World of Warships Premium NEW Japanese Battleship, The Ishizuki!

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  1. how are you getting non AI battles. ive been playing all week and ive been
    in nothing but AI enemy battles.

  2. You can turn off the collision avoidance system Baron in options

  3. 0:30 we wont

  4. RIP Foehammer never forget ;(

  5. FUSO

  6. mattea spennachio

    Play the Atlanta 

  7. Seapanners nanners

    How do you get so much xp in mine i do 60000 dammage and i get 350 outta it

  8. Seapanners nanners

    You should play the pensicola

  9. Seapanners nanners

    I have that ship because a really cool dude gave it to me for my birthday 2
    or 3 weeks ago

  10. Baron…you CAN turn that annoying collision alarm off in the options menu,
    there is a option for it to turn that shit of…

  11. I realy REALY hope that we will get seperate tech tree’s and their
    different upgrades for battleships and heavy battle cruisers! Because now
    we only got 4 diff. classes, wich is to few I think!

  12. Finally someone takes out this very good ship (for its tier) and takes it
    out for a spin on YT! I have this ship sitting in my port for almost 2
    weeks now…

  13. Baron and phly play the bf-109 line

  14. just got this game and you are now my unnoficial mentor….bravo sir


    They dont even have Dreadnoughts.. sad day. -Yamoto, < not as good as the Musashi

  16. What happened to the German and British navies in the game

  17. Plz montana

  18. hijms yamato musashi

    Of course the Myogi is better because its up grade is a 1930s upgrade when
    the Japs are getting ready for the Pacific War

  19. hijms yamato musashi

    I thinkthat os pronounced i-shi-zu-CHI not ki(at least on japanese)

  20. and want a Langley carrier gameplay

  21. actually can u do the tier 3 destroyer for the american and the tier 3
    cruiser for japan plzz only want u to do those not those other suggest

  22. or the battleship down from Wyoming l want u too do that first

  23. show me how to aim the torpedo l mean l always like misses

  24. can u show me how to aim the guns and plz take out the st louis it such a
    good ship want to see the good games better have it baron it can wreck so
    much on them making the ship so damage it needs repair

  25. you can turn off collision alarm in settings

  26. mercedes maldonado

    battle cruisers are just outdated battleships (WW1 and prior ships)

  27. how can I sell a ship?

  28. If you haven’t already. I would like to see the Furutaka Heavy Cruiser. 

  29. Sergeant Major Gray

    North Carolina plz!

  30. can we get a WoWS tips video

  31. The NewYork “the big apple” =)

  32. actually the best part of playing bb is you can easily rekt cruise with ap

  33. Just a question baron, I’ve noticed both you and Phly zoom in and out by
    scrolling the mouse wheel rather than the much quicker way of just pressing
    shift, any particular reason for this or just a habit?

  34. this vs Myogi vs Wyoming.


    • +Phoenix Fire Wyoming, better guns and AA, however the Myogi does get
      adequate AA in the last upgrade and the speed is better… But me
      personally I feel the Wyoming is better

  35. I NEED HELP!I dont now how to download and install mount and blade..can
    sanwon show me thet?

    • +Marko Krog The website says that the game can be redeemed on Steam. So see
      if you got a code and redeem it on Steam. If you don’t want to do that, or
      can’t figure it out, then check your email to see if you got an email from
      TaleWorlds and there should be instructions or a download link for the
      game. If not, try one of the download links on the website.

  36. Any chance that they’ll bring back the Kitakami?

  37. People, if you want a premium ship, this is really NOT the one you should

  38. i wanna see the all problematic colorado gameplay!!

  39. Nothing like watching baron while eating Red Baron pizza :)

  40. This ship sucks, but I use it a lot

  41. I like that last destroyer’s name, Foehammer anybody get that reference? I
    love that Baron got it too.

  42. Little help for japanese pronounciation: I=ee, A=a (like in far), U=oo,
    Y=same as I, chi= tshee, Z=z, S=ss. E=e (like in ten)
    It would also help to actually read the names

  43. Were is the Yamato?!?!?!??!

  44. Play battleship Izumo!

  45. aim is to bad

  46. Hey Baron just getting the open bata today just wonderen if we could be in
    a tier 1 platoon and I could be in one o your vids 😉 it would be awesome.

  47. mini amagi O.O?

  48. The tier 4 US has 6 gun turrets

  49. How do you have the player’s name showing above their ship, I don’t have
    that at all and the health left?

  50. play the hashidate for poi

  51. When do you think they will add submarines?

    • If they add my first thing I want to see is the graphics underwater

    • Melancholic Ghost

      Subs would be OP as all get out… Would be interesting however

    • +Corsair5587 You’re talking about Wargaming, not Gaijin. Wargaming adds
      little variety with minimal effort.

    • If they add subs, then destroyers would need depth charges

    • +lucas R. They actually changed their stance on subs a bit in a interview
      on the Russian forum. They now say that they haven’t ruled them out, but it
      will be some time before we see them if we ever do see them. Also they
      mentioned BBs with torpedoes being added.

  52. Hi barron 

  53. baron u should always fire AP at anything that isnt a DD due to the fact
    your AP has such a huge amount of penetration they are able to pen almost
    anything and good shots will reward you with massive citadel hits where as
    HE wont do anything but set a ship on fire and do minimal dmg, however HE
    for DD always 🙂 can you do the new york plz as well :)

  54. Kv1

  55. imagine you could do kamikaze attacks with those japanese planes once your
    carrier got sunk^^

  56. Hey Baron, do you have any tips on how to gain XP efficiently to unlock
    ships faster?

    • +Hoang Nguyen Low tier costs almost nothing to repair and resupply, it
      doesn’t hurt to do PvP to boosts up the speed 2-3 times.

    • +Hoang Nguyen And also to vent your frustration of if you are on a losing
      streak, you can collect free exp while keeping yourself from going insane
      in PVP battle.

    • +Maree Printemps Lol I just use tier 1 ship in PVE to grind credit. It’s
      not much, but at least you dont lose repair or ammunition credit, and you
      are gonna need a lot of credit for higher tier ship.

    • +Ryan Bogatek Do well in battle, or buy premium account.
      Or both.

      Don’t bother with PvE unless you’re just there to have fun though, PvP is
      where the main bulk of rewards are.

  57. RunningFrom Kony

    I am probably being really dumb here but does BB have a meaning in World Of
    Warships because people in my games keep saying it and i have no idea what
    it means xD

  58. i think tier 7 American battleship need a new class with 3 guns on each
    torrent. tier 7 on the US tech tree give you less guns all the time

    • +Roy Shein but bigger guns, the colorado gets 16″ guns, and excellent AA,
      compared to the 14″ on the NM and suckish AA

    • +Roy Shein Some torrents are bad and you should stay away from them unless
      you know what you’re doing or you are willing to pay the price.

      😛 Don’t you just love typos.

  59. Gerhing pls

  60. Remus GhostOfRome

    Russians do fantastic job on those ship models.

  61. RNG bit harsh on ya? Do your prayers;

    *RNGesus who art in video games,*
    *Random be thy game.*
    *Thy RNG come.*
    *Thy game be played,*
    *On our accounts as it is in the PA(Press account)*
    *Give us this day our daily missions,*
    *And forgive us our Friendly fire,*
    *As we forgive new DDs,*
    *And lead us not into Torpedoes,*
    *But deliver us from zero.*
    *For thine is the random,*
    *and the BB shots, and the AA fire,*
    *Always yet never.*
    *つ ◕_◕ ༽つAMENO༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ*

  62. Play the minikaze, tier 5 IJN DD, I think you will like the torpedus on the
    ship. (Preferably the 7 km torps)

  63. Please subscribe to me 

  64. Baron

  65. please play wot

  66. The nerve of WG to keep ‘confederate’ as an achievement in their game. The

  67. MIDWAYY… please.

  68. Where is the zao?

  69. go for some torpedus so the Fletcher class DD to honor Admiral Fletcher

  70. If they come out with the BC, they should distinguish the CL and CA too :P

  71. Mikolav Skalavenchko

    Play the Hashidate/Erie; unleash hell upon the newer players.

  72. Ishizuchi, not Ishizuki

  73. Do the Gearing destroyer next. If you don’t mind.

  74. Not a bad deal at $12 picked one up myself.

  75. bloody good game BVG xx

  76. MEOW

  77. =MMP=Silent_Wolf_Dz-Lounis- xD Mr.MãhböùŁ xD -

    Alright , ladies and gentlemen , second comment here :p ,

  78. Hot Spanish Girl

    Next ship The Midway please :))) You have the Midway? :)

    • +Hot Spanish Girl He also asked to keep it tier 8 down due to mm, so why
      not take that into account when asking for a ship review -_-

    • +Hot Spanish Girl If you want to see how does the Midway performs in real
      battles, then don’t watch Baron because he really sux at it.

    • Hot Spanish Girl

      +ProductiveGamesYT But as no enemy aircraft carrier was there.I want to see
      how the Midway itself strikes an enemy..

    • ProductiveGamesYT

      He already did the carrier midway

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