World of Warships – Premium Cruiser Emden

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Earn your Shipsmas gift the German Cruiser Emden!

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  1. “Die Männer der Emden” Eine Epische Geschichte.

  2. and just like every other gift vehicle from wargaming in the past, its a
    low tier steaming pile of shit that most will play once and/or sell it. The
    only difference with this gift is u have to earn it so its not really a
    gift now is it. Id rather receive no gift at all that have another low
    tiers vehicle. The last thing i wanna do is go back to the shit that is low
    tier gameplay after the grind to get to the upper tiers. At least warships
    is living up the wargaming greed standards of giving it players nothing
    that’s worth anything. Since we have to complete a mission to earn our so
    called gift now Its just a matter of time and we’ll be expected to pay them
    for our gift

  3. never mind

  4. thay sould add a online free roam

  5. Ah the best KM Anti-Air ship in Navyfield.

  6. when the Russian cruiser kutuzov will be available on the North American

  7. Surachai phiwphong

    ho it song in world of tank RNG

  8. Thought that it was an Russian vessel. Stupid me >,<

  9. Beautiful ship ?

  10. Nice music :)

  11. With an average damage per salvo of 400-500, It is a great ship if you want
    to fire at defenseless fishing boats, but since there are no fishing boats
    in World of Warships you get 1 million credits for free when you sell it :D

  12. They put a fake smokestack on it. I looked it up and it really was given a
    fake smokestack.

  13. Sail her like the St Louis and she is a ball of fun

  14. Give us Bismarck for a Christmas present not emden…

  15. How to get this ship?

  16. seriously? merry christmas on the 5th january?


  18. Looks like the St. Louis

  19. I can still obtain it?

  20. Hey Wargaming please put Prinz Eugen into the game

  21. Good ship against merchant vessels that can’t fire back.
    Unfortunately WoW has NO merchant vessels that can’t fire back.

  22. Santa Fuhrer

  23. but the emden is not even as good as it’s regular counterpart lol and even
    with the X3 commander Xp in coop battle, you still make more in a regular
    random match….so it’s pretty pointless if you ask me.

  24. Nice informative video……it doesn’t even tell us what tier it is pfft. I
    going to assume that its tier 2.

  25. I watched The Great War’s coverage of this ship and was just thinking about
    picking up a Dresden to mimic her. Now I find out the ship proper is in the
    game, and free as long as I complete missions! Excellent!

  26. Shitty ship but a free slot in my port. Thanks!

  27. But no UK ships…

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