World of Warships – Powerlifter

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Somebody’s going to need to rest their back after this battle…

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  1. Nice to get home from the shitty weather to find a lovely ol’ Jingles vid!

  2. always a good day to catch the old man as his upload hits.

  3. Can always count on Jingles to delay my sleep with a 2:30 AM posting! (US Eastern btw)

  4. The Russian DDs have strategically placed 50mm plating. That means anywhere you’d pen with a Des Moines, you’d also pen with a light cruiser. Anywhere you’d shatter with a light cruiser, you’d also shatter with Des Moines HE.

    • I had to tell my clan mate about that when he died to a delny in clan battles.

      He was in annapolis, delny rushed and ate the full burst salvo dead centre, enough to end any dd except the Russians with that 50mm belt who instead took almost no damage.

      Of course delny and it’s line can citadel most cruisers of thier own tier at brawling range while having torps to finish the job.

    • That means it’s also a great idea to shoot AP at it. There are a pair of really good AP salvos against the Zelny in this fight.

  5. Despite the blisteringly hot weather, it’s always good to watch a Jingles video.

  6. It’s always a good night when Jingles shows up in my feed.

  7. This is a problem at tier VI too with things like the Ise. Had a game with “no carriers” and got bodied at the end in a 4-2 match where Ise killed 4 people pretending to be a carrier

  8. The photo of eddie hall made me giggle at the end fun fact eddie hall was the first man in the world to dead lift 500kg

  9. Best thing about working late is a Jingles video waiting when I get home. Thanks Jingles. Now back to the salt mine’s !!!

  10. Oh jingles you wonderful old man. That frenchie showing up at 6:30 definitely has nothing to do with that radar running on the DM.

  11. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    Special mention has to go out to the small island that blocked 25million damage…

  12. As an Aussie who has lived in England, for the first time ever I am believing you guys when you say it’s hot.

  13. interesting way of getting rid of CAP. Use the ASW planes. He does it at 1:35

  14. Solid plays from the Jean Bart and Conde. Matched only by the Friendlies parking all their health and guns in spawn to ensure that B cap was taken in a blistering 10 minutes.

  15. Welcome to the Salt Mines

  16. nice timing jingles. i just got the des moines yesterday and i love it. i can learn lot more about it thanks to you. 🙂

  17. I love how Jingles goes on for over a minute about the DM’s 203mm guns prevent non-pens on 50mm DD’s right after the first shot shatters on the plating

  18. Wow, I wasn’t expecting a Des Moines captain to stand up to such a challenge. Most DM captains hump the map border or hide behind islands closest to their spawn everytime I see one.

  19. As a plus, new players benefits a lot from Jingles entertaining narrative as he tells what to do and why all video long.

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