World of Warships – Power of STRATEGIC moves

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What a great game this was. What a nail-biter and a fight to the last second.

Teamwork+Strategic moves = Success

Here is a perfect example of situational awareness, map awareness and strategic decision making that can turn a game completely around and with good play turn anything into a win.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 19:25 to 19:45 LOUD YEAHHHH.. 19:48 NO NO NO. crazy how the reaction changed in seconds

  2. If/when you quit wows is prob when I would go too….would mean that the game has totally devolved into a shitshow. With subs coming, I fear it’s not far off too….

    • Слава Сахно

      @dominges So, you were playing 2 weeks of every 3 months, which equals about 2 months per year. In total – about 10 months for all game lifespan. And you have “under 10k battles” – so about 9.5k (you know, because ppl talking about 1 apple do not talk “under 10k apples”). Thats equals about 950 games per month or about 32 games per f*cking day. With estimation of 10 minutes per gave average you have over 5hours/day of gametime everyday. Of course this game will annoy you and you will be bored AF. Me, playing from CBT getting close to 4.5k. Just rest from it. Do not hurt yourself this much…

    • @Слава Сахно Actually I have exactly 8,072 battles and been playing the last two weeks. In Two weeks managed to grind Kremlin, Shima, Al. Nevski, Halland, get to the final free stage of the Odin and generate 100k cpt exp in my 19pt capt DM. I didn’t get annoyed or frustrated just because, as I stated, played for only two weeks. And you are right, you basically tell me what I was telling everyone else. Just be casual and don’t give a single F about the BS sh*t show WG is organizing.

    • Wojtek Wierzchucki

      Day by day game is more stupid, boring etc…more cosmic lolships by lolgaming, mm is pathetic, bunch of morons teams, gameplay is a joke…endgame.

    • Nice dialogue and fully agree. But this is The Way of all corporations. Old customer is fully “productized” and not worth the effort as he brings no money. I don’t understand that policy, as I am a long time player and I still colect more interesting premiums. But look at the bank or mobile phone companies’ offers for new customer and compare them to the ones proposed to loyal clients.

    • i did quit 10 month ago, best decision ever 😉

  3. Ichsbe Stimmtnischt

    You are going to quit WoWS? I mean my 75 year old Grandma keeps telling the Famaly that she stops working next year for 20 years now…

  4. 17:00 of course he’s not giving broadside, you have a battleship with you. As soon as the visible threat dies, he gets careless.

  5. Thank you Flambass!
    If I may suggest, it would be nice a revisit to “forgotten” ships… Maybe a KGV or Helena or Kagero.. Something nostalgic, we see a lot of Des Moines 🙂
    Thank you for the content!

    • There is a reason, if not many why he is not playing Zao, or Hindenburg, or Henri VI. In current meta, WG powercreeped this ships that much, Des Moines is most casual cruiser to play with his tools, hydro+radar and good DPM.

    • Well.. after seeing Flambass challenged himself with “disability disadvantage” for the fun of it, playing powercreeped ships could be a nice challenge too. Nostalgic fragile Mogami 155mm could be super fun 🙂

  6. Nice to see DDs competent enough to allow opportunity late game. Its so important to a far richer and rewarding experience win or lose. So much more engaging without the fun police dumping on it as well.

  7. Victory Aircraft CV

    DesMoines is too strong on the island terrain.

  8. I love how you describe the 40 tube ship coming back and how Jingles describes it 4 years ago are pendulum swing different 😉

  9. that jean bart did,nt want to fire there guns
    it,s like that most of time teams dont want to fire just
    sit and watch and try running..

  10. Flambass blowing his nose? That must be a humongous explosion! Is Croatia still there???

  11. Dude, did you hear about “automatic level control”?! Looks like I have to find that if I want to watch your video next time (((

  12. That move by the KIDD was superb teamwork, Jingles should see this!

  13. The game continues to bleed players and it shouldn’t surprise anyone. This WOWS project is very mishandled.

  14. Arthur Spearman

    Flambass, I hope you don’t quit. I have only been watching you for about 2 years but have looked at many of your much older videos and have learned a lot from them and for an old curmudgeon like me self to say that is something.

    Yes, WoW has a lot of issues……no one will say different. But the only way to stop them is not to just run away from the problem. Many, including me self….don’t have time to relearn how to enjoy the people we have met here in another game. I am over 70yo. I enjoy thinking games….I am not into *Call to Duty* type of game play. Been there, done that, in RL. So, if your mind is made up, I and many others will miss what you say and do here. Please re-think your leaving.

    • if u love someone let them go . its selfish to force him to play something that he dont like . these must be horrible think about it , u make your job streaming and then u stuck with game u hate . if u rly like him and want to help ,stick around and support his decision !

    • @hardkur for one….I do not *love* Flambass….I enjoy and like him but will not call that love.
      Second, did I say anything like *Must not leave*? I said I hope you don’t quite. Big difference there. If he leaves, no one can stop him. But we can express our feelings about not wanting to see him leave. But the final decision is his to make.
      And finally…do not try and tell me or anyone that we have to do something. You have no authority to do so. Like Flambass, what I say and do is my business in the long run. I am free to state how I feel about something….right or wrong….and you have no RIGHT to tell me I cannot.

    • Well the basic problem is that WG insist on destroying the game and it is not fun to play anymore. Played since 2016 but haven’t played the last 4 months. It is just not fun anymore. WG insists on pushing players up fast through the tiers so you have fail team afre fail team with players with less than 300 games at t10. They won’t change CV balancing and keep introducing one more broken ship after another.
      It is just too much BULLSHIT! So I took my money and left because ai was sad and angry wven playing most times.

    • @Morten Bulskov if you cannot make it fun then you are always free to leave. I am not trying to debate or fight with people here. I still enjoy the game play….frustrating as it is some of the time for reasons you just mentioned.
      I am mainly a DD player and second a cruiser. I don’t play BBs much and do not own a CV. That said….I feel challenged when I see a CV. I play against them and use my team mates to kill the first wave or two. After that I am open to scouting and aggressive attacks on the other team…and yes that includes capping. Radar is harder to defeat in many cases, then is CVs.
      And on the subject of CVs. There are only a few GOOD CV players in the game and none that only have 300 total matches. If you believe someone with that few can take out a Good DD player…I want to see them in a match.

    • Arthur Spearman he never told you that you can’t say what you want 🤡

  15. Larkus Macaroni

    Another great example of why the des memes such a blast to play

  16. as far as the UU goes… I’m more interested in the haru’s smoke upgrade.. depending how it works I’ll fully drop concealment lol

  17. This is the content I came for. Amazing gameplay

  18. Definitely want to see Jingles do a video on this replay.

  19. Sees Flambass in Des Moines, click like right away.

  20. Guess WOW has to keep coming up with ways to make money, because they can’t make it otherwise. I usually get the premium account every year, but that’s about it. Kind of lost the desire to run out and buy new ships or upgrades. Have about 50 ships but only play a handful reguarly. More interested in have a fun, somewhat competitive gaming experience, but not hyper competitive gaming experience, which is why I’ve been staying away from Ranked and Clan play. Ranked Sprint is okay. Maybe they should get away from trying to sell every new ship or concept and just raise the premium price to cover the expenses and raise the quality of the game mechanics. Maybe I’m wrong, but if you’re an average player, you just want to have some fun and maybe improve your skills and success rate a bit. Having to spend $ just to stay competitive is a sure way for the average player to just walk away from the game.

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