World of Warships | Port Introduction

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So the HighFlyer15 is finally dipping his feet in the cold water of the sea and we can’t start out a new game series without a proper introduction, so here it is.


  1. torsten heinrich

    I love this game! 😉 🙂 :O

  2. Yes solracoto pls gave me THE beta key

  3. It’s not quite clear to me how to get into the beta. I’ve subscribed to
    WoWS and signed up for the closed beta, but what are the odds I actually
    get in?

  4. How did you get gold? Am I able to get gold in Closed beta, or did you get
    gold from alpha test?

  5. WG needs to hurry up with that KanColle collaboration!

  6. How can you get on the beta

  7. Can you help me getting a beta key

  8. Can the USS Atlanta fire AA through it’s main guns as well as the HE and AP

  9. What are your thoughts on the stats of the premium boats compared to boats
    of their own tier?

  10. How did you get the aurora? Didn’t think you could buy gold or premium
    ships in beta yet?

  11. What black magic is this?? A video from HF? :D

  12. Hallo highflyer i have 2 questions.
    1. Do hou think That torpedoes neef to be balanced foor Thier damage?
    2. Do hou think That the battleship are a bit overpowerd do to Thier
    supperior firing range against cruisers or do you think That the cruisers
    are underpowerd do to Thier infirioir fitting range against battelships? 

  13. For those of you on the EU server, I have a Beta key available. The first
    response gets it.. Again only reply if you are on the EU server.

  14. Finally! Oh gawd man, oh gawwwd! (Y)

  15. Everyone can get Beta access except me……… :(

  16. When to use HE or AP?

  17. +TheRiisingSun Can you do a review about Aircraft Carriers please? I’d like
    to see your opinion about them.

  18. Glad to see you around again :3 Till lykke Christian ^.^

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