World of warships – Potatoes

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  1. So did you end up losing? 🙂

    • I srly don’t know but if you take a look at what my team has left and HP bars, and what enemy team has, I think we lost it big time

  2. thanks Flambas for showing me how to deal with paint sniffers. ive been subbed for 1 month now and ive thoroughly enjoyed your content, keep it up, and show us more rage moments

  3. flambass is love flambass is life <3

  4. It would just be removed upon next login.

  5. Achim Hanischdörfer

    With all this deepwater torp spam I have found that hydro is even more valuable at a consumable now.
    Using it on nearly everything where I have it available. Even gave up DefAA on Des Moines.

    • I gave up def aa on my DM a few weeks ago when clan wars started. Turns out I wasn’t using it anyway since the DM’s reputation keeps planes away in random matches just fine.

  6. Your Germanic commentary is freaking hilarious! Made my night. Thanks Flambass. 😉

  7. I guess the German DD won after all… hehe

  8. I got those kind of battles (even worse) at least once a day…

  9. Spesul teams on mongday.Flambass, really love your content man.Keep it up 🙂

  10. I received a rental Scharnhorst as well, very strange…

  11. i totally feel u xD that tiny little mistake wich decides whether u carry ur monkey team or not
    cool gameplay though

  12. I think the vital choice there was switch to ap, he would be better

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