World of Warships Press Event at Chatham Historic Dockyard

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On October 1st, Wargaming invited the Press to Chatham Historic Dockyard in Kent to unveil World of Warships and announce the new German Cruisers and Soviet Destroyers. Since we were there anyway, I took the opportunity to get a look at the Oberon class Attack Submarine “HMS Ocelot”, the Victorian sloop “HMS Gannet” and the worlds’ only surviving British World War II Destroyer, “HMS Cavalier”. Oh, and I looked at some PC game about ships too.

World of Warships –
Chatham Historic Dockyard –


  1. What was the target at 39:48?

  2. fantastic video 🙂 btw when do you think it will be out for the xbox one as
    my pc wont be able to run this game

  3. Another brilliant video, Jingles. Cheers! Irene was a fantastic too.

  4. oh god no. Sorry jingles, love you, but not watching this one. Gime some

  5. HMS Ocelot…?Hmm….

  6. Magnus Gudmundsson

    By the rate of Jingle’s travel rate and the chance of spreading the vicious
    man flu, I guess a global pandemic of said flu is approaching danger level.

  7. when i was there and had a tour of the submarine, they sounded some sort of
    alarm (not sure which one, it was a while ago) where they had all of the
    periscopes, it must have been one of the loudest things i have ever heard
    in my life!

  8. If you are wondering why one torpedo tube is empty? Ask Irene.. everything
    is a dildo if you are brave enough.

  9. i can’t wait for you to go on a guided tour for american ships.

  10. Hope you feel better Master, it’s hard work in the salt mines without the
    constant whipping

  11. Jingles, and how will you comment news that Polish Grom class destroyer
    “błyskawica” (translation: grom – thunderclap, błyskawica – lightning) will
    be introduced into the game and do you have any news about in what tree it
    will be implemented ’cause there are so rumours about separate one ship
    polish branch just like the Type 59 in the old days in World of Tanks and
    on the other hand that it will be in Royal Navy branch (seems logical, it
    served on tandem with the RN).

  12. Jingles which in your opinion was the defining battle/campaing of WW2
    The battle of Stalingrad or
    The invasion of Normandy?
    PS commenters no hate pls

  13. omg she’s such an awesome lady.

    reminds me a bit of my granma.

  14. Michael Musgrave (Muzzie)

    HAHAHAHA the sub’s called Ocelot….and has 6 tubes…Revolver Ocelot from
    metal gear solid confirmed XD

  15. “Admiral Hipster” You KNOW it’s so gonna be called that all the time… lol

  16. 5:00 “This would be the living quarters for 16 men” Nope. Nope, no, just
    no. Im out. No can do, sorry. My room is bigger than that and it’s bloody
    cramped when there is 4 people.

  17. Jingles, are you coming to Comic Con MCM London this fall?

  18. Perhaps the wrong place, but here goes:

    Jingles, what do you think about the recent trend at WG EU to release most
    ships in packages and not available ingame at all? Furthermore, the WG EU
    community seems a bit…”lacklustre” compared to RU (and a certain degree
    NA). Any thoughts on this?

    Obviously meant for Mingles with Jingles, so I expect an answer roughly
    around December. :3

  19. Christopher Harper

    Well done seamen!

  20. why so many boat vids jinglas?

  21. I have that same model of typewriter.

  22. Very excited to see the Błyskawica in action!

  23. awesome loved it

  24. Great video Jingles!

  25. cudos on the camerawork

  26. Was there something cool upstairs or why did the german guy say “One more
    time upstairs, one more time upstairs”?

  27. The shell on one of the guns on the caviler is half my weight!

  28. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    good stuff, good stuff

  29. Does anybody know what other countries they will be adding to the tech
    tree? Perhaps Italy?

  30. sefhyro space pirate

    lovelly lady…well my tour on poland wasnt bad either

  31. Huge well done to your guide on those visits, she as awesome, great fun

  32. jingles will they ever pot in game the the german Pocket Battleship Graf
    Spee ,and how do you think it will be ?

  33. Upvote for Irene.

  34. It’s really interessting to see a western Diesl sub.
    We got an old Foxtrot diesel sub here in Hamburg Harbour.
    This sub is very different, there is actually a bit of comfort, and much
    lighter and wider it has much more space, the soviet sub is dark and tight
    compared to the Ocelot.
    And all the crew had were deploayble bunks, basicaly a metal frame that
    could be swung down, some of them in the torpedo compartment, and the crew
    used them a pillow as well, but then again the officers and captain had
    more comfort thant he officers onboard Ocelot. But this sub has a heating
    onboard, because the sub was a spysub, the engines were off for some days
    as they were submerged, this sub has also a rubber coating.

    And in general, everything seems more advanced than oboard the soviet sub.
    The russians also rmoved all redios from the ship, they were afraid that
    the west might spy on their equipment.
    And a quick sidenote, the sub in hamburg was comissioned in 1976 and was in
    service till 2002. And the sub is still operational.

  35. god you sound ill :3

  36. The Sunken Swede (rilleboy)

    Love stories like this 😀 … also love how Jingles and the lady are like
    best buddies and remembers back together :D

  37. Anyone else see the Polish DD at the very end?

  38. hah, GERMANS :)

  39. Best you the submarine Diesel is cleaned then a VW

  40. Any news on the Royal Navy tech tree?

  41. ongchangco jarrod

    thx for fixing the volume

  42. My brother is a submariner in the US Navy. He sailed as a sonar operator on
    the USS Toledo for about 5 years before getting shore duty to train sonar
    men. He says that in the US Navy, calling them a submariner is taken as an
    insult, because it implies that they are less than a mariner (as a civilian
    mariner, I estimate that there’s probably some truth to that) and instead
    they like the be called submarine-ers, because that emphasizes that they
    are on submarines. I told him that thing about crabmariners and targets.
    I’m guessing he’ll agree.

  43. I don’t get why they’re making up fantasy ships, as if there wouldn’t exist
    enough real ships and designs. And they look totally goofy and ugly, with
    completely outdated aa and even 150mm single mounts secondaries in the so
    called Hipper successor. Do they have any idea whatsoever of german
    equipment at the time and of actual ship-construction?? This is a major
    blow really… speaking of accuracy in general…

  44. Tehmustachedbiscuit

    My Step-Dad served on the Ocelot ^^

  45. POLISH?!???

  46. WoWs press event on a sub hmm

  47. Really enjoy the visit type vids, plus your insights on the shipssubs etc.
    Hats off to the tour guide also.

  48. Oh Jingles. You couldnt resist this comment about the “Brave Bismarck
    Crew”, eh? Well i think as the old Limey that you are, would you then say
    that the pride of the british navy, those wonderfull 153 british
    destroyers that were sunk in the second world war took so much seawater
    because they all were not waterproof? I think not ;-)Maybe the next time
    (may it never come to that) we Germans and you Tommies go to war will be on
    the same side like in Waterloo where our old and almost senile Blücher
    rescued your sorry high-and-mighty Wellington from the Little French
    Gentleman that was in constant pain since he took a sip of your tea and
    never got it right with his big hat after that ….

  49. TheNecromancer6666

    this Uboat needs a sister ship called revolver

  50. when there about to fire the gun from the destroyer

    me: yes yes yes let me here the BANG
    the gun fires

    me: wait what? that was it?

    it was quite clear that i was expecting a louder boom

  51. very interesting field trip

  52. That was a super guided tour by Irene.
    She was so charming, had great stories and such a very nice charming laugh.
    If anyone needs a tip for super guiding that must be her!
    Great job, Irene

    Henrik from Denmark

  53. That Lady and Jingles make a lovely match, same hair colour and they get
    stuff wrong all the time. :P

  54. Oh look a Red VW. What’s this it not smoking like a freight train

  55. For 12 years on the job, I would have her expected her to be more competent
    and more knowledgable. Not impressed she waffled her way through several

  56. Cavalier: Future British Tier 8/9/10 destroyer?

  57. “permission to come aboard sir?”

    “no… go away” hahah brilliant ?

  58. I’m not fully through the video but give my thanks to Irene. Thank you for
    the tour and information of the submarine and also Jingles thank you for
    all the footage.

  59. just me that wants a video of Jingles explaining his time in the navy?

  60. It was a pleasure to meet you Jingles. I am the guy with the red bag that
    was with you

  61. Hows the smell it there??

  62. they should add submarines to world of warships, but they would have to
    make them low health and make it so they can not be under water for to
    long. wargaming, if you see this pls add submarines.

  63. jingles do you think that submarines should be in world of warships?

  64. Must be fun to be a sailor. Unless there’s a war to fight. Then it seems to
    be quite shit. Damn war just ruins everything.

  65. O man, I want those German cruisers…. but now we have to wait over 2
    weeks to get them :(

  66. I really enjoyed this video, thank you!

  67. You sure it is just a flu?

  68. i have been in this museum in my vacation it took us all day to see
    everyting. really a good museum.

  69. What a wonderful lady she seems to be. Great guide.

  70. 39.4 knots on the Polish destroyer at tier 6, yikes.

  71. Have you heard that the Polish Błyskawica (Bwys-kavica) destroyer is coming
    to World of warships as a tier VI?

  72. Now i am awaiting visits to gosport submarine museum, historic dockyard
    portsmouth and HMS Caroline in Belfast.

  73. I would have liked to see Jingles crawl through those small hatches on the

  74. @Jingles Thanks for the tour of the ships. It was really cool.

  75. damn it! I can see the dockyard from my house =/

  76. she is a really cool lady :)

  77. Hey, Ectar..I think.

  78. I just wish Wargaming did put as much effort into the launch than those
    What a shame. A great event to watch and admire for people that already
    play the game,
    but I still cant see how they gonna attract new players, or make them
    switch from tanks.
    What a shame.

  79. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  80. That sub was downright luxurious compared to the Type II I’ve visited. One
    toilet for 20 men. :)

  81. all ways Awesome :)

  82. i love the british accent though…i wish i could speak english like that

  83. I really hope you guys gave Irene a grand applause and huge thank you after
    the tour.
    Even here, when watching her talk in the video, I get ‘so’ excited about
    things she says and points out!

  84. 37:45 Oh Jingles, that’s dark and I love it

  85. Well theres a cute girl in the mess of the destroyer aha

  86. How ironic is it that they’re giving a tour of a submarine when that isn’t
    even in the game :P

  87. I like these little historical vids

  88. Why does she use the American term for Lieutenant? Any reason?

  89. Polish DD!? Wargaming have gone positively mad!

  90. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 69 crew

  91. Such a pity that the Royal Navy is too historically insignificant to merit
    a place in the game any time soon!


  92. It’s 5 in the morning jingles :/

  93. I wish jingles mentioned he would be in chatham q.q


    You were in kent! Why was i not notified!

  95. So with these German cruisers, it’s looking like they just outclass the
    Japanese, so what’s sets them apart?

  96. I’ve been on all these, lived on the Cavalier for a bit.

  97. knew there was a reason I wanted to stay up late (3 am here in
    california)… I just had a feeling Jingles was going to put something up
    “special” now to drag my silly self off to bed and dream of german 8″ gun
    cruiser. ((I always thought the Prinze Eugen got the Hood.. they ever
    figure out which? Its was powder flash that killed her.. just like the
    queens at Jutland. “There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships
    today” or something like that. ))
    Toodles! and thanks Mister Jingles.. and if your in a match with
    “Deadeye_Pete’s_clone” for god sake give me sea room, My shooting is great,
    my driving… not so much. Made a new account for the EU servers.. work’n
    up fast. I make a Kawachi look very dangerous (one mission, 18 shots hit, 4
    kills rather pleased with that.. when the rest of the german BB’s show up
    thy’re going to be scary ships… especially the great war era boats. I
    wanna Derflinger, but I’ll settle for a Molke!

  98. why there are no this kind of guided tour at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard?
    I have to figure out everything myself.

  99. I would really love to see Wargaming pulling off Royal Navy techtrees since
    the 30s RN ships tend to shrink even on paper.
    In the late 30s HMS Lion didn’t even utilize the full 45,000 tons as stated
    in the escalation clause in the 2nd London Naval Treaty
    Iowa did use all 45,000 tons.
    While in 1920 the UK designed warships that could have taken on even Yamato.

    Only the carriers grew progressively bigger (culminating in HMS Malta)

    Though there was this Winston Churchill pet cruiser project during his
    short tenure as Sealord in 1939
    of which some of them were were up to 21,000 tons and carried up to 12 X
    9.2 inch guns.
    Maybe a tier 10 cruiser?

  100. She seems very fit for a lady of her age :D

  101. Jingles are you still sick. Your voice sounds a bit distorted

  102. QUESTION: Why was the bridge open to elements? With 2000 tons adding maybe
    a single ton for some protection doesn’t seem like a big problem and feels
    like it would improve combat capability a lot.

  103. Would love to go to these naval museums

  104. Jingles have you ever considered doing a Silent Hunter Campaign series on
    your channel ….from any of the Silent Hunter franchise 3, 4, or 5

  105. Irene is good at her job. I would never remember all that.

  106. Guys I have just started playing world of warships today but when I go to
    battle I can see the UI but none of the environment pls help

  107. Sure a tour of that sub would make Jingles look back kindly on the
    accommodations of his Gulf War era Frigate
    Hell, I felt claustrophobic touring the brand-new HMAS Canberra LHC.

  108. Is it that bloody boat, errr, real life experience again?

  109. Thanks Jingles, i initially planned my Day otherwise, but now i have to go
    and watch “Das Boot” again… great xD

  110. Radovan Dragović

    I am an excellent swimmer, having been a waterpolo player for 6 years, and
    an exceptional diver, I can drive a length of a swimming pool, 50m, on a
    breath, couldn’t do more but am a fat and old now, and do not have even a
    hint of claustrophobia, but if somebody told me that I had to serve on a
    submarine I would immediately desert. I do not get how people can serve on
    a ship, and when I even imagine sense of helplessness that you get not
    being able to even hear what is going on while you are submerged… It’s

  111. I thought that bearded chap was Frankie Boyle when he spoke first O.o
    Exactly the same voice/accent

  112. Damn it, Jingles! I was expecting the Israeli Sherman video today! Oh well,
    I can wait :)

  113. Ectar and his magnificent beard!

  114. God, this takes me back. I served on these boats for 15 years. Happy Days

  115. 23:00 lol bad jingles ???

  116. I was there that day

  117. 46min …. thats like chrismas… hurray deer Jingles hurray deer Jingles!

  118. Wish I knew you were there, whilst the event was on I was in chargemans
    office playing with little model ships wondering how it was going

  119. The idea of having to do pipework or electrical maintenance on a sub is
    disgusting. So MUCH stuff and so LITTLE SPACE. Must have been an absolute
    waste of time for the shipyards with a cost to match….

  120. It’s that bloody boat game again. Oh wait..

  121. Irean is adorable. Jingles thanks for the video. Love all your vids! Alot
    of the games I don’t even play… yet. Keep up the work my good man.

  122. OK QUESTION : – 39:30 … there is a shield jutting out from the higher gun
    over the lower one. Why? What is it there for? (I’ve noticed this same
    feature on other ships of the time) Any one know?

  123. uploaded 15 minutes ago… the last time I came this early my girlfriend
    left me.

  124. Lol co’mon Irene !!! sorry wrong lyrics !

  125. Quick, snag one of those Alienwares and take it home!
    Get me one too =P

  126. again …. volume tooooooooooo low

  127. You’re still sick, aren’t you?

  128. I vote for a Lets Play Together with The Mighty Jingles and SirNossi (the
    german who played the WoWs game) ;)

  129. So WG chose Chatham Historic Dockyard to announce an early 20th century
    naval warfare game that ignores and excludes the RN?

  130. Engines biggest than my house, holly molly

  131. pc master race (crepperman32)

    69 crew illuminati confirmed

  132. pc master race (crepperman32)

    69 crew illuminati confirmed

  133. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    You still sound ill sir, thx for your efford!

  134. You’re starting to sound like yourself Jingles, wish you even faster

  135. Greetings all, 4 minutes old and still not first to comment. What is your
    opinion on the upcoming pace of wargaming releasing the new ship lines
    jingles? Any inside gossip about whats coming after German Cruisers and
    Russian 😀 Destroyers?

  136. 10:38pm about to go to sleep, sees jingles video, i guess i can sleep

  137. so hyped for stronk soviet destroyers, my beard is quivering with

  138. Awesome!

  139. you were so close to me :O

  140. I should really sleep. But Jingles.

  141. 😀
    I’m jealous !

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