World of Warships – Potato me, potato you, potato everyone

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Let’s see who can potato more xD
Btw I was afk because I was in the bathroom, as I’m sure you noticed I had a cold for few days so I was constantly running to bathroom after almost every match

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  1. Hi by covering the map view you are ruining the viewing experience.

  2. Congratulations on ranking out, hope you’ve recovered from your cold and I for one was not bothered about the mini map being covered. I completely agree with why you did it even if it has triggered others but, that is their problem, thanks for the great content.

    • I’m glad you understand

    • Same, except it took me a while to be sure what was going on. I’d never heard the term “stream sniper” before. Don’t they have better things to do?
      I’m guessing also it’s hard work to arrange for the minimap to reappear on post-stream YouTube/Twitch. Too bad. It’s a shame because I learned a lot from working out where things are, be they ships or islands.

  3. Flambass what do you think about WG adding more HE spamming ships that melt BBs, which makes BB players even more hesitant to push?

  4. Since when did you have a twin that looks exactly like you flamb?

  5. Last alive.. a Monq.. of course…

  6. Potato me, potato you, fakka you? 😀
    Got some really bad teams on Ranked EU recently…

  7. i couldnt watch the video because i was laughing 24/7 thanks to that map xD

  8. first time I actually saw your face. where can i donate to get it fixed?😂

  9. videos without minimap are nonsense. Sorry

  10. why nobody shoot the only radar in battle?!

  11. Damnit, Flambass! I was trying to eat dinner, and you started with “Jaws” theme LOL I almost snorted the soup out of my nose. PSA: watching Flambass’s videos while eating can cause pain, harm and mental trauma LOL!

  12. Potatoes are everywhere in this ranked saison !

  13. I highly appreciate the goat beard, I grew one too when I was 15. Nearly two years later I still have it

  14. Ms. Citadel looks terrific in the photo. LoL

  15. Looks like you are getting better team action with you blocking the mini-map from stream snipers.

  16. Which one is Hans? 😂

  17. Challenge for Flambass, Take any ship you like and get 10 torp hits…but you have announce your torps in chat when you fire and who they’re aimed at! #7

  18. Yama got rewarded for that, because it was “honorabru sepukku”.

  19. Dammit, I am pissed….used to watching the mini-map to learn about this game, and now I can’t because of…..’stream-snipers’…..I hate that guy 🙂

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