World of Warships – POWAH made in US of A

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Everyone pls step back, and welcome Miss Murica to the show
The stage is yours Miss, take us away !
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. If a woman can misunderstand something, she wil do it and take it personaly.

  2. No Flambass….don’t torp the woman….You will take TRIPLE DAMAGE!

  3. “Oh yea I can see both your sides they are both pretty big and flat” flambass december 2018.

  4. I have never seen a noob mino like that ??

    • It’s a bot

      Very common in SEA server, they hide their stats too…

    • Oh I’ve seen plenty. Maybe not that extreme, but definitely with a few potatoes in the bridge. It’s really fun to blap them when they sail broadside, smoke up after you fired, and then sit still in the smoke exactly where you aimed

  5. In mother Russia, hot butter goes through knife.

  6. I thought u hated this ship flamby?
    I cant be aggressive in my dm it’s like I’m a wg employee and they wanna kill me no matter what. I dont sit broadside but tell that to bb ap

  7. “This is why I love the Des Moines.” Waaaaaait a second, something’s off here.

  8. Tactical question, why did you switch targets to the Cleveland instead of finishing off the Shimakaze at 5:50?

  9. Is this “Love of my life” by Queen what flambass is humming all the time? I love that song.
    Miss you freddie.

  10. Flambass — once torps are in the water – they belong to no one.
    They’re like little fishies looking for a big potato to fall in love with.

  11. Johann Wolfgang von Dörte

    Flambass. Do you had the Song Love of my Life in your mind. From Queen? I love this Band. And can recommend it to absolute everyone!

  12. Love of my life? Someone been to see the Queen movie?

  13. love to know if the missus ever calls you Flambass, and if you respond to her ‘yoyo’?

  14. I still go in hamm in my Desmonies … still love her tho . and have lots of fun in her … just need to lean to hang back a little ……… Ahh sausages Lets Go …. Bonnnnssssaiiiiii ……

  15. 5 minutes 100k damage… where do I find enemies like this???

  16. Female Croatian swear words in the background lmao

  17. I mean usually torping a woman should make her happy no?

  18. 3 minutes in… 10 citadels hits… why cant i play against people that dumb?

  19. if you are with a woman, whatever you say, regardless of what it is, ( in her mind ) it is always about her !

  20. Great Game; 13:55 how you notice that?

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