World of Warships – PRE-CV-REWORK – Trip to the past

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Here is match I played on Chinese server week or two ago and I had a BLAST. Chinese server is stuck on 0.7.3 which is before CV rework has happened and I enjoyed my ass off both playing CVs and playing against them.

Back in the day when Def AA worked, when CVs weren’t factories, when you could deplane a CV, when playing CV was actually fun and skill was required. Back in the day when AA was working and there was no toxic crap like Smolensk and SG.

Ohhhh sweet Jesus the good old days, how I miss them.

Enjoy this blast from the past match 😉

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  1. Oh the memories…

  2. oh, the Chinese Server…

  3. I dont know how, but flambass makes me miss 2017 wows after 2 minutes of watching

  4. id rather have this broken cv than the more annoying broken cv we have today.

    • @ToasterKritz Your dd dies with one fly by in an instant? No we don’t have this problem right now.
      And if your fighter game was great you could follow anvil attack after anvil attack, having a kill with every orchestrated attack.
      The current cvs have an extremely low dpm in comparison. And they have less map coverage. And they can’t even spot torps.
      But I think rocket planes have to go, too! CVs need real controlable fighters! It’s ridiculous to high five your enemies bombers at the mid of the map without touching them and then go annoying the ships uncontested by fighter.
      there need to be control on two squads. one squad of boombers and one squad of fighters…not at the same time, bbut they re in the air and one should be able to switch between those two mid flight, bck andd forth.
      CVs need to be able to counter each other, to lower their effect on the other ships. The lowering the damage of CV torps and bombs was not a good solution.

    • @TremereTT if rocket planes go then dds will go back to their godlike status. It’s the only thing keeping that class in check

    • @TremereTT with what 2-3 sqadrons.. now you pleb them with one squadron with even less skill… yea much better

    • @Manuel Telko Yes you can delete a dd with 1 squadron now. you must be a special genius.

    • @Manuel Telko dds take time to get destroyed, what you realy do, is to destroy their fun, but the don’t realy die from rocket planes unless they have onle a chip full of helth left….
      And then there are these assholes of a dd player that trolls you back, by continuously sailing full speed towards the Rocket planes, so that the rockets would only aim behind the dd…and out of a sudden you have to start your dive at an invisible dd and hope he disappears right under your reticule once he becomes visible…
      Let’s keep it real CVs aren’t a thread to a dds health, they are just annoying and make the dds game to be not fun.
      In the long run, Rocket planes have to go. Yet the dd also has to give up it’s spotter role and it’s stealth assasin role. When submarines come to the game dds will be realy valuable again.

  5. How is it that the old style carrier even though it was more powerful was so much better to play against

    • @CloneD Anon I agree about a good CV player. The question is,how many fucking times did a unicum or good cv player showed up in a match. I have a fucking seattle and couldnt protec my dds agaisnt 3 rockets squads even with sector and DFAA activated. A fucking seattle, not even Des Moins alone can kill my tier 10 and 8 planes before dropping 3 7600 AP bombs and kill him. It is just so bad balanced, like i dont even kill planes right now. I liked the rework because there were ships like Atlanta who could devaste your squads even if they were group, they was a Panic mechanic when DFAA was activate, etc. It was glorious counter of cvs and viseversa. It was more fun. I have played both CVs, the reworked are way more easier and less vulnerable to mistakes and capable of devastating a ship with only 1 squad and in 2 drops (in case of Shokaku,Hakuryu, etc), some cvs are able to destroy completly your AA in 1 single drop of rockets or HE bombs, not to mention they can strike you 2 times with HE bombs and deal 15k everytime only lossing like 3 or 4 planes. In the old days cvs could do the same damage with one squadrin but they may lose more planes and the only way you could eat 30k in a drop was if you didnt even react to the torps, literally. Or if you didnt react to the bombs. More challenging, more skill requiered for the cv to do actually something and it was real carrier gameplay and not a flight simulator. MORE FUN, MORE COUNTER, MORE DIVERSITY, AND MORE SKILL NEEDED TO DEV STRIKE A BB. IT TOOK WAY MORE TIME TO DO THAT.

    • Because it’s not. Selective memory plus nostalgia is allowing people to forget how batshit insane the alpha dmg of old carriers were.

    • @Isaiah Sherrill I remember it, you could counter it in someway. I get 14k per torp on 4 or 6 planes is bad. Damage could have been reduced. I mean, the old cv system wouldve been better with some tweaks like reducing alpha, etc.

    • @bladeclanhalo3 In flat numbers, sure, in actual effectiveness? Hell no. Even shit AA ships would shoot down a plane here and there, and that plane would not come back. Even if you got onevolleyed in an AA cruiser but took 40, 50 planes down with you, that was a stack of planes the enemy CV could not use to attack your team anymore, which means even if your AA did not save you, it certainly did wonders for the rest of the team. The WG mode of thinking of tripling aa dmg and multiplying plane toughness 10x and then showing the sheet and say Look, we actually buffed AA is silly, and pointless. Especially if a CV player would send squads one at a time (which ill admit a good player would not do) you could very often shoot down the entire squad before it could drop in a high AA ship. Nowadays they always get at least one strike in, usually more, even against specific aa ships like specced nicholas, atlanta, wooster or mino.

      If you still play the game (which your statement suggests you don’t, or maybe on chinese server) tell me when the last time was you shot down the entire wave of planes of a CV striking you down, on your own. I haven’t even managed that in a full AA spec wooster vs shokakus and kagas, other than in the one patch where AA was actually overtuned for a bit until WG nerfed it back to hell because people stopped playing CV…

    • @bladeclanhalo3 What does that have to do with AA?

  6. For those who don’t read video description:
    This was played few weeks ago on Chinese server which is still in 0.7.3 – pre-cv-rework
    I had a blast playing CVs and against CVs.
    Deff AA works, you don’t have unlimited amount of planes, no factory that produces planes, AA works so you have to pick your targets wisely and FIGHTEEEEEERS, you actually have fightersto counter enemy CV. Skill comes into play on both ends.
    It was just amazing and painful to watch that CV-antiCV concept once existed and it’s no more

    • You dont have unlimted planes even now. You dont seem to mention how easy it was to cross drop BB’s from 100% to 0. Claiming that the old CVs were not OP is beyond hypocrisy. If WG would change to old system people would be up in with pitchforks just because due to the strike power of the RTS CV’s that is not there now anymore.

    • Sadly, they are planing to update it now…..

    • Wutt when i play WoW today its not birds eye view

    • @bladeclanhalo3 Flambass talks shit quite often. His opinion is as cookie cutter as it gets.

    • unlimited amount of planes for real?

  7. Michael D. Uchiha90

    I said it from the beginning. The new CVs needs playable fighters and removal of the rocket planes.
    I wrote that to WG too after the beta test of the new CVs. But hey when does WG ever listen to tester. You will see the next bad thing will be the U Boats.

    • @TremereTT Basically you suggest going back to RTS.

    • @CloneD Anon Well I suggest to revert back from the one squad only arcade, to a two squad arcade paradigm.
      Because clearly RTS with an orchestrated attack of 4 or more squadrons attacking a dd from all sides, isn’t the solution.
      I suggest a small change… two arcade squadrons. because it’s realistic to ask for that.

      I would have done the CV rework completely different! but the time for that is over. It would have been CV focussed, it would have been about managing ressources. Deciding what planes and how many to put on deck. deciding which planes to put in the hangar. Deciding the armement of the planes. allocating staff for repair of planes or to rearm them. Decide how much fuell and bombs goes into the planes. Create a combat plan for a squadron. When it’s send of it follows this plan automatically.

      The realtime ellement would be a pure “Macro game” and the strategy part would be a pure “setting up a mission plan” thing.
      You would sitt in the commanders seat, not in the pilot seat. there would be no micro managing your planes until the last cm of a drop. It would have all been about getting all your resources line up perfectly to get your missions most effectively executed.

      But that’s not what we would ever get. We now have a Pilot arcade CV gameplay and this gameplay needs 2 squadrons one of wich is an actively controllable fighter squadron.

    • ​@TremereTT Yea but the games do not last for more than 15 minutes and even now when i play a CV if the enemy team crumbles very fast its really hard already to do decent damage with a CV before your own ships kill everything so fast. Now dividing your attention for something else than doing damage is just not going to work in a non-RTS enviroment. WG sacrificed counter play for more streamlined experience overall and i cannot blame them for it. I just do not see any other way around it, maybe improve the patrol fighters lock on speed, but even then the CV’s would need a buff to their alpha damage if there is any more AA of any kind increased.

    • @CloneD Anon Well, I think you can pull that off. if you choose a save path of approach for your Bombers, so they mainly need attention short before you Attack into the enemies AA…with wll planes predrops you don’t even need to spend time in AA after the drop.
      While your fighters can be actively controlled most of the time before and after that attack. And yes Bombers need a much better alpha strike! If you manage to evade AA and Fighters an bring a Bombrun through and hit, you should be rewarded with a massive strike!
      Also Bombers with reargunners should have the same AA defence mechanic as ships.

      Also the prioritized side of short range and mid range ship AA shoulnd’t increase the damage, it should decrease the precision of the incoming strike…because thats what they did in real life.

    • @CloneD Anon I always hated CV’s for obvious reasons. And that was the reason, why I started playing US CV line back then, for one specific reason. I played them with fighter setup, damaging surface ships was secondary. Primary was protecting my team and ruining games for those dickheads. Less xp, les shiny stats, I didn’t give a shit.

      See ? You’re wrong, writing “nobody”.
      But then they first nerfed fighter setup to the ground, beasically removed that option from the game (for US line at least) and then this idiotic CV rework. Only reasonable CV rework would be complete removal.

  8. back when a single fighter wing could wipe the enemy CV’s entire fleet if they lined up correctly.

    • Cnupoc yup ultra realistic strafing it’s what saved the US carries in the war 🤨

    • I hated that system of it, i kinda wish they would have replaced staffing with something like an evade mode that would get your fighters out of the dog fight but it did very little damge against other planes.

  9. God how I miss those good old times, when AA was actually doing something, and when you got dropped, it took some time for carrier to strike again, instead today’s endless stream of planes :,-(

    • ​@Ray Ray Yes that is a real criticism that CV’s cannot provide cover for its own ships as much anymore aka there is way less counterplay. But the whole DD’s getting rocket planed is too overrated, if you turn off ur AA and play your DD passievely at the start of the game and try to stay always at the edge of your other ships AA i dont see CV’s giving chase. I personally do not chase the DD down the whole game and very rarely other CV’s chase me unless i overextend with my DD. DD getting hit for 5k from good rocket plane hit is not as bad as BB getting hit for 90K+ potential damage from RTS Midway torp planes alone. CV’s literally do small chip damage only now compared to the massive nukes they used to throw in the RTS. The AA is certainly plenty murderous if there is more than 1 ship there you are not striking more than once most of the time. Not to mention that the RTS is just so damn detached from the rest of the game, that the CV might as well be playing completely another game! If WG would return the RTS CV’s this instant people would be up in pitchforks if they could see how bad it actually was when a decent CV players would be total gods like no other ships could. CV’s have been nerfed so hard, even just recently in 9.2 that they are a far cry what they even were when CV rework first came out.

    • @CloneD Anon I guess I have to agree that we disagree. Pretty murderous AA? Then why am I being constantly striked and eventually murdered in DM or Mino at critical radar spots behind islands? I could shoot down dozens and dozens of planes, but wit that factory on board, there is no consequence as replenish rates are too damn high. Old cv could kill me too, but be crippled for rest of the game.

    • @CloneD Anon Also cvs used to be vulnerable at close quarters, who can give cv chase now?

    • @Ray Ray I’m honestly tired of hearing the endless planes from ppl. Do you even know what the regen is on a CV? You make it sounds like it’s 1 plane every second…. the average is more around 60s, meaning that At best, a CV will have 20 Spare planes of a type, soo losing 9 planes to AA, (yes, whether you like it or not, AA is a thing) would take almost half the game to replace. It’s not uncommon for CV to run only partial squadron, which cuts down their potential damage. So, yes, there IS consequences of losing planes. and running a 3 planes squad will usually achieve very little as the planes will probably get picked off long before they can actually drop anything.

      Oh, and before you tell me that the CV will only have to change planes type and he will be OK.. CV planes are very purpose-oriented. Try to kill a DD with torpedoes, because you ran out of rockets. Or try to kill a BB with rockets (pray that you get fires)… The only real issue is with the dive bombers, that can deal significant damage IF you are blessed by the RNG god. but the attack run takes soo long that for a single strike, you usually end up losing 1 squadron. Soo again, planes loss will matter in the long run

    • @Ray Ray You want to shoot down planes through the island dude? want to become a wizard or something? If carrier is not an absolute potato and has at least some IQ he will use that island as a shield for his planes, you’re not supposed to camp when there is CV in match, you are constantly striked for your own incompetence, I love to rape that kind of island lovers in my Hakuryu, boom 3 citadels and goodbye, on the other hand I would not be alloved to do that if you’d choose more kiting kind of playstyle

  10. OMG is this Chinese server? I heard that they have stopped updating the game but soon it will be updated again

  11. i don’t often watch your full videos because of the way u play
    but this 1, i loved it! i miss soooo much the old cvs 🙁

  12. WOW I miss this. CV’s were actually interesting to watch and even playing against this again would be so much nicer than the indestructible plane factories we have to deal with these days. Thanks Flambass!

  13. I miss this gameplay so much… It was the main reason why CV was my favorite class é_è

  14. Crazy too see how much BS weegee has implemented into the game since then. Maybe will pay the server a visit =)

  15. Then: people can play challenging carriers
    Now: challenging people can play carriers

  16. This feels so nostalgic, it’s been years since I last played this game. Just returned a month ago, and boy do a lot of things changed. I prefer the old CVs playstyle if I am being honest. I miss the days where You have to manage your aircrafts carefully. The cat and mouse between bombers and fighters, covering friendly ships with fighters, concentrating your air groups to take out a target, The Joy of wiping out their plane reserves etc. But then again, this is just my opinion anyway. I hope you all a happy day and good health, cheers 😀

  17. new player be like : is this new feature gonna be live in next patch?

  18. Haven’t played in couple years. Glad I stopped lol this was depressing.

  19. Like Putin said about Soviet Union:

    Whoever does not miss the RTS CVs has no heart…
    Whoever wants it back has no brain.

  20. Why did they screw up CVs with the “rework” though? This looks actually fun and engaging unlike the current trash CV gameplay that gets old after two games… And no, I didn’t play in 2017 so no nostalgia here :

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