World of Warships Premium Carriers in the 8.0 Rework – Keep or Sell?

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Many of you are considering selling back your premium Carriers after the rework goes live. This is a quick video highlighting the four different premium Carriers now at Tier 8, and what their strong suits are. World of Warships versions 8.0 will go live soon, so I am sure you are wondering if you should keep or sell. I think they are worth holding on to, but that’s just me.


  1. You missed the most important part…..

    Does the Graf Zeppelin still has its god-tier secondaries?

    I want my battlecarrier meme build!

  2. A soup when it comes to the Saipan planes do you know if they have more hit points cuz that’s not a lot of torpedo planes and with the increase AA. They will have a hard time surviving enough to have time to be able to drop their Torpedoes. In the old one I had to your 9 planes at t7 I am wondering if that’s holding true.

    • i suspect so …Saipan only change it has no fighters the rest is is still the this will be asked to get refunded because many noobs bought this to Pay to win because they think it will make them win SUPRISE

    • +SCIthoughts planes do look like t10
      I remember getting Sipan and thinking there will be a “win” button apere on the screen and then found out that Sipan vs IJN and it was better in some ways. Still my fab cv.
      I will try my new cv and play it as long as I can because I dont k ow how long we will get before the buy back goes away.

    • Christopher Colasurdo

      SCI Well I think it and Kaga are also getting up tiered to 8 as there are no more T7 Carriers.

    • SCI I bought the Saipan because I wanted an American CV premium to retrain captains and Enterprise wasn’t available. If I had the chance I’d absolutely would sell the Saipan if it meant I could get the doubloons to purchase Enterprise. Sadly that’s something I haven’t heard about: how much doubloons will your premium cvs be worth if you decide to sell them

    • Saipan uses the midway planes, but has long reload and low storage space.

  3. T2 premium USS Wolverine ? Only rocket planes.

  4. so saipan get to keep there old topr pattern that’s fair NOT

  5. i hope they start selling cvs again ingame, i will refund my saipan and get the GZ then 😛

  6. Hi Zoup, I guess having, and playing carriers would be useful here?

  7. i want my Stukas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh damn, i just picked up WOWS a week ago and got my first Aricraft Carrier (T4 i think), thinking they are super cool, because they completely oblitterate me when i play BB. So i go into the game with my AC thinking this is going to be cool just to be greeted with basically a super lame version of an RTS. You can’t even drop the stuff how you want to, right? Not to mention that basically after 1/2 of the game all of my what feels like 3 Airplanes are dead and i do basically nothing.
    Now i see this and it looks like it’s actually fun 😮

    • at higher tiers carriers are extremely powerful and impactful in their current state, and the T4 carriers aren’t that bad but they definitely feel wimpy compared to what you are probably expecting and how getting torped or bombed by planes feels. The biggest issue is that current carrier play is both extremely skill dependent and extremely impactful on the game. Having a bad carrier vs a good carrier is a very difficult situation for the bad carrier team. Being able to spot all across the map is way more valuable that it might seem at first, and that’s the biggest thing being taken away from carriers with this update (multiple squadrons, ability to be almost everywhere at once)

    • Low tier carriers can’t manual drop

    • T4 and 5 carriers used to be able to manual drop, giving you better control. It’s shitty now, but they claimed to have had no choice because of sealclubbing. The only thing you can do right now – not for much longer, mind you – is control the direction of the drop to an extent.

    • You’ll pry like the update 🙂

    • A true nerd would call a carrier a CV, not an AC. (And yes low tier CVs don’t have many planes. Also you used to have BBs like the Texas which pre-AA nerf could easily de-plane a carrier – which is something I did once with my Texas. Poor newb probably didn’t know to avoid me since you need to do some rote memorization of different ships’ AA capabilities to be a good CV player. Situations like that are also probably why they reworked carriers)

  9. Fun fact: fighters are aircraft that shoot down other aircraft. Not the rocket planes :facepalm:

  10. Keep them. If for no other reason, one less premium to roll in Supercontainers or Santa boxes.
    I am going to refund all tech tree CVs and don’t plan to fly them ever again. If I want a bad airplane arcade game, I go to the nearest games saloon. RIP CVs 🙁

    • Antonio David Exactly. That’s why I laugh whenever I see comments on the forums or in videos saying they got a ship and played it but don’t want to keep it so they’re going to sell it for credits. Even beyond the idea of selling a ship bought for doubloons or real money for in-game credits, with the SC luck I’ve seen you’d get a ship SC the very next one you earned, and it would have that exact same ship. If you get a ship that you’re never going to play, keep it because it’s one less available in the SC pool

    • NO containers , no Santa box’s, no Premium time. Wargaming is not getting anymore money from me. I am going to use them for free game play till I find the next game. And not play in a match with a carrier after the rework .

  11. Nope…make a dino mode battle for those who can’t hang with naval aviation and leave it as is for everyone else. Every stupid ad hoc tweak just moves it further from reality and further from pleasing anyone. There’s a fine line between persistence and doubling down on failure – this rework blew through that line a long time ago.

  12. Please create a video about the premium captains.  Their special perks, what type of ships benefit most  and what ships (premium and non-premium) are recommended.  Thank you.

  13. I would never get rid of my enterprise

  14. So they reworked CV’s because they were Op and now they are even more OP .. nice…

    • Wargaming put out stats on how much effect every class of ship had on a games result .. CV’s were top with 70 – 80% as i remember, DD were something like 50-60% with BB’s last… What you say is correct about player skill, but it was the fact that a CV as a single ship could determine the outcome of a battle if one player was higher skilled than the other, that lead to the rework with a few other reasons thrown in also ! It was not a case of 1 single ship was OP in its class the whole class was too strong in determining the outcome of battles !!

    • LESS OP. The math is simple. One carrier cannot cross drop a single target with a nearly inescapable torpedo pattern, coming from up to 3 different directions at once. The carriers can currently spread out their squadrons to spot every cap point on a map, which will be impossible with the rework.

    • The present carriers on PTR are not OP at all

    • Joe Average
      No , but they are talking about 2-3 CV’s per game .. Plus they can attack the same target 2-3 times so if you get a flooding you just have to wait for them to repair or sink !

    • gzerox2
      Yes they are still OP.. Think about it in compassion to what any other class of ship can achieve ! They out spot every other class, they have unlimited planes and hide at the back of the map. The only counter for other ships is AA which currently seems less effective and they just have to go back and launch planes again even if they do lose them ..

  15. disappointing that the graf does not have the stuka dive bombers. would have been amazing to hear that iconic siren

  16. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Notser ended up in a T6 match in his Saipan on PTS today on his stream, and he commented on how OP the Saipan is when facing T6 ships, since it has T10 planes, and he suggested that it might be necessary to nerf it, but i hope they don’t. T8s see more T10 games than they do T6, and if the Saipan lost it’s T10 planes, it’d suffer going up against midway and hakuryu. I don’t have Big E or Zepplin, sad to see the Zepplin sort of got declawed with the rework. I suppose the Saipan’s weakness at T6 would be it’s non-existent secondaries (it doesn’t have any) and it’s 3km AA.

  17. So the basic is, there is no difference between Premium CV and Normal CV, only plane tier difference like an Old system, but the drop pattern still same…

  18. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    When carriers are removed and replaced with arty, I just hope I get by doubloons back for the camos I bought.

  19. This rework is absolutelly total FUBAR… Im for 1000% for selling but do they give my money back for Saipan? 😀 I guess not 😀

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