World of Warships Premium Ships

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Atago is not covered as its already on there. Lo Yang and other premium ships that are not mentioned are not mentioned because there was no indication they are being added.

With numerous premium ships coming to the tech tree, everyone gets a chance to purchase some favorites that have been long since unavailable.

What do you buy though? That depends on if you are a beginner, average, or above average player. I take a look at the premium ships and who I feel will benefit from them most. I also provide some must-buy ships for players.



  1. Molotov is a beast, if you have other good players to support. Catch
    yourself alone, then it will be your guns that get you to port in one
    piece. If you can aim well, this is your ship. It will reward you well.
    Good vid, new sub!

  2. bought the Texas and do NOT regret it, its a great ship. I swap my North
    Carolina captain back and forth between the 2 for maximum XP

  3. I wish they would give us the Mikasa like the EU is getting

  4. Are these new premium additions to the tech tree permanent?

  5. Where did you get the Fletcher shirt?

  6. Daniel Jakubčík

    i agree with you except for the derplitz she use to be the queen of the
    north but they shadow nerfed her so much its the most RNG dependent ship i
    ever saw

  7. I don’t agree with most of what you’ve said. I can’t even imagine who would
    stay at tiers 1-3 or 3-5? Buying premium ships is important if you want to
    play high tier regular ships, so you can keep up with the game economy,
    otherwise for the beginners there is no premium to be recommended. For
    everyone else, you can buy any premium ship you want, it’s all about
    practice with the ships, once you have 200+ battles with one ship, you
    should be clear on strategy and how to play the ship. So recommending or
    not recommending any ship to beginners, average or pro players has no
    To be positive, Kutuzov is one of my favorite ships too and it can shoot
    over 19km..

  8. Don’t buy the fucking Warspite. They fucked up the deck armor so it has 0
    survivability, it can’t tank for shit.

  9. Great overview! I giggled at what your hands where trying to do in this
    video, like they wanted to talk but had no idea how =P

  10. why does he sound soo out of breath? that could be worked on for the next
    video i think

  11. Im really excited to get the Warspite. I joined the day WoWs went into open
    beta and though to myself, “Ill just buy it later when I get to tier 6 in
    game.” little did I know that Wargaming took ships away after a short
    amount of time.

  12. Great review, but perhaps Mikhail Kutuzov for average and Molotov for
    experienced? Molotov is way less forgiving, even in T6, than Kutuzov as
    Kutuzov makes up with the smoke and range, and better turning. One thing, I
    don’t really see how winrate can be used to judge player’s skill in general
    … They might have a really bad start and it just takes time for their
    winrate to readjust to their skill level. I recommend using new, average
    and experienced… Anyways, keep up the good work!

  13. I really hope the Texas is not 25 worth of gold, that was my big issues
    with it when it came out. It is 50% more than the murm at the same tier. I
    expected the Texas to be more but not that much more.

  14. Good guide. also doesn’t the Kutuzov get uptiered into tier 10 matches like
    you mention as a possible concern for the Tirpitz?

  15. Good review, I love my Texas. Focused on AA upgrades, it’s up to a 61 now.
    Don’t have to worry about planes except when I get dropped in a tier 7
    game. Thanks Zoup!


  16. Outwardpanicjoe

    Hire Dasha one day one day lol

  17. Nice overview, thx a lot for that!

    Slight mistake – the Emden isn’t better than the Dresden, the Dresden has 2
    more guns (historically, Emden and Dresden had the same amount of guns). ;)

  18. did i miss something??? what with the atago (selfheal OP!!) and the LoYang
    (still scouting your from inside her smoke)???

  19. As someone “above average” (60% WR), i must say that i like the molotov
    better than the Kutuzov, for an experienced player my sugetstions for a
    tier 8 ship would still be the Atago, as i find it MUCH more versatile and
    capable of dominating an enemy team on its own. Molotov is the very
    definition of fun for me personally and with an average damge of 65k and
    75% WR, i think this ship is a must buy for experienced players, simply
    because you do good or Amazing EVERY game if played to its strengths. I
    dont think i have ever played a mach with out killing something (not just
    last hits). Aside from that, great guide!

    about the texas… the AA still does not make it better than the Kongo, so
    only buy of you are a ship collector or an American :P

  20. Another nice vid mate! o7

  21. What no Flecher class LOL

  22. nice work NzFy………………..cheers

    PS….what about the Atago…….?

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