World of Warships Premium NEW Japanese Battleship, The Ishizuki!

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  1. They do have Dreadnoughts but maybe 2 in tier 3

  2. Dreadnoughts are just early battleships so they do have them.

  3. yeah thats the one thxs

  4. +Jesse chen So the Tenryu and the Wickes?

  5. +a_traktor13579 you right click on it in the port

  6. +Phoenix Fire Wyoming, better guns and AA, however the Myogi does get
    adequate AA in the last upgrade and the speed is better… But me
    personally I feel the Wyoming is better

  7. +Marko Krog The website says that the game can be redeemed on Steam. So see
    if you got a code and redeem it on Steam. If you don’t want to do that, or
    can’t figure it out, then check your email to see if you got an email from
    TaleWorlds and there should be instructions or a download link for the
    game. If not, try one of the download links on the website.

  8. Could you make that simpler please

  9. +goblack4 In Settings under Controls “Alternative Battle Interface Mode”
    can be set as standard. (Bottom left)

  10. Erwin

  11. If they add my first thing I want to see is the graphics underwater

  12. Melancholic Ghost

    Subs would be OP as all get out… Would be interesting however

  13. +Corsair5587 You’re talking about Wargaming, not Gaijin. Wargaming adds
    little variety with minimal effort.

  14. If they add subs, then destroyers would need depth charges

  15. +lucas R. They actually changed their stance on subs a bit in a interview
    on the Russian forum. They now say that they haven’t ruled them out, but it
    will be some time before we see them if we ever do see them. Also they
    mentioned BBs with torpedoes being added.

  16. +Hoang Nguyen Low tier costs almost nothing to repair and resupply, it
    doesn’t hurt to do PvP to boosts up the speed 2-3 times.

  17. +Hoang Nguyen And also to vent your frustration of if you are on a losing
    streak, you can collect free exp while keeping yourself from going insane
    in PVP battle.

  18. +Maree Printemps Lol I just use tier 1 ship in PVE to grind credit. It’s
    not much, but at least you dont lose repair or ammunition credit, and you
    are gonna need a lot of credit for higher tier ship.

  19. +Ryan Bogatek Do well in battle, or buy premium account.
    Or both.

    Don’t bother with PvE unless you’re just there to have fun though, PvP is
    where the main bulk of rewards are.

  20. +RunningFrom Kony Dreadnaught class battleships like the USS Texas is a BB.
    And the USS Indianapolis is a CA since it is a Heavy Crusier.

  21. RunningFrom Kony

    Oh ok thanks guys i didn’t know that xD

  22. +RunningFrom Kony From my friend in the navy CG for cruisers

  23. +flamespirit919 there are many though. Heavy cruiser are CA (example like
    the northampton or Takao class) and theres a light cruiser which is
    designated as CL (like the agano class and us’s cleveland class)

  24. +flamespirit919 Cruisers have CA

  25. +Roy Shein but bigger guns, the colorado gets 16″ guns, and excellent AA,
    compared to the 14″ on the NM and suckish AA

  26. +Roy Shein Some torrents are bad and you should stay away from them unless
    you know what you’re doing or you are willing to pay the price.

    😛 Don’t you just love typos.

  27. I find the entire Confederate Flag issue laughable. So, sarcastic.

  28. Not sure if your serious or sarcastic

  29. +OhSome1HasThisName I wasn’t sure if he was seriously offended. Because
    some people would be.

  30. OhSome1HasThisName

    +Brad Patton I’m British and I get the Joke *sigh*

  31. I know! Some one needs to sue the shit out of them.

  32. +Mikolav Skalavenchko or any l – ll DD

  33. +Hot Spanish Girl He also asked to keep it tier 8 down due to mm, so why
    not take that into account when asking for a ship review -_-

  34. +Hot Spanish Girl If you want to see how does the Midway performs in real
    battles, then don’t watch Baron because he really sux at it.

  35. Hot Spanish Girl

    +ProductiveGamesYT But as no enemy aircraft carrier was there.I want to see
    how the Midway itself strikes an enemy..

  36. ProductiveGamesYT

    He already did the carrier midway

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