World of Warships – Premium Cleveland Montpelier

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Here is the version the famous , the Montpelier.
It has slightly better sigma a bit more HP, but 0.5 sec worse rld than Cleveland.
It’s essentially a Cleveland, just a premium. If you like the original you’ll probably like this one well.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. basicly a cleveland but need to pay your $ ?

  2. You should start calling containers loot boxes because it annoys the hell out of WG.

    Also, inb4 premium Minotaur and Conqueror.

  3. I don’t know why, but I just don’t enjoy Cleve at T8. I loved it at T6 but playing it now is just a chore.

    • At tier 6 is was a bit OP but was a lot of fun to play, now it’s not that good mainly because it’s more often than not uptired and everything but DD’s don’t tend to deal with being uptired very well.

    • Gareth Fairclough

      Man, I loathed the Cleveland, even back in the days before it was originally nerfed and well before it being a t8.
      I did have some pretty damn big games in her, but I just found her so damned annoying to play. I much preferred the (then) T7 Pensacola, even with it’s battleship level of concealment and even with the old +3 matchmaking!

    • Yes because at T8 it gets F’d by T10 MM

    • I still like it but not as strong at t8 as it was at t6 also it went from being a AA power house to just being a ok in that regard

    • Because a good Cleveland was virtually unstoppable at t6 when it was mid to top tier. Nothing could really compete with it.

      Not with the higher tier bracket you cant bounce shells from bbs anymore as almost everything overmatches it in the bb class

  4. So if the CV is sunk, can you still use the last planes that is in the air?

  5. the sacred potato

    When i saw montpelier i thought it was a french ship as in france we have a city named montpellier but with 2 L

    • This ship is named after the city of Montpelier, which is the state capital of the US state of Vermont and which is just south of the Canadian province of Quebec, which might explain the french name.

    • the sacred potato

      +Schnittertm1 which was named after the french city of montpellier

  6. I don’t mind copy paste premium versions as long as they don’t introduce too powerful gimmicks. These kind of premiums are imo designed either for the real fans of the tech tree versions that want a bit of a different experience or to mitigate the chance of obtaining rare premiums through containers only.

    • +Brethern At least that was based on a real and historical possibility. The Twins were intended to have upgraded guns. In this case, she’s a very early Cleveland, 3rd one built. Improved radar and gun laying perhaps, but the only other major changes appear to be to decrease the 20mm and increase the 40mm for guns. Double the medium AA and half the short range would seem to be logical.

    • +Gareth Fairclough Shouldn’t that be the reverse? Ships that were never built are premiums and tech tree are what was built? At least if IRL the tech tree could be filled?

    • Gareth Fairclough

      No. I’m describing how it was actually done.
      If they relied solely upon ships which were actually built, a good third of the tech tree would be gone. Hell, entire freaking lines would be gone.

    • +Gareth Fairclough I think I”m still misunderstanding your point. What you’d prefer is fantasy silver ships and premium reality ships? Like Dallas, a fantasy follow-on to Omaha vs. WG attempting to avoid the real followup to Omaha’s which were the Brooklyns? And then finally introducing the Brooklyns as a silver (Helena) and two premiums? Myself, I’d rather see Renown/Repulse introduced as “cruisers” in the UK tech tree line than yet another fantasy UK design. Not that the UK didn’t have some great “never-were’s” – N3/G3.

    • +Brethern The Sharn and Gneisenau aren’t a good example, because the 15″ guns were a pre-planned upgrade for the two ships in real life. But WG didn’t want to just have the tech tree ship have 11″ guns stock and then have a 15″ gun upgrade. So they created the Scharn as a 11″ gunned premium and the Gneisen as a 15″ gunned tech tree ship. There are damned few examples like this in real life.

      Arguably, they could have done something similar with the Mogami, as they were also build with 6″ guns originally, but always intended to be upgraded to 8″ guns later. Actually, their experience with the Mogami is why they did what they did with the Sharn and Gneisenau. But other than these two examples, I can’t think of any other ships where there was such a massive gun upgrade. Ships tend to stick with the same guns, though there are a handful of examples of guns being re-bored to be a little bit larger in caliber.

      There is one remaining possible case of something similar to this that WG could use if they wanted to (and I kind of think that they will eventually). And it’s the two ships of the Hipper class that the Germans originally planned to completed as Light Cruisers with 6″ guns, rather than the 8″ guns of the Hippers. In real life, the Germans decided against the 6″ gunned Hippers and just built them as regular 8″ gunned Hippers.

  7. Saw an ST in my match using this, looked good. Thought it was a French cruiser at first.

  8. Did you feel the differences sigma between this and Cleveland?

  9. Over 50K DMG and almost 7 minutes in the battle before been shoot at… WTF, Flambass? Is this ship invisible first few minutes? LOL

  10. george marnelakis

    I took down 49 planes in a Bismark, was facing 1 tier8 and 1 tier6 CV though!

  11. I already have the Cleveland with all the premium camos so I think I will pass on this one.

  12. The bullet patterns on that thing are MotherTruckin’ awesome !

  13. I love the fact that I live in Montpellier, I love the cleveland, I want a Montpelier because it’s a premium cleveland AND it’s call Montpelier ^^…. does that make me one of the marines of this ship? X)

  14. Not so different than the Cleveland.. I was hyped by Montpelier, but i’ll stick with my good old Cleveland 🙂

  15. The aa on that Cleveland wannabe holy fax FLAMBASS you barely survived that one dreadnaught lmao

  16. Twitch containers can drop ships? All I’ve gotten is the same flag consumable 100k deal.
    Haven’t gotten a super container in like 4 months only gotten 5 best drop was 1500 steel. Then 15k coal and 10k free xp

  17. Totally agree, premium Cleveland makes great business sense, they will sell loads 🙂

  18. Honestly, Montpelier should also have smoke and repair. The ship is very underpowered.

  19. IFHE or concealment for the first 4 point skill on the Cleveland/ Worcestershire line?

  20. I’ve been playing this game for 3+ years now…of *course* I’d love a premium Cleveland!!

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