all the reds lol

    • that shokaku player is ALWAYS doing that. he is famous for being that stupid at all times and pushing into close cover really early, usually dying.
      he is a team hamper taking insane risks like that and he does that ALL the time

  3. Off to a great start! 👍

  4. As always you play well, Aerroon, but what I like even more is your recognition and acknowledgement of other players, and that you put that into effect by complimenting them. Karma isn’t important, but I personally still get a smile on my face when someone recognizes when I, which do happen here and there, make a really good play.

  5. @6:00

    Is it just me, or did those shells just change direction in mid air?

    (You can see an abrupt turn in the tracer).

    • Yeah, it’s an old visual bug. My guess is that the way Wargaming has programmed the shell tracers is that there’s the beginning, middle, and end part of the animation. The beginning and end part are set separately, but middle part is calculated by physics. However, the further you go from the origin of the coordinates the less precise they become. This means that as you fly further and further from your ship the more ships and shells start to “wobble”. I’m guessing that this can add up to an error of the size you see there. However, when the shells near the end of their path they go into the automatic ending portion of the animation, so you see this weird jump.
      But maybe it’s something else. I’m not sure. I just know it’s been around for a long time.

    • it happens a lot

  6. I hate to say it, but a well-played Seattle is actually a real thorn in the side of the red team… My Seattle must be built out of horseshoes… I take her out and my team wins most of the time and I live most games in it.

    • Yup, any of the light cruisers that are hard to hit are a huuuuuuuuuuge problem. Then again, I’m guessing that I was a thorn in the side of the Seattle too. She fired at me a lot and I was able to avoid many of the shells by just turning a bit.

    • @Aerroon She’s only got 6-inch guns right off a Cleveland… so her only advantage on the Cleveland is an extra main battery and a heal… you kite like crazy and only use one pair of turrets at a time… also HE like mad with her.

    • @James Harrington She’s got no more guns than a Cleveland and has significantly worse firing angles. Doing well in one of those things feels like such a feat compared to the other USN CLs

  7. Having secondaries prevents people from wanting to stay within your spotting range. That alone makes a world of difference to your survival.

  8. Honestly, Pommern looks like an absolute waste of coal. The guns are inaccurate, don’t have a lot of pen, take ages to reload and have terrible firing angles. The ship is huge and clumsy, perfect farmfest for HE spammers. The ship also doesn’t get the 128 mm DP guns but the 105 mm that can only pen 26 mm. The torpedo tubes also break all the time.

    This ship is essentially a T9 Tirpitz, but somehow worse.

  9. Don’t really know why this was recommended for me, but I’m gonna take the chance to let you know that “Pommern” or pommeria which is the english name is actually a region spanning from about 40km west of Stralsund (Germany) to Kaliningrad (Russian proctectorat). Pommern is the German name for the region that until the 2nd WW was mostly under German control. Today only Western-Pomerania is German territory spanning from Stralsund to just short of Swinemünde (I always forget the polish name) which lies in Poland.

  10. The Seattle was just extremely lucky with the group facing – some decent HE spamming cruiser (like my Bayard for example) would have long burned her to death or pushed back significantly.

    • And it surprised me that he was shooting AP at an angled target, despite that his ship was an HE spamming CL herself.

  11. Damn. I was the Helena. I have seen your videos before but didn’t recognize you, fun match but OWWWWW. That broadside you gave me hurt like hell. “Shrednas go with the Benson” Got broadsided by Aerroon.

  12. 0:19 – 0:22 bep bep motherfker! XD Also I’m seeing a lot of fun Pommern videos, so I’m waiting for the russian racis .. i mean balance to appear soon…

  13. The WoT equivalent to this is arty rushing into no man’s land on that map with that giant field.

  14. Is it amazing because you won despite such poor target selection?

  15. Seattle is OP! Should be nerfed to death or banned from the game! 🙂

  16. Sigh….that Agir shouldn’t have followed the “recommended” torpedo aim. Always expecting your adversary to turn after sailing past the corner of an island is how to torpedo 101.

  17. A non-IFHE seattle is super scary post IFHE rework. You just burn everything down, even cruisers. Doubly so if your special teammates are not applying pressure to him like they should. Glad your team was unable to throw it at the end.

  18. 14:41 Freeze frame that shot from the Seattle.

  19. One might think that Flambass in disguise was driving the Seattle. Only with hefty assistance from WG one might perform in that fashion.

  20. Slovakianstallion

    This thing has 12 guns but my GOD that dispersion 😭

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