World of Warships: Preussen – Is This Just a GK?

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Preussen seems like a Grosser Kurfürst to me. Plays pretty well in the same style too.

0:00 Intro
0:26 Captain Skills & Upgrades
0:35 Preussen Match
10:23 End Screen
10:50 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 German battleship Preussen.


  1. If I ignore it, then it never happened, right?

  2. I personally prefer the GK to preussen, mainly because i enjoy shooting a shit load of shells at a single target

    • Verum Alex Princeps

      @NotKnightBean Also Preussen has much better reload and armor penetration. I’ve heard that in WoWS: Blitz GK is same as Preussen in WoWS, while Preussen there is GK from WoWS, but with torps. I wish they add torps to GK in regular WoWS as GK is clearly underwhelming, while torps won’t break any ballance since German torps are low damage and low range

    • @Verum Alex Princeps I could see that working
      it would also help gk get some damage with having to go basically full broadside.

  3. To answer your question; yes but a bit easier to use guns.
    Better angles and a bit better accuracy helps a lot. Otherwise it is basically the same ship, just slightly more user friendly.

  4. So glad to see you back

  5. The Mecklandburg has good secondaries, fun torps and 11 inch guns at tier 10. Still 16 guns make for some fun BB on CRUISER action. Then on BBs those pop guns do quite a bit of damage, just not many citadels.

  6. Eyy, so good to see you here again my man. You helped me through the first two years of uni, happy if you’ll be back for the final third 🙂

  7. I prefer pure tank and built it for guns which is reload and dispersion mod rather than secondaries. This thing will reach sub20s reload with AR active. Pushing in and tanking for the team and by late game you only have a fourth of your healthpool but your DDs and Cruisers have their entire healthpool and winning the game. Meanwhile the red team wonders why you are so unkillable while their ships go.down one by one.

    Also the reason why I built it for guns is the 457 overmatch. This thing slaps cruisers hard in CQC especially with the fast reload.

  8. This is a nice surprise. I was actually wishing last night to watch a Aerroon WoWs video. And here you are!

    Aerroon! Long time no see. How are you? Was worried if you were still alive or not.

  9. Welcome back Aerroon you have been missed!

  10. the legend is back… i missed the “hello and welcome” listen man , everyone has a life and we all know you are in your 20s, take care of yourself brother we are always here for you !!!

  11. Major Disappointment

    Glad to see your videos again Aerroon. Thanks

  12. Finally Aerroon is back

  13. Good to see you back Aeroon! I’m glad they don’t make you serve the whole sentence for murdering a good Youtibe channel 😀

  14. whoooo! the summoning worked again! Recently i felt sad you didnt release videos anymore so i started rewatching a lot of your old vids AND NOW YOURE BACK WHOOOOO!!!.. Welcome back! =)

  15. So glad to see you back. You have been missed and hope everything is going great

  16. Good to see you back man. I or we miss your insight. One can say that lots have changed since your absence. I hope more is to come in the future.

  17. I actually thought you said “wonder bra”… I had to re-read it twice to make sure >_<

  18. It must be Pruessen is a H-41 the H-class battleships.

  19. Good to see u posting again. Always enjoying your videos

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