World of Warships- Premium Ship Buying Guide For Beginners

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Hey guys! Today I go over three premium ships that I would recommend to new players, enjoy!

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  1. I’d put the Mikasa on there, for giggles. Running the Mikasa always makes me laugh. And the thing prints secondary flags.

  2. Anyone else remember divisioning up with 2 Unikazes and a Tirpitz? That was a lot of fun.

  3. For DD players:- Cossack, T61 and Haida. They’re fun, powerful and not too expensive

    • @Jorah the Andal Can’t agree with you there Jorah. Cossack is pretty forgiving, whereas Haida has a really high skill threshold so will only suit the very experienced.

    • @WhenPigsInvade Neustra has a really good reputation but is it a “special” ship or a “premium” ship? I think it’s the former because you buy it with coal and my understanding is that this means it doesn’t earn credits the way a true premium does. It’s also really expensive, but having said that, I’d love to have it! Which to go for first with my coal – Marceau or Neustrashimy?

    • @Simon Godfrey premium ship. I just got the marceau last week and I have to admit she’s a tough ship to play. If you like the Cossack then you’ll like the neustra, tho keep in mind she has worst HE dpm than the kagero lol

    • @Simon Godfrey Premium ship. The special ships are the tier X ships that you get with coal. Since you can only get them with coal they aren’t true premiums and don’t get the same benefits as a true premium. The tier IX ships are true premiums even though you buy them with coal.

    • @Nick Thanks Nick. Good to know

  4. My first premium I didn’t even know I was playing to get her. It was the Oktyabraskya Revolutsia. This was when I was still fresh to the game and didn’t know about these things. At the end of each battle I would see a ticker for some task and I’d try to specifically do that for each battle until the next one showed up. One day the OR showed up in my port and that was when I learned about missions.

  5. if you’re in a tier 4 and faces 6’s youve done something wrong

    • That’s how fail divs work. It’s worse if you’re Tier 5 and saw Tier 8’s and 9’s on both sides of the board. Kongou players would know what a South Carolina player would feel upon seeing shells coming from the horizon where the Iowas and Alsaces are.

    • i remember many years ago playing a game in my Mutsu and having a fail div where i div up with a Massa and ended up at T10, against yammy and musashi and it was a very difficult game to play but since mutsu has 16 inch guns, it wasnt so bad since i could still slap T10 cruisers

  6. So sad the new players can’t get Massachusetts anymore. It is such fun ship to play and it was the first premium i bought. The second premium i got was Georgia from the armory and these two ships are so nice i never regretted buying them.

  7. I picked up an Alaska right before it left the store. Its so much fun.

    • Alaska is insane- It is a true battle cruiser- it can slap just abouth anything that shows it a broadside but you better play cautious caus it ISN’t a battleship. Definitely a top pick

    • @Shaun Dunn so I’ve noticed. I was just at tier 7 in us cruisers when I decided I should snag it. Night and day difference between the mid tier American cruisers and Alaska

    • I was a week from getting her then got her for free in a container saved me a cool million although I’ve not done well with her 😢

  8. At the start of the lockdown, I downloaded this game and bought the Alaska and one day soon I’ll be good enough to play it.

    • She’s a really solid choice.

    • @paranoidrodent Not after 3 games though, I love it now but I wish I’d have waited before buying it. That’s 3 games in world of warships, not with the Alaska.

    • @bob bailey 3 games total? The game must have made quite an impression for you to snag a T9 ship after just 3 games. That is barely enough to get to T2 (I think? I haven’t played a T1 in ages)

    • @paranoidrodent I had a look online at someone playing the Alaska (Flamu, Flambass or Trenlass) and I thought yep that looks easy enough, I should have been slapped.

  9. wow… 1 day after I get my first premium you release this video xD.

    • @Kyrax oof the Pommern is actually really good, the problem is that German BBs in general got nerfed due to the commander rework (you now need 21 pt commander to get all the skills you need to be able to play the aggressive pushing playstyle) and the secondaries nerf that once again mostly affected German BBs…

      Doesn’t help that the meta is to stay at max range or camp behind islands and not push. If you are pushing, usually your team wont follow or make use of the situation, meaning that you are just a free damage pinata for the HE spammers. And sadly German BBs are not good at long range, even a medium range can be meh, leaving them in a really weird and not enjoyable spot since the rework. I used to play alot of Bismarck and Gneisenau, now I rarely do. In fact I dont play BBs in general much anymore, mostly cruisers and destroyers.

      Pommern is a great ship, like Tirpitz, but sadly they arent as good as before due to these changes. Of course you can still get them to perform, especially Pommern, you just need to adjust the playstyle.

    • @Wolf Rawrrr yeah I know, rn I dont evn have a 10 point commander and all the needed modules cuz I am rly short on credits, but with time I am sure that I will also start enjoying the ship

    • Christopher Watson

      @Kyrax trust me, she will do work, the Pomm is my second favorite ship right after the Colombo (I just like the fact i can dev strike a full health Yammy in a brawl)

    • @Christopher Watson i hope so, cant wait

    • Christopher Watson

      @Kyrax I find it especially fun if you have a div of them or at least BBs that are made to brawl. 3 pushing BBs w/ support are neigh impossible to stop

  10. If Georgia ever returns for Black or Containers, don’t hesitate.

    “Badmiral Raspoutine” should get a +1 simply for the name

    • I Saw It Online

      I plan on picking that one up if it ever becomes available again. I picked up a Massachusetts a long time ago. If it ever makes it back into the shop again I recommend it as well.

    • The Georgia is great if you know how to aim. I got it a while ago and had some really good games in it. The only issue I have with it is the low number of guns and the slow AP. Once you get used to the shell velocity you can do well but I mainly play cruisers so when I go back and play it I miss a lot because I am not used to the slow velocity. Other than that its great, fast heal, good overmatch potential.

    • I Saw It Online

      @Nick And from what i’ve seen pretty decent secondaries. (as far as secondaries go these days)

    • @I Saw It Online It does. I never really build for secondaries though. It hasn’t ever really appealed to me.

    • I Saw It Online

      @Nick I probably would because despite the neutering that everything received in 10.0 I still think it’s fun to watch them blast away at over 10km. I just can’t bring myself to spec other than a secondary build on my Massachusetts and Pommern.

  11. Honestly. I’ve never bought a Premium ship and I’m fine. Wargaming is so disrespectful towards their community and so greedy that I feel like it’s wrong to reward them. I can’t justify to myself buying a premium ship when the developers are so intent on milking the players. I don’t know, maybe I’m weird because I don’t want to give a company as nakedly greedy and lazy as wargaming is money.

  12. DD: T61 and Hill
    Cruiser: Atago and Mainz

    • I thought bout buying hill via the armory. She any good?

    • @MasterZ for her tier and for coal yeah. But later I find my self less interested in tier v. Though for starting not bad, just hate to spend coal when better to save for tier 9 coal ships.

  13. Could you add subtitles please, i’m hard of hearing

  14. Mega cool the intro music!!!! Congrats, i love your channel. keep up the good work!!!

  15. My first premium was the Lenin. It was cheap (since this game is crazy expensive) and it fit my Playstyle.

  16. 14:35 the physics defying turret bug. I got that one in Roon about a week ago, is it a new thing?

  17. Atago is a good pick if you like kiting cruisers. Good concealment, a heal and a 41mm mid deck. Have had great success in randoms and ranked.

  18. When I started this game I was determined to keep it free to play. The problem was, once I got past level 7 I found myself loosing credits in too many battles. I was just about to give up when I saw a review of the Pommern. That ship saved the game for me.

  19. Charles Stromvall

    I think we’ve all learned this lesson of walking before crawling. The first premium I bought was Massachusetts. As the previous comments of everyone else I didn’t know the flip I was doing. A true baptism by fire.

  20. For me, the Massachusetts was the most Beginner friendly ship. Unfortunately she’s gone 🙁

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