World of Warships: Pommern – Insanely Fun 3v3 Ranked!

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Pommern with absolutely everything secondaries. This 3v3 Ranked Sprint season is insanely fun. It’s truly incredible.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 German battleship Pommern on various maps.


  1. Gareth Fairclough


    I succeeded in my sprint! Just missing the Amagi.

  2. This is some of the most fun I’ve ever had in this game. I wish I could play MORE of it.

  3. I had a Pommern ranked game where my 2 team m8s rushed in and died and i still won a 1v3 with 220k dmg lol

  4. these 3v3 small map ranked are really fun. should be some permanent game mode

    • Yup. I ranked out today in Kitakaze. I wish I could play more 3v3s.

    • Yep. Found it frustrating with a lot of losses at the start, but once it got going it was good fun. First time ever I could be bothered to keep playing ranked. FDG seemed to work well

    • @markpartridge78 normal ranked is a painful, unfun, annoying grind.
      rank sprint is the most fun mode in the whole game

  5. I’ve only played Sprint with Secondary Build Georgia (but -11% main gun dispersion mod) and had good matches with it! Reached rank 1 at the same day 😀

  6. Ive had great success with Siegfried. All though I got berated by Georgia for bringing a “non-meta” ship to a battle. He then sailed behind and island and went for a route that took 5min to get back to action all the while leaving me and a DD to hold on the caps. Me and DD managed to pull of a victory all the will getting screamed by our “grand admiral” in the Georgia :/

  7. Best ranked ever, I’ve had so many great games. I got to Rank 1 with losing only 1-2 stars in the process, all that with only the Georgia. Would strongly recommend it

  8. Is really fun to play, but was rank 1 in 3 hours………and rank 1 can’t play anymore not even against other ranks 1. feelspepe

  9. The31stcenturyfox

    Is it possible to get a Kraken by killing all three enemies and your two teammates? 😉

  10. Agreed best game mode and most fun I’ve had in wows recently. Played Georgia and Alaska for all of it.

    I think Alaska is the best cruiser you can bring.

    • yeah, riga is the second best choice which has great guns against every other ship but somehow never citadels alaska

  11. Pommern is the best for this full secondary build. I finished ranked sprint in 22 battles with high avg damage I love this ship

  12. Leroy Goorcharran

    I’ve been only playing in my Alaska and been doing really well, at rank 5 so far, but I’ve only played this afternoon with a friend who went alsace

  13. I love secondary ship my GK is my waifu

  14. Dear Aerroon. This season ended in less than 4 hours for me. The pom with luchens was just a pure terror. Just Rushing down anything that was not another Pom . Just like you I wanted more of this . A lot more. And nuking mushashi up close had no price tag . It was awesome. Aks were a bit harder and sigs where potent but the Pom killed them all. Melting a kita trying to torp me and then burn me was just awesome . And every time the secondary talent hit it was just nuts. Just like you full secondaries except manuals .i dont like the inability to shoot multiple targets .

  15. Aerroon: yes, the same thing happened on Aetam’s stream today, so that was pretty funny. Must be something wrong with WG? Think they should have this available more often or all the time? And allow 3 man divisions too. Thanks.

  16. That poor Neptune…(giggle).

  17. This mode was so much fun. Even dropped the conceal mod for duration. Speccing so hardcore into the brawl shenanigans was so much fun. Randoms just aren’t the same anymore

  18. yeah, this is the best rank sprint I wish I have more, small map really makes everything feel more exciting especially when everyone forced to torpedo beat at the same time during cqc

  19. you seem misinformed when you act surprised on seeing DD’s or seeing cruisers or double cruisers. it is fairly common. you will also find 1 cruiser, 2DD or 2 cruiser 1DD games.

  20. Never have i heard aerroon has this much giddyness in his voice

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