World of Warships Premium Battlecruiser USS Alaska Wows Review Guide

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How to play World of Warships Premium Battlecruiser USS Alaska Wows Review Guide

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Hi and welcome once again everyone to my how to play series featuring the wows tier 9 premium battlecruiser USS Alaska. This world of warships Alaska guide contains all my own personal Uss Alaska gameplay highlights including wows alaska modules, full world of warships Alaska build with captain skills including my own thoughts and strategy on how to play the Uss Alaska in world of warships. Alaska release date is today 28-02-21019!

USS Alaska (CB-1) was the lead ship of the Alaska class of large cruisers which served with the United States Navy during the end of WorldWar II. She was the first of two ships
of her class to be completed, followed only by Guam; four other ships were ordered but were not completed before the end of the conflict. Alaska was the third vessel of the US Navy
to be named after what was then the territory of Alaska. She was laid down on 17 December 1941, ten days after the outbreak of WW2, was launched in August 1943 by the New York
Shipbuilding Corporation, in Camden, New Jersey, and was commissioned in June 1944. She was armed with a main battery of nine 12 in (305 mm) guns in three triple turrets and
had a top speed of 33 kn (61 km/h; 38 mph).

Due to being commissioned late in ww2, Alaska saw relatively limited service. She participated in operations off Iwo Jima and Okinawa in February–July 1945,
including providing anti-aircraft defense for various carrier task forces and conducting limited shore bombardment operations. She shot down several Japanese aircraft off Okinawa,
including a possible Ohka piloted missile. In July–August 1945 she participated in sweeps for Japanese shipping in the East China and Yellow Seas. After the end of the conflict,
she assisted in the occupation of Korea and transported a contingent of US Army troops back to the United States. She was decommissioned in February 1947 and placed in reserve,
where she remained until she was stricken in 1960 and sold for scrapping the following year.

Premium tier 9 Alaska is a representative of a special type of ship, standing somewhere between a cruiser and a battleship. She was officially classified as a battlecruiser.
USS Alaska resides at tier 9 in the game. Alaska has large dimensions, boasts an extensive pool of HP, carries powerful 305mm artillery and efficient AA defenses, and is equipped
with a very diverse set of consumables. Alaska excels at destroying cruisers at mid-range distances.
Some key features of USS Alaska in terms of artillery armament, the ship carries guns similiar to those of a battleship, namely nine 305mm main guns placed in 3 turrets.
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to other cruisers Alaska features excellent armor penetrating capability and high chances of setting the enemy on fire with HE shells, but her downside is the slow reload time of 20 seconds.
Her maximum firing range is 19 km, however the Alaska demonstrates her best combat performance at a distance of 10-15 km.
The USS Alaska battlecruiser comes with a remarkable 60,800 hit points, high for this type but still not as high as its Russian counterpart the Kronstadt.
In battle the ship can make use of the following consumables located in 4 slots, damage control in slot 1, a choice between Defensive AA Fire or Hydro-acoustic search in slot 2.
A choice of surveillance radar, fighter squadron or spotting aircraft in slot 3 and repair party in slot 4.
The permanent bonus camoflage on USS Alaska gives a 20% reduced cost to battle repair and a 100% bonus to XP earned to battle.



  1. Hello and welcome once again everyone, The USS Alaska was added to the game today and it seems to be a very strong ship indeed. I have played only one game so far but in this case first impressions were I felt it was incredibly strong. Have you been looking forward to this ship and does it meet your expectations. Let me know in the comments what you think of the USS Alaska and what you think of the video. Keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. You have a youtube channel? Lol greetings from Thrawn

    • Hey Thrawn, you found me man!? Hope you enjoyed the vid. Alaska seems to be quite powerful and a fun ship to play.

    • +Carbine Carlito well i was disapointed seing you mount radar instead of scout plane?. And give try the ruddershift mod 3 over the concealment module, it woks wonders on the stalingrad and kronsthadt since most people dont expect those ships to be so nimble

    • Well I will be experimenting with builds for sure in the future. This was my very first game and I just went for general coverage to start learning and get a feel for how the Alaska plays but sure you make very valid points worth looking into.

  3. Great review! Definitely deserve a sub!

  4. Was about to talk about ruddershift mod 3 over concealment. Give it a try. Good work!

  5. Gokhan J. Yenigun

    I do not think your captain skills are good for that ship. You should build her full tank against fire as her weakness is fire (she is very strong against AP if angled correctly). Also, never give up on your concealment module’ mainly for two reasons: 1) enemy shells are less likely to hit you, and 2) Alaska’s shells lack penetration, hence one must be fairly close to the enemy to punish. Additionally, if Alaska is focus-fired at, she needs her concealment to disengage otherwise she will melt fast – I mean fast!

    • Hi Gakhan, thanks for commenting. It was my very first game and I was using Basics of Survivablilty to reduce fire times. I am using a full stealth build with the concealment upgrade and concealment expert. The full build including the ship upgrades and captain skills are at the start of the video. Maybe you skipped over them?

    • Gokhan J. Yenigun

      +Carbine Carlito I may have. Either way, I enjoyed the video – keep up the good work my friend.

  6. Gokhan J. Yenigun

    I saw in your video that you do not think that Alaska is weak; I disagree. She is not 1million free xp strong. She is very weak against fire and lacks penetration compare to other T9 premium ships, e.g., Kron.

  7. Hey man still loving your videos, would of liked a couple of more replays of battles in it, but that’s maybe me being a bit greedy. Well done man 🙂

  8. Solid review. Keep it up

  9. nice game and good numbers but do you think it was worth the 1m free exp when the missouri and musashi was 750k exp and the missouri can give bigger numbers for less exp but i got mine yesterday and have had about 10 battles and im on the fence about this ship maybe its the DD captain in me that makes me a bit apprehensive about it 🙂

    • Hi again Chloe, I think it’s overpriced for 1mill free XP but when I see it way over 100euro in the premium store it’s way overpriced there also. What are we to do, wargaming sets its prices and we either go along with it or not. I luckily had the free xp saved up so it’s a nice premium tier 9 cruiser. I much prefer it over the Kronstadt for example. I know what you mean, us dd players will always be a bit apprehensive about cruisers with radar lol

    • +Carbine Carlito i mainly got because its another ship to add to my collection really and will get played once in a blue i expect , and do you have any flint games as she is my next ship almost got enough steel now to get her?

    • +chloe holroyd I don’t actually have the Flint. I have the Belfast and don’t really see any reason for getting it plus I’m kind of saving my steel for the Stalingrad instead.

    • +Carbine Carlito ok no probs and again it just another ship to add 🙂

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