World of Warships: Pommern – Incredible Push

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I streamed this match. I took a risk to start a push and it paid off immensely. The red team was caught off-guard!

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 German battleship Pommern on the map The Atlantic.


  1. Hell-o, and welcome…. great vid.

  2. Nice video, try to use Pommern on ranked, it’s pretty great.

  3. Great video, Pommern pushing freely after Fletcher taken out. As you told, the Lion’s plan was to sit there and burn down everything, but the dd fcked up. And the Alsace.. who can tell what he was thinking🤣 luckily, your tubes got destroyed only after you used them on Alsace. The german BBz are very good at making these pushes, as with hydro they can push into ddz, they just have to watch for their sides to avoid flanking

  4. The HE ammo has an explosion … volume (cubic i believe). And it will damage every part within that volume.

  5. saw this one on stream, was quite the game.

  6. i think that either the torp tubes have a huge hit box by design as a nerf to the ship or it may be a bug cause the tirpitz is essentially the same ship at t8 and i have never experienced the torps breaking that much

  7. I love this ship so I know they will nerf it

  8. Full secondary build only way to go

  9. I pronounce the Swedish dd name like OysterGoitLand .

  10. HE does splash damage

  11. “…don’t imgine why Agir is a ship.”
    WG: Copy paste a hull with new guns? CONTENT TOVARISCH!

    • @Aerroon I rushed the spring in JB and let me tell you, Pommern, Georgia and the Ägir/Siegfried have a Huge problem facing JB. If RNG won’t bless you with destroyed turret on the JB, you are ****ed and it never happened to me as much as they tried. BTW I was coloring my pants in brown when I faced Pommern in the JB for the first time 😀 Turned out that I deal salvos of 18-28k+ dmg to him and he just tickled me with 5-9k. Also 3vs3 is a really nice format for a ranked battle.

    • @dominges You’re pretty even against Georgia, but how can you win against Pommern? His secondaries melts your 32mm armor, and as long as he doesn’t turn to use back turrets you can only shoot his superstructure. I guess the enemies you face didn’t take IFHE, or kept showing broadside to you? Also Agir/Siegfried bounces your shells and can rush and torp you. Not sure how you can win against them without them brain farting or your team forcing them to show broadside.

    • @Kai-Xuan Yao it’s 3vs3 and you have speed advantage and reload booster. Keep the duel in the range of 7-11km and coop with your team, all you need is a couple of seconds to punish your target. Secondaries build is useless as the battles tend to be over pretty quick and the format is perfect for that as it is 3vs3, no prolong fights where DoT dmg excels. Even the best player will fail with slow and poor turning ship as Pommern in such scenario. Pommern is a lot of fun in randoms but in competitive modes turns to be lacking. BTW I did find Izumo to be harder to duel than the new German ships. As of Aegir and Sieg, one lacks pen and the other guns 😉 Sure they are great in random versus cruisers but in competitive they are lacking too.

    • @Kai-Xuan Yao I will give you example. One battle I pushed the cap in my JB to hit reverse whit speed boost and draw the Pommern and the sieg towards me and told my Gerogia to flank them. The question for the enemy was to show broadside to me or the Georgia 🙂 You see, they knew that the Georgia had devastating broadside and flame trowing secs but every time ppl forget how devastating the JB reload booster is 😀 As I told you, speed and firepower decide things in competitive modes. That’s why the concept of BBs was scraped after WW2.

    • @dominges Lucky for you that the Pommern doens’t understand sitting at 8km and letting his secondaries melt you. Probably another Pommern player that only wants to torpedo people.

  12. I’m sorry, a Stealth BATTLE SHIP?

  13. i think u aimed too far back on the lion…u need to aim so u hit the front part of the citadel where the angling is low.

  14. “A great push”. Reminds me the morning after the night before after devouring 2 16” pizzas and a 2ltrs bottle of Mountain Dew.

  15. Match was too short, I demand a refund 😛

  16. Wow. That was short. Didn’t have time to take my shoes off.

  17. I love this channel, I play wows and this channel helps me with getting better at this game

  18. Yeah those torp tubes are so vulnerable. Good job WG…really encourages people to push and brawl…but don’t worry the guns are great…what…

  19. Romper Stomper 4Life

    That’s what I always say to my wife, you know, during…

  20. 4:19 and here you can see a torpdo tube destruction by an HE salvo of a 203mm caliber ship.

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