World of warships – Power of YueYang

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  1. “Oh come on can somebody spot this guy” … lol, says the DD supposed to be spotting, hidden in the smoke 😉

  2. perfect match for a gunboat like that

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Yueyang The gunboat that outspots torpboats Aand have even better torp concealment GG But the mm was a nice add on xD

  4. Hearing you say “I love this DD” made me think of a question I asked you some time ago. I asked your opinion on the tier 10 russian DD’s and you told me in your opinion there only 2 tier 10’s that count and thats gearing and z-52. so i take it you would add YueYang to that list now? haven’t played any pan asian DD’s yet as I’m gringding RN BB’s and german DD’s (got lion and maas) but thinking of doing them next since I have Fushun sat in my port after the new year campaign.

    • PA DDs are very fun

    • especially YueYang. fought against a few in my gearing and they are tough DD’s. One absolutly destroyed my Monarch the other day too. same map as this video. I was heading towards C. I hadn’t been spotted and neither had the YueYang but he must of blind fired where he thought my team were at and I ended up eating a full salvo of torps left me on 300 hp. never saw them till just before they hit and almost died of fright lol. he was the only one on his team to survive and had 4 kills too. never got spotted all match either. was really good play from that player

    • Yeah deep water torps have 800m spotting, when you see them it’s just enough time to position your finger on “R” so you can rep the flood if you survive

  5. 3:40 i sh*t myself

    – HMS Edinburgh

  6. So, I’m relatively new to the game, and have a question. Why were you shooting AP at the Yama and in what cases is it recommendable?

  7. Is there somewhere for me to see all these songs on your playlist? I mean… They are all so good and I have never heard them before.

  8. “Strangers123 has left OMNI” —- say it ain’t so!

    • Ppl are super worn out after so many tournaments, it rly takes a toll on ppl. Some of our members are taking a break, making space for others. Will they be back? Probably

  9. Flambass… until now you’ve always left enough time for me to to shazam the songs I love in your vids… not today 🙁 can someone please tell me what that song starting at 7:10 is? Much appreciated 🙂 Keep up the good work and keep your taste in music, Flambass

  10. you make it look too easy in DD’s !

  11. Look at end result your team has 1 r1 and two r5, while enemy has a r7
    Sometimes wg just want you to win(or lose)

  12. Btw can u tell me the name of the song at the beginning?

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