World of Warships – Pommern | Surprisingly Reliable

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Classic German accuracy vs sheer volume of fire… these two compensates each other well! #worldofwarships
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  1. When Robin says Good morning Goof evening but you are watching the video in the noon

  2. My favourite new channel. Chill music in the background, and cruisey narration. Thanks for sharing.

  3. General Torfstecher

    Launching the video just to hear you fire up a cigarette… well I’ll guess this will be chilling

  4. Александр Шугаев


    Des Memes flashbacks

  5. It’s cute when you say “No Sauce”. Fyi, the expression is “no dice” :p.

  6. I first saw your harugumeme video and from then i watch every video lul

  7. Nikhil Seenivas T K

    1:50 “german dispersion”

  8. Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you robin, I’ve been watching your videos religiously and I’ve been playing w.o.w. ever since i found your channel Almost two years ago. So thank you for all the videos, the live commentary, the meme videos, the how too’s, everything. keep up the great work!

  9. Gelanghaarte Weile

    “We murdered that Yoshino!” Well… watch his statistics: not one regular tier X… And it seems like he started WOWS on lockdown (start of april)
    I guess he has to learn the game the hard way… and his teammates suffer too -.-

    • The Sailing Robin

      I never check player’s stats during or after a battle, I don’t think it helps with anything

    • Gelanghaarte Weile

      @The Sailing Robin I check them sometimes if i can’t explain their behaviour. What i don’t get: why are the high-tier ships like Ohio and Slava behind a “skillwall” and you can get a Yoshino by throwing money at WG? It’s not fun to get rofl-stomped or get a heartattack bc of your teammates doing tier 2 errors in a tier 10 match…

  10. Can I suggest the Petro for a featured ship? I do really struggle some games to do good in it as I anchor next to an island near a cap but everyone is just angling towards me.
    What I hope to learn is when to be aggresive (how you exactly spot the gap to push into)

    • The Sailing Robin

      Petropavlovsk is nice, sure, though there’s already a lot of content out there about the ship.
      I’m personally not a huge fan of the ship, even if it’s strong, it doesn’t have as much impact & carry potential as other ships I’m familiar with.

  11. I love my Pommern, i have full secondary build. Last game in it i had 3 kills wil 420 secondary hits and a torp kill. Yes i survived tye battel with about 1/3 of mt health.

  12. Started playing WoWS again after a year because of your videos…
    Not enjoying it at all with current teammates 😂 I’m only a 51% player anyway so I cannot carry for shit

  13. Wow. Where have you been all my life? Chill music, laid-back narration of WoWs, and great content? Almost immediately subscribed.

  14. Lol at the “bunk” when Tallin beached

  15. “To be fair”

  16. 05:24
    Haha.. loved the soundeffect intervention there

  17. LOL first thing you hear is lighter and cigarette smoking sound. I guess typical French 😂 and he finish a video with another cigarette 😂😂😂

  18. Wow! Well done! Thanks for sharing this replay

  19. Ahmad Farhan Salehudin

    I will wait some new content but another germany battleships Tier 10 🙂

  20. Nice ship. I kill a lot of Pommern on my Jean Bart, by the way. Some dudes believe is invincible…

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