World of Warships – Preussen Impression

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Discussing my experience with the newly released German Battleship Preussen. I did not expect to like Preussen, but I really like the ship and the changes compared to GK. Let me know in the comments what you think about Preussen, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Tier 10 German Battleship Preussen Replay


  1. Vítězslav Zpěvak

    We need mod, when secondaries will fire. It will be played Preussan glory.

  2. Since there is the new king of the secondary ship- Schlieffen, a secondary build on the Gk hull is not needed for me. The hybrid gun build is much much better.

    • Completely agree. Build her for accuracy and survivability, and you have enough left over for close-in secondaries. The only thing I’m not sure about is CE. At the moment I do have it, but Notser’s build seems worth a try.

    • @AllAhabNoMoby yep
      11km secs and decent accuracy while having some spicy main battery
      Might try that on FDG actually, tho, it might get worse range
      On Bismarck, full secs is fine

  3. 11:24 that Schlieffen was me. lmao

  4. Hey noster I also went hybrid. However I didn’t do much on tank I added aa in due to the current meta. With the aa aspect of the build it gives it the capability to match Monty/repub on aa defense which is good

  5. Notser, your voice is so calming and chill, makes me get my sanity back lol.

  6. I think you give up to much without the secondary mod while the aiming systems seems to only work some of the time. I’m more interested in the rudder shift you have over reducing fire and flood by 10%

    • you don’t
      The German BB sec accuracy is really nice. This is what allows you to run this build
      It wouldn’t work on any other BB with standard sec accuracy.

    • @Anubhav Das Sarma you lose 1.5 km range and 20% dispersion increase which always remain active and have saved me for getting torpedoed by DDs on several occasions and aiming systems only seems to work some of the time, I rather them just buff the dispersion but they won’t since it’s a German BB. Heck they are already nerfing the shelifein.

    • @Nick Rael one
      You lose 15% coz Aiming gives some bonus to secs. They are still fairly accurate, and when it comes to hitting DDs, it’s not like they could hit a semi active DD at the star anyway at ranges of 11km
      Two, 11km is still good range. Ohio is a good sec BB at T10 with 11.3km.
      Three, would you choose to have fully built in secs of 12.5 km with main battery that can’t do shit, or would you like a main battery with 20 km range that actually does something, and still retain a decent portion of secs for CQ??

    • @Nick Rael also schlieffen nerf was very minor
      Played a game Inger. Didn’t notice much
      Even hydro seemed as effective as it did before

  7. Do the same build, since schlieffen is the new secondary mayhem king im fine with hybrid preussen

  8. Always enjoy your videos thank you for so many years.

  9. T7 German bb have 3×11 inch gun and 2×15 inch gun, 3 inch increase.
    T10 German bb need 3×16.5 inch gun and 2×18 inch gun, 1.5 inch increase.
    Is that why they lost ww2 ?

  10. Hybrid build is the way baby
    Decent secs and workable main battery
    Thnx in advance PQ for making that for GK, coz I love this build hear
    Nice vid Notser

  11. I was the Venezia(obviously) in this one. Game felt wayyyy closer than it appears from your angle. Great game though, you got that north cal and I knew it was over. I had a full sap salvo smash that elbing in smoke towards the end too.

  12. I have a similar build to this but instead of Fire Prevention I took Grease the Gears and Priority target cause the turret rotation speed without Grease got me killed so often. I also have Gunther so it’s even faster.

  13. 3 games in Preussen, 3 losses, not a single game over 100k, 1 citadel. Average potential damage is 2 million. People looooove to shoot it.

  14. Funny… after few tests I got same conclusion… hybrid seems to be the best… and makes preussen somehow diffrent ship experience to GK

  15. Got this ship a few days ago,, I will be perfectly honest and say that she is a real pain the ass. The dispersion is awful, she burns like an Englishman in the mid-day sun, and I her shells leave a lot to be desired.
    How can I improve accuracy and improve dispersion?
    My build is almost like Noster’s, but I only have 16 commander skill points – should I spend coal and get Gunther Lutjens?
    Any advise will be greatly appreciated

  16. I find the GK to be better overall.

  17. So glad to see you doing impression videos again! these are my favorite.

  18. What I will say is that the preussian has really good AP penetration for both secondary and main battery, then I believe a 46% fire chance with the main guns. Anytime a target is angled at range just fire HE and you will get fires for days.

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