World of Warships – Pommern WORLD RECORD?

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At the moment of this game this was the TOP DMG in Pommern anyone ever did on EU & NA server for sure, not sure for other servers. Ofc we can’t know 100% since it only tracks after certain number of battles you play on a ship but we are definitely in the top of the top.

I do like this ship but my God did I not like my teams…at all…

Horrible teams recently but at least I got this done 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. The last I came this early. She gave me a refund.

  2. It feels like the times he gets insane damage, Flambass isn’t even focused on the game, he’s busy ranting about Wargaming xD

  3. after the first 2 odd salvos, i thought maybe this is a sarcastic title or he implied some unwanted record. gg at the end i’d say

  4. the man who slaped a panda

    Feels like the parameters are: if people have the ship in port= popular, if people can lose roughly the same amount of games in a ship as they win = balanced

    • Sudeshna Das Sarma

      That’s kind of the point of balance

    • The Lord of the Memes

      See these would actually make sense and they would explain why carriers are so OP because they can’t 1v12 like you can in some other ships

    • @Sudeshna Das Sarma uhh no.. WR is not a good parameter of balanced.. you can be a lucky idiot that got carried by the team all the time and get high WR with super low avg damage, acc, and PR. Or vice versa.

  5. Buffalo carried harder….? That same Buffalo who RNGesus’ed broadsiding at 4:30. Sometimes the match swings a lot earlier than people think. If you dev struck him then might be a whole different game.

  6. “…It’s thirsday, how are people so bad…” – i feel you.

  7. Best thing I’ve heard in a long time: “It’s Thursday how can people be so bad?” Lol boi… Since Corona came around this is the normality.

  8. WG needs to add additional matchmaking parameters to break this one sided battles in the past 6-7 months… It’s pathetic

  9. Flambass at the beginning: I‘m done with this ship

    Flambass at the end:
    Nice record, fun ship.

  10. That Iowa… is that what they call a drive-by-viewing instead of a drive-by-shooting?

    • I think he outturned hes turret traverse speed.. probaly a combination of captain skills and upgrades

    • Yea I’m sure he had his property agent on the phone saying: “now that’s free real estate” and he responded “I think I’ll save for something else”

  11. Play on asian servers you will know real frustrationsLOL.

  12. exactly this kind of game is the reason why i don’t play wows anymore. good game performance and yet no success.

  13. WG are extremely disconnected from their community and content creators. Just sitting in their own bubble.

    • ^ this.

    • I mean that’s become incredibly obvious.
      “Guys can we fix the HE spam problem?”
      “CV REWORK!”

      “Well the CV rework has introduced new problems. maybe cam you…?”

      And dont get me started on SAP. I mean apparently the BBs are going to have it and that’s going to be brutal.

  14. “why are my teams so bad?” story of my life on NA servers. no one on my team ever wants to push. they sit in the back, and then bitch at everyone else for sitting in the back…lol i see this and just rush forward and move to next game.

  15. “We don’t know these parameters…” Here they are: Does a player who owns the ship spend more actual money with WG? If so, then the ship is perfectly fine.

  16. Find myself playing less and less, the level of incompetence is just too great to enjoy it
    for a longer period of time. Non-responsive BB`s that don`t leave the spawn line,
    DD lines that are poor in capping and players in it that don`t even try anymore.
    And the amount of ships that lose the game close to full health is almost comical,
    if it wasn`t that sad. And don`t mention the OP CV class crap. Balance my ass.
    Of the 4 years i`m playing this, the first 2 years were actually realy fun,
    but i noticed i`m not laughing anymore, it is stomp, or being stomped. Booo!

  17. More than half the time it feels like a waste of time shooting at cruisers with battleships.
    So obnoxious (overpens).

    • Yes,and all because cruiser pilots cried hard about getting punished by BB’s ages ago,so WG ‘fixed’ BB AP(except for new russian ships,da…they seem to have ‘old’ AP values) shame really,as cruisers can now get away with making stupid decisions,which in turn makes the playerbase worse players.

  18. “I’m done with this ship.”

    *Proceeds to world record*

    • But did it FEEL like a world record? No. That looked like a terrible experience. Overpen after overpen. Horrendous dispertion constantly bouncing broadsides. And to cap it off a team that was determined to lose.

  19. I swear his favorite word is “literally”.

    Christ its becoming harder to ignore….

  20. The decision makers @ WG are quite literally the dumbest people running a company I think I have ever seen. They manipulate the game to frustrate its players both new and veteran. Our only hope is someone comes out with a similar game or they get bought out by someone who knows how to run a company. They have changed the game so skill and learning the mechanics make little to no difference on outcome. From their so called “balance” to their slanted skill “matchmaking” pick your poison. Everyone cannot be a winner WG all your doing and succeeding at is trying to make us all losers and FYI that’s no fun for anyone and quite literally bad for business. One can only hope someone @ WG will come to their senses and wise up to this and save the game from itself.

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