World of Warships Pre-Order Bundles

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Just a very bonus video for today with some important news about some World of Warships pre-orders now available for a limited time in Wargaming Premium Shop.


  1. 0:01 jangles fart?

  2. That left ear raping doe

  3. Zaim Abbas Sheerazi

    Please play the kitakoma

  4. my left ear likes this

  5. Tirpitz, Bismarck, Graaf Spee… these would be nice to have for me.

  6. Once independant youtuber sold all of his credibility for one freaking
    game. So sad.

  7. Well i can’t imagine you not doing a video on the Kitakami now that you
    have it 😀

    that torpedo wall!

  8. Wonder why no British ships a Tribal class destroyer would be good and a
    Rodney class battleship

  9. +The Mighty Jingles Jingles, do you know if the Atlanta will still be
    available for purchase during open beta?

    Of ALL the ships I have watched gameplay in, the Atlanta has easily
    impressed me the most! And it is a premium tier 7 (currently) from all I
    have seen, this is my IDEAL ship in every way, so I am really hoping I will
    have a chance to buy one! If they had the Atlanta on pre-order I would go
    out and buy it TODAY! But it isn’t, so I can’t…. I really want to get
    into the closed beta, I have applied everywhere and every way possible to
    get on, but no love or joy for Brian – ever anymore really….

  10. left ear liked the video, right ear disliked.

  11. Indeed a weird bug, with surround sound, its left ear only, left ear
    jingles XD

  12. ActaNonVerbaUnrated

    Anyone wants a Heroes of the storm key?

  13. Why would you pre-order a free-2-play game?

  14. I seriously can’t wait until OBT. Come on! I probably need to whisper to
    the site all sexy like.

  15. So these will be bound on the account, it almost sounded that they will
    disappear after game launches.

  16. I feel as if a great moment was lost for wargaming. The could have started
    there preorders on the 1st of the month and sold the TOG II the first
    British ship in the game a teir 6 battleship

  17. I now have all the stronk Soviet navy ships as well as a lot of other
    premies. Wonder how long it will take me to have more premie ships that I
    have tanks ….so weak willed … :)

  18. Janglez y u racizt towards luft year? :D


  20. Left ear. Left Ear. LEFT EAR.

    …Anyway, thanks for the heads-up, Jingles! I got my “victory squadron”
    (which I will fail utterly in as I’m not in the CBT and once the game goes
    live I’m going to have to climb up the learning curve the rest of you lucky
    SOB beta testers already went through) and hope to die gloriously in battle
    against insurmountable odds! You know, like World of Tanks on a bonus XP

  21. My left ear loved this

  22. I cann smell your wallet smoulderig from here jingles! looking forward to
    watching these in action.

  23. Can’t hear a word on the ipad. 

  24. If I have premium account active on World of tanks. Will I have it on
    warships aswell then when it releases? Or do you not have a joint account?

  25. Oh let me guess soon as the game releases its filled with russian warships
    that got on paper normal cannons but ingame those normal cannons fire as
    700mm cannons because wargaming is russian and russian things are the best
    in every way russian tanks are the best in wot russian planes are the best
    in wowp and war thunder and now russian battleships are the best in wows

  26. I wondered why I couldn’t hear anything

  27. Jingles the Audio Please,Reupload

  28. My left headphone was broken, so a silent video for me, it was fun
    inserting my own lines into the video ;)

  29. HA! Here comes the Propaganda Comissar part!

  30. what’s wrong with the audio? is this on purpose to let us listen to music
    with our right ear, while we listen to Jingles with our left :)

  31. KITAkami!

  32. Aaaand i’m poor again…

  33. Hallo mr Jingels and viewers, just wanted to point out that these bundles
    are for sale until the end of the closed beta test, but theres only a 15 %
    discount for the next few days, think u got that mixed up 🙂 love your

  34. sorry but thats such a money grab with the gold and premium time,
    everything is going to get wiped on release so if they dont give you your
    gold/time again on the full game thats really Fluffing shit

  35. Jingles, your Audio is broken 


  37. You broke my headphones.

  38. damn 🙁 i didnt want uss atlanta to be a premium,i wanted it to be a normal
    ship so i can play it….same with kitakami…… o well…. better start
    saving to buy them.
    Jingles,is there any possibility to get an update on the atlanta and
    kitakami gold price,so i get a rough estimate on how many Euros i need to
    spent in order to get them? (ofc provided they are not in a special offer
    when the open beta or the full game goes live)

  39. JINGLES! review them – you got 2 days only

  40. I thought my Headphone is broken. Scared me like POOP

  41. Will they reset your premium time after closed beta? I think they did on

  42. Thanks Jingles! Now I’ve spent this weeks food budget on virtual boats I
    can’t even play with yet. Oh well, back to eating crumbs out of the toaster

  43. i don’t know how, but we can only hear you only in our left ear, and no
    it’s not our headphones, and no we’re not trolls….. we don’t like that
    you know xD can happen but come on!

  44. Am I one of the only ones hearing the vid. with both ears?

  45. In a few years they will be rare like rock’n horse shit?

  46. Michael Chadolias

    Does anyone know when the game will be released? Because i am dying to play
    it :(

  47. Thought there was something wrong with my speakers till I saw the headphone
    users comments, lol

  48. Plz can u do a review on the Kitakami 

  49. Gremyashchy = trembling ( insert synonyms here)

  50. I thought my right speaker was broken.

  51. My right ear really enjoyed this video

  52. Ah HA, you’re all wrong! The audio isn’t only coming from the left, it’s
    just Jingles’ voice that is restricted to one side! The game audio is fine!
    *THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!* I’m willing to collect my reward whenever it’s

  53. I don’t quite understand how the gold and premium time you get from the
    preorder works out in the transfer from closed beta to open beta. The
    wording could imply that upon accounts being wiped going from closed to
    open beta, you would get all the money back. Like if you spent 4000 of a
    5500 gold preorder then you’d get the full 5500 at the start of the closed
    beta to have fun with. Or it could be if you spent gold on stuff like
    premium ships or whatever you’d instead just recieve those at the start of
    the open beta?

    It’s easy enough to understand that the crew and commander stats on the
    premium ships are wiped though.

  54. I thought my earbuds was dead for a moment 

  55. Premium game time is a waste with the closed beta so why waste money on it

  56. Serously? Is WG going to add a Russian/Sovier tree?! This is not a maritime
    nation… Their fleet played such a minor part during the period from
    pre-Great War to WW2 that it really isn’t making any sense to introduce
    them in the game :/ But yea, another opportunity for them to glorify the
    Soviet achievements, I guess oO

  57. so tat means he bougt them all not get them for free

  58. Would you be able to do a quick over view on the 3 ships, to inform us on
    whether they are worth it or not?

  59. Gonna get that Yubari today

  60. the audio channel of this video proves that jingles is in fact comrad

  61. I really wish they’d open the beta sometime soon…

  62. i would never preorder this shit for real money as long i didnt played this
    game… give me a beta key and we will see^^ but so i think its absolutly
    stupid to spent money for a game u never played.

  63. So if we buy some gold and premium time won’t it just get wiped in open
    beta? Do we get it all back even if we spent some?

  64. God damnit Jingles, already was thinking my speakers failed on me!

  65. Jingles! I demand a Kitakami review! Though you would probably have to
    watch out for Ooi…

  66. My right ear is lonely.. +The Mighty Jingles

  67. Jingles, people have 2 ears! (:

  68. That jap cruiser, the one with 40 torpedoes, we used to call that a torpedo
    whore (TW) in navy field. Why? Because the first sign of the enemy was a
    wall torpedoes that would fuck up anything that tried to rush in, all
    curtsy of that one cruiser.

  69. Lol, paying to play a beta.

  70. Thanks jingles would not of known if you didn’t make this ordered the 3
    pack nice of war gaming to offer the plebs a chance to get some limited
    edition ships 

  71. michael mcclymont

    open beta must be soon! happy days, thought my ears had failed? lol

  72. My right ear is lonely.

  73. Why are there no german warships in the game?

  74. Krater Makedonecot

    Your pronunciation of “Fuso” makes me cringe *ugh*

  75. My left head phone is broken :(

  76. Oh Jingles you so silly. The three days isn’t how long the ships are
    available for, it’s how long the 15% discount will last for ;)

  77. No British but a Russian premium ship? What idiocy is that? The Russian
    navy was utter shite in both world wars and who cares about grinding it?

  78. $68 nz spent 3 prem ships and 90 days now the long wait till I can play :-(

  79. jingles will you do a ship reviews on the new premium ships and the fuso,
    when you have enough replays

  80. Love your vids Jingles.
    But after some fairly dismal experiences with another online game (I’ll
    take the upper path and not specify their name here), I’m never again
    spending RL $$$ on a game I haven’t already played, and played hard.
    Nothing against WoW, mind.
    Just one of those, ‘Burned once, shame on you! Burned twice, I asked for
    it!’ scenarios.

    Gods, but I can’t wait to actually play this game however!

  81. That Soviet ship looked amazing

  82. jingles are you going to tankfest?

  83. I thought all closed beta progress will be wiped after WOWS goes open beta?
    So converting XP might be a bit of a waste?

    EDIT: Read the info on the official website… quote:
    Current testers who purchase a bundle will effectively receive the contents
    twice – once for testing purposes during the CBT and once again during Open
    Beta when CBT progress is wiped. This means that CBT testers will be able
    to use the Premium Currency and Premium Account time of their purchased
    bundle during the CBT to help their progress, as well as help us balance
    the economy of the game.

  84. Sorry :(


  86. Must be an EU thing +The Mighty Jingles, or a YouTube “personality” thing
    (LOL), because I didn’t get these ships on the NA CBT server.

  87. It says in the news:
    “This package will be available from 9 April at 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) until
    the end of CBT.”
    So either the CBT ends in 3 days or just the discount end in 3 days. 😛

    Let’s also add the hint that there will be a fleet package and it says
    “This package will be available from 13 April at 08:00 CEST (UTC+2) until
    end of CBT.”
    So only the discount will end.

    The question is: What is cheaper? Buying all three with thiscount or the
    fleet package?

  88. Jingles, these bundles are available till the end of CBT. The 3d is just
    the -15%

  89. Jingles we demand that you make a vidoe with Kitakami, like today. Take
    care and make that video or else I would consider sending you to some
    saltmine. You can be king og that damn saltmine but you will not get to
    play World of Warships again.


  91. TheGreatMrBobinsky

    Jingles you spent Gold on account which will wiped clean later?
    Which bundle would you recommend?

  92. The Atlanta is a fine ship – much DPM. Shame that the aiming mod makes it
    completely irrelevant and not much fun to play now.

  93. Jesus I thought my headphones were broken.

  94. OR I WILL GO APE-@*!# CRAZY IF U DONT (jk)


  96. Yamatoyamatoyamato PLS

  97. HOLY !@*#!!!!!!!!! FORTY TORPEDOES!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!?

  98. my left ear like this video

  99. I am drooling on every WoWs video that you post on YT, waiting in vain for
    the gods of WG to look down on me and send me a Closed Beta code…

  100. Which one is the best? Thinking the Sims?

  101. Are there any british ships in WoW?

  102. Nemanja Radisavljevic

    I don’t have any of those.. why?

  103. Only the left headphone works on mine, so I didn’t notice the sound bug

  104. It’s too bad that WG had to make the pre-order ships all vessels that are
    dependent on torpedoes to do any real damage to the enemy (every single one
    of them has pretty poor gun armament, but they all have torps), and I can’t
    lead torpedos worth a damn…

  105. Jingles!. Y u do this to chinese cat!. Y u no buy torpedoes made in china!
    Y u buy ships made in russia!

  106. …and why should we buy those ships?
    Are they any good? ^^

  107. Daily Jingles derp lel
    Since the latest random acts of violence….

  108. One more thing to consider- if you have accer to close beta, you will get
    that package again. So if you buy gold now and spend it, you will get the
    gold again on open beta, s you can spend it twice for different thinks.
    which is nice. Unified account for WoT, WoWs and WoWp would be nice, but I
    do not see it happening fast, bcs that way wargaming would make less money.

  109. I guess Wargaming thinks we American’s are just loaded with cash because
    the 12 pound price for the Gremyashchiy on the EU server is $29.30 on the
    NA server. Seriously?!?! Yes they are giving you 30 days of premium with
    that (but 400 less gold), but I don’t care. Start treating us equally
    Wargaming! I am SO DONE with your uneven marketing schemes!!!

  110. There’s also a game clionet available for a downlowad now.

  111. Why would you order something when I could end up just like WoT?

  112. does the premium time immediately add in to your account if you have access
    into close beta? e.g. bundle 3 ships have 90 days premium.
    it says for WOWS only… but I don’t wanna play a lot of ship now….
    one thing… I though WG state that the premium like gold and time will be
    universal…. why they have now limited to WOWS only…

  113. i feel like that premium japanese detroyer is a little bit pay to win

  114. Yesssssssssssssss, please my left ear Jingles!

  115. Jingles, PLEASE do a Kitakami video!

  116. When will we see a reveiw of the kitakami??? it looks cool…

  117. Aaaah you spend the cash… Did you know I saw a post from Wargaming saying
    they’ll do a bundle with ALL 3 these ships come monday?

  118. I got my Bundle, and the site says these will be exclusive for at least one
    year. I love supporting this game.

  119. Nice. Looking forward to some quick reviews of these premium ships. Hope
    its before they go off sale. 

  120. eh i want to buy them… but i want to actually play the game first to see
    if i even like it..

  121. When I watch this video only one headphone is active.

  122. Bs, nobody likes to buy a cat in a bag, specially that this production
    might end like WoWp, i don’t want to waste my money. 

  123. Comes with “port slut”.
    Hmmmm : (
    I’ll buy the bundles, but I won’t use the port slut. They tend to have alot
    of STDs.
    Besides, my girlfriend won’t like it.

  124. Can someone tell me why russian ships are actually in the game…. russian
    warships are jokes, but knowing wargaming there will be a tier 6 russian
    battleship with 35 knot speed, stalinium arm… ahem ahem slightly* above
    average armor, and laser guided 21 inch super gun rounds… ahhh dat ruskie

  125. Marten Heinskirch

    But Jingles, If you buy these ships now in the closed beta, you won’t have
    them in the open beta as your progress will be wiped right? And I guess
    they will disappear from the in-game show.

  126. Oh Jingles – 3 days is for discount 15% not for preorders :)

  127. right ear kind of felt left out…

  128. Mighty one, IF you could only afford one of the ship’s, Which one should it

  129. Just can’t bring myself to pre-order anything from game developers anymore,
    been burned in the past, An when you say something about it they say read
    EULA, it’s your fault for throwing your money away to them not there’s for
    not living up to there end.

  130. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    what are they going to do about ussr ship fleet not having aircraft
    carriers, i don’t know until ~~1970. im not sure exactly on the date

  131. Frostseeker Wot-EU

    WoW, so implicitly I think you are right what you said in your last Mingles
    with Jingles… open Beta seems to bee incoming soon.
    Would it be possible to male a short review of these premium ships please?
    Are they similar to WoT-premiums? So mostly shitty guns or weak
    armor/engines but good credit makers?

  132. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    Gremyashchy, in russian means noise maker

  133. Yeah…nah!, never contributing cash again to WG.
    Played wot since beta, sank hundreds into it, active on the Dev forums,
    signed up for wow beta 2yrs ago, again active on Dev forum, surveys,
    questioners done the lot!, actually made an early effort to support this
    new game….but ignored, like most other long term supporters, in favor of
    twitch streamers and people who have never even heard of war gaming or
    wow?…so the loyalty, feedback and money from the old playersupporters
    clearly not wanted by WG…happy to oblige & just play for free when ever
    access is available 🙂

  134. I could not be more butthurt about this, I shit you not. At least after we
    buy a premium package let us get into closed beta…. For just a little

  135. What the heck is wrong with youtube, every second video only has audio for
    left side….

  136. all 3 ships will be available to buy as one package on the 13th of April

  137. Important: Closed Beta Test participants will receive the contents of
    purchased packages immediately as a bonus. Temporary game
    currency—Tokens—will be transferred to accounts instead of Gold Doubloons.
    After the wipe of all accounts at the beginning of the Open Beta Test, all
    previously purchased goods will be re-transferred to players. Straight from

  138. Mr. Jingles, When will we get to see an Aircraft Carrier review?

  139. I couldn’t keep a straight face during this video. I kept picturing Jingles
    whispering into my left ear.

  140. Milos Veselinovic

    if i buy this will i get into the beta?

  141. paying respects to my left ear

  142. Thanks for the heads up. I must have been snoozin earlier today and didn’t
    catch it. Looking forwards to having a nice new shiny waiting for me in
    open beta.

  143. Hermann TheGerman

    sounds like someone is being paid to sponsor this

  144. Lol. My cat is grumpy, probably because he’s sold way too many torpedoes to
    the Japanese. Oh well. At least there made in china

  145. It looks like they are indeed making the premium time and premium money
    separate between games. Which pisses me the fuck off.

  146. Katherine Hickman

    just a quick copy paste: These vehicles will remain exclusive for one year
    after their sale ends.

    Important: all Closed Beta Test participants will receive the contents of
    purchased packages immediately as a bonus. Temporary game
    currency—Tokens—will be transferred to accounts instead of Gold Doubloons.
    After the wipe of all accounts at the beginning of the Open Beta Test, all
    previously purchased goods will be re-transferred to players.

  147. On the order page, in the description of the package, it states
    “These vehicles will remain exclusive for one year after their sale ends”

  148. Jingles, let us know which you would recommend!!!

  149. Oh lawd!

  150. Bought all 3 and 12500 dubloons, sweet

  151. 0:01 jingles swallowing?

  152. My Right ear feels lonely

  153. Jingles, on the NA site it states that these premium ships will remain
    exclusive for 1 year.

  154. Any chance for a quick review on them or is it under NDA? :P

  155. I could only hear the video in one earbud, and checked to see if it died,
    and it has not. Jingles, what’d you do in your audio settings?

  156. good goyim, buy into a beta and give the devs all your shekels

  157. Sadly we don’t get this on NA CBT

  158. How much r they?

  159. Jingles, I’m going to send you a replay. I know you get a lot and there are
    spectacular things happening in those, but this one is a show stopper and
    you must see it. That is all for now. Expect further contact in a more
    direct fashion. 

  160. Do note that even if you are into closed beta, everything is wiped
    afterwards. You can playtest these premium ships now, but they’ll be gone
    later. That’s why there is a pre-order. =P

  161. Yuubari-glasscannon-san and KTKM-sama are in wows hell yeah !!
    I will jump in a leg from happiness when they implement the IJN
    aircraftcarriers ^^

  162. My left ear enjoyed this pre order bundle video.

  163. Dammit… going to have to buy the U.S.S. Sims… who wouldn’t want to own
    a ship that has your last name?

  164. Right ear got nerfed.

  165. I picked up the Russian destroyer, and for a premium, it is not bad. In a
    line, speed is good. Maneuvering is possibly this ships Achilles heal, as
    its speed
    in a turn does drop. Kinda similar too a Clemson DD in this respect. Very
    main battery for a destroyer with a 11.9 km range at 12 rounds a minute.
    quick turret turn time Is relatively stealthy. 6 torpedo launchers @ 55
    knots with
    an 8 km range on the torps. Fairly quick torp reload. At tier 5, is a good
    exp and
    credit maker. Its a decent competitive premium ship. PS: It also has 8 Anti
    Aircraft guns as well.

  166. Would be nice if they would bring the game to open beta. Footage looks like
    it’s ready.

  167. there so expensive jeez. 43 for one?

  168. They sure have taken their sweet time getting world of warships out to us.

  169. patrick Katalenas

    if it was steam, sure! :)

  170. My left ear enjoyed this very much.

  171. He bought these right?

  172. Makes sense, buy it now, play later! lol

  173. Stereo fail. But thanks for the heads-up now that I can’t afford to buy
    any of them.

  174. If this left ear thing happens again I will unsubscribe.

  175. Philip Oesterle Pekrun

    wait do u use ur wot account

  176. Hey jingles, I don’t know if you give two shits or not about pronunciation.
    However, if you do, you should know that any Japanese letter ‘i’ should be
    pronounced with the long sound as in ‘ee’ rather than the short sound as
    you said it. So, it would be k’ee’takami, which means ‘north god’ by the

  177. I’ll start throwing money in the direction of WarGaming when they add
    German vessels, probably like an underseaboat.

  178. YESSSSSS!!! Kitakami is my favorite ship from KanColle!!!! And they
    implemented it with the torpedo refet!!!

  179. Thanks for the heads up Mr J.

  180. Jingles can u plz play them and review to see which to get

  181. Cannot spend a cent on this game while Torps are OP as they are. I saw the
    last video with you dodging them but you where damn lucky to. They are OP
    and don’t take any skill to use, i cannot understand why they do so much
    fucking damage for something that is fire and forget. Skill = reward not no
    skill = silly amount of damage. This game could of been good, i did enjoy
    the game where you didn’t have a shit load of torps every where and where
    to busy dodging them instead of shooting at other players. Wargaming will
    never learn, they are greedy pigs and i hope they lose a lot of the player
    base when armored warfare comes out.

  182. hey Jingles what tier do you think Germany’s Bismark will be when/if it is
    introduced into the game?


  184. so open beta in 3 days/

  185. Is it just me or is wargaming not checking there email because i sent in a
    closed beta request the first day it went into closed beta and still
    haven’t even gotten a reply telling me if i got in or didn’t

  186. How many of those were commissioned ships on the books as opposed to keel
    laid but not finished or plans only? Usually the gnome points that out.

  187. Was excited until I realized it wasn’t buying into the Beta 🙁 Guess I’ll
    just continue waiting with the peasants.. though that Japanese cruiser is

  188. No sound

  189. My left ear thoroughly enjoyed this video.

  190. Hope to see a video on the U.S.S Atlanta very soon, looks really cool as
    well as the Japanese cruiser with 40 torpedo tubes.

  191. Oh mighty overlord jingles. Can you do an overview over the “Preorder”
    ships? Jingles? 

  192. My left ear thoroughly enjoyed this video.

  193. Man, i couldn’t get this package fast enough. Been waiting sooo long.

  194. Now u have to make hella world of warship videos now on the new vehicle
    love the vid tho

  195. Amazing, those bundles cost almost DOUBLE that valor in Brazil. Eur 16.99
    cost R$ 55.52 (US$ 18.08), it charges me R$ 91.19 (or US$ 29.30). Well,
    back to Gaijin.

  196. picked my x3 pack up

  197. Michael Gibilterra

    Beta tester FTW

  198. The audio lol

  199. Thanks for the heads up, Jingles. I’ve been waiting to be able to buy gold
    so I could convert my damned free experience!

  200. Isn’t 30$ a ship a bit steep? 

  201. Kitakami review pls Jingles!!

  202. Jingles. You got the times/deadlines wrong. The 15% off sale is only 3
    days, the full price is forever.

  203. In the fine text: “Exclusive for one year”

  204. when the closed beta ends will i still have those ships? i know that
    everything goes back to default for the normal ships but if i spend the
    money to buy those ships will i still have them when the game goes live?
    and yes i am in the closed beta

  205. Self-replicating whatnot

    “Gremyashciy”(Гремящий) translates as “Thundering”.

  206. Is this going to be like the $100 tank aka the mutant M6?

  207. damnet Jingles.. you’re a bit late with the April Fool’s joke.. lonely
    right ear :/

  208. Can you review the russian ship please?

  209. wait so if you get gold, prem days, etc (not including ships), will they
    carry over after the close beta? and poi

  210. So I need an opinion. Having seen plenty of appealing gameplay but having
    no direct experience with the game is the American destroyer preorder worth
    it? I THINK I will like the game based on extensive watching of gameplay
    but cannot KNOW since I have not been able to play it. And I certainly have
    no concept of how the destroyer will perform due to lack of info and rather
    minimal info on the store page. I will certainly be playing WoWs upon
    release but I am reluctant to preorder anything nowadays. So with the fact
    that I am willing to put money into a game I like as a given but also
    having not played yet, would this be a good investment?

  211. Blast it all Jingles. You made me think my headphones were broken.

  212. Who else thought their headphones were broken?

  213. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl

    Yuubari, scrapping Naka chan since fan suggestions came out~

  214. Damn it Jingles I thought my headphone broke

  215. Anyone know when this comes out of closed beta?

  216. Looks like we might see some ship reviews coming soon?!

  217. What the hell happened to Youtube?

  218. My left ear is very pleased.

  219. Could this mean that Open Beta is almost upon us???

  220. They just added a disclaimer that those in closed beta will get the rewards
    as soon as possible, and that all three ships, gold currency and premium
    time will be reapplied after any wipes

  221. Sackville Baginnz

    yeah, this video only plays in one headphone

  222. That scared me when i thought my right earbud broke… Evil jingles trying
    to give me a heart attack…

  223. Jingles its only for EU not NA and maybe for RU, SEA

  224. Oh god, I’m getting flashbacks from Navyfield. KitaKami torpedoes
    everywhere THERE EVERYWHERE!

  225. In case it hasn’t been mentioned. There is a package deal for all three
    ships, 5.5k gold and 90 days prem account for just shy of $60 (this is on
    NA server btw).

  226. I think jingles just molested my left ear

  227. AmericanMuscleCarSS

    It’s happening. IT’S HAPPENING

  228. [H-S-D] Hexx's Seraphim Demons

    Big FYI!

    World of Warships Pre-Order Bundles:

  229. Jingles you sneaky old bastard! you are always on point with everything

  230. Pre-ordered the American & Japanese ones ;p

  231. If only i could afford this…..

  232. are the accounts unified against WOT yet?

  233. Tbh I am confused. I was under the impression that there will be a progress
    wipe when the game goes “live”. So effectivly you waste the gold if you are
    in the CBT now? All be it you have access to the premium ships right away.
    I don’t really understand how you can charge people for something that
    isn’t really out yet i.e the gold and prem account time when you are
    supposed to be testing the game for bugs and balance reasons? Or has the
    term “beta” turned into a form of early access and the money you spend on
    gold is a sort of “pledge” if you will? Or has WG screwed up again and you
    weren’t supposed to have the gold and prem ships yet?

  234. 40 torpedo launchers.. is that even legal?

  235. do these carry over in the full release game? Are they for CBT only or do
    we get reimbursed for prem time and gold after the wipe?

  236. My left ear enjoyed this video.

  237. Some corrections:
    1) These packages will be available until the end of CBT. The “three days”
    is the time when they are sold with 15% discount
    2) Also, 3 days from now, these three ships will be available also as a
    bundle. At least on EU – people report that the bundle is already available
    on US server

    Nevertheless, since we do not know how long the CBT will last – it’s
    probably a good idea to buy them while they are still available 🙂

    I just wish I could actually play some before I spend my money…

  238. I bought the pack yesterday and haven’t logged in, but I remember reading a
    line mentioning that if you’re in the CBT, you’d get the stuff now and
    again when OB happens.

    When you started talking about it, my arsehole puckered so tight it almost
    busted because I thought I had been mistaken XD

    One of the big reasons I bought it is to get some more damn garage /
    harbour slots, since I didn’t get any gold and you can’t seem to get it

  239. Its Fuu So, not fue so. Long U

  240. I bought the Yubari. For anyone curious: It is like a large destroyer with
    slow turning turrets, better guns, 4 torpedo tubes (30-40 s reload) and it
    is generally quite fast and agile. Problems with it: The slow turning
    turrets can make it hard to train your sights on a destroyer for example,
    the torpedo tubes have a spread pattern the size of texas and the front
    turret, the 1 with 1 gun, is for show, you have 4 guns total in 2 turrets.
    If you like fast agile ships with a decent punch (1 torpedo kicked the
    teeth in on a myogi to the tune of 1/4 his health) and a decent amount of
    health you could do worse… just wish they didn’t frankenstein the damn
    loadout on this thing (it has the remodel’s guns and AA complement but, I
    believe, the original loadout’s torpedo complement… the remodel had 8
    tubes not 4).

  241. Tyler Antonikowski

    so now the questions is when will wows come out to the public

  242. ok hold out on pre ordering jingles plz do the soviet ship review first we
    need to know if WG is gonna do something stupid or not.

  243. Seems these ships are going to be exclusive for a year then everyone will
    probably get the chance to buy them. At least, according to the description
    on the site.

  244. Thanks for the heads-up. There was a nice 3-in-1 bundle on there. Can’t
    wait for this game. And I saw this noted under the preorders:

    These vehicles will remain exclusive for one year after their sale ends.

    Important: all Closed Beta Test participants will receive the contents of
    purchased packages immediately as a bonus. Temporary game
    currency—Tokens—will be transferred to accounts instead of Gold Doubloons.
    After the wipe of all accounts at the beginning of the Open Beta Test, all
    previously purchased goods will be re-transferred to players.

  245. Ey Jingles mind doing a review on the Soviet Destroyer?
    I’m interested in getting a premium, but I’m not sure how I’d enjoy driving
    the Soviet Desty

  246. +The Mighty Jingles Pls tell me this: since I defenetly plan on playing
    WoWs (and I don’t have beta acces), is any of these ships worth buying or
    you think there will be much better ships available when game starts (from
    my exp in WoT, tanks which wargaming gives for a pre-order only or very
    limited acces are always slightly better than the rest), so which of these
    ships would you recommend buying (ofc you gonna give me your own oppinion
    based on your expirence and ofc it doesn’t mean it will necceseraly fit me,
    but which one would you buy if you could buy only 1 considering the money
    it’s gonna make and how good for it’s tier and purpose the ship is gonna
    be). Thank you very much for answer I realy hope to get!

  247. Dear jingles, you have work to do, to (please please please) show us in
    game each one of this 5 premium ships (6?) 😀
    Thanks for all the fun, we love you

  248. Isn’t the 3 Days just for the 15% off?

  249. Whitedragonking Ocola

    Hello left ear audio….where is right ear?

  250. stop wispering in my ear grandpa jingles

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  252. It just keeps getting better and better and yet… and yet… I still can’t
    access it! I submitted for Bay-tuh but… Waaa… well, let me ask a
    general question… how big is the download going to be for this impressive
    game? Heard any figures?

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    uuuuuuuuuh… .HOW MANY TORPEDOS? uh… someone tell me they are not stronk
    torpedos or that’s some SERIOUS pay to win….

  255. Free World Of Warships code watch this video to find out how to get it!

  256. They should give you a beta key with the package.

  257. 2:16 KTKM HYPE!!!!

  258. i can’t wait for some kitakami gameplay.

  259. So us nubs without beta cant test these ships, thus we either have to buy
    all to be sure we dont miss a possible Type 59, or we wait for a short
    review on these ships by yours truly (please?:P) Imo, bad move by wargaming
    by forcing gamers to buy stuff they cant even test/play for x-amount of
    time and basicly pray they bought the right one…..

  260. Great, so Jingles and a few others get tokens/piasters and free ships,
    while the rest of us weekend and CBT get jack squat. Sorry to inform you
    Jingles but that premium time, tokens and 3 ships are not available to all
    in the CBT. Well, not unless you pay for them.

  261. since they are doing preorders does that mean closed beta is ending soon?

  262. I wish i could make it into closed beta :(

  263. The only boat im buying is the TOG.

  264. Of course none of this is available if you happen to be playing in Asia.

  265. is there going to be an other video today?

  266. Thanks for the news Jingles

  267. The mono sound recording is painful

  268. Must buy that Yubari !!!
    And when will German battleship show up ?
    My only goal is the Bismark and Tipitz !

  269. *I just lost my right ear* :'(

  270. You bought them all damn ur rich man!!!

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  272. It should be mentioned that the people who buy these in closed Beta will
    get the packages again after the open Beta wipe.

  273. I would have bought one if they would give you access to the closed beta
    with it. :/

  274. Is wot finished???

  275. Sips' Grandfather

    I really hope the Bismark class Battleship is in the final game.

  276. My left ear was pleased.

  277. nightraider35611ify

    Thanks for the heads up jingles. I paused your video and headed over to the
    website and picked up the bundle package. 3 ships, gold, and 90 days prem
    for 60 bucks. Hell of a deal imho. Thanks again bud.

  278. Jingles, you should do a review of the ships :D

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    left ear piece

  281. i’ve found an exploit around the sound issue!!!
    just take your left earbud and place it on your right ear!!! WOW!!!

  282. Will cost me £30 to buy a tier 7 light cruiser (atlanta). Which i cant

    To buy a tier 7 or some tier 8 tanks in world of tanks i would pay about
    £20 or so. Which i could afford.


  283. 130mm guns on a tier 5 Russian destroyer, isn’t that better than anything
    Americans have even at tier 10?

  284. my left ear enjoyed this video

  285. No jap destroyer=shit preorders.

  286. that is KITAKAMI-SAMA!!!!

  287. jingles you made me think i broke my headphones jingles pls y u do dis

  288. The Kita in World of Warship!? O man, I remember them in Navyfield
    “shivers” closed arena style maps, 2 or 3 on 1 side and it becomes a death
    wall of torpedoes where everyone is scrambling to run away. only now, you
    can’t overlap ships, yikes!

  289. i was in the alpha but did not get in the closed beta . Saying how much i
    hate wargaming is a major understatement . If the wargaming headquarters
    was on fire i would not even spit on it to put it out … sigh

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