World of Warships – Pride of the navy, Terror of sea

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The video starts a bit grim because I was talking to chat about my grandma that has to go to surgery these days but in the end it turned into an amazing match with one and only Bismarck. Fingers crossed granny and let’s roll.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Sabaton is great ^^
    Can’t wait till their new album drops

    Nice video btw x)

  2. William Mcdonnell

    hope everything works out ok flambass

  3. And here I was hoping to find some Bismarck replays, and you upload at the same time. Hope your grandma gets well.

  4. Wish you’re grandma all the best Flambass.
    By the time I have followed you I can say that you are an awesome person.
    Best to ya all ?

  5. Your Grandmother will be in my prayers.
    It’s all I can do.

  6. The second I saw lyrics I knew this is Bismarck repley

  7. God bless Flambass, I’ll say a prayer for your grandma.

  8. I hope your Grandma does well with her upcoming surgery. Best wishes for her.
    What captain skills and modules are you using on your Bismarck?

  9. I lost my nan last september to cancer. I sincerely hope your gran gets through the surgery okay and has a speedy recovery<3

  10. That initial shootout with the Prinz Eugen of all things…bit of an ‘et tu, brute?’ moment :P.

  11. Been there, know how you feel.

    Doctors doing amazing things these days; maybe visit her for lunch before you go to Russia? Grandmas love that kind of thing.

  12. Im really hoping that all goes well with your Grandmother mate,all the way from OZ:)

  13. WG: how many citas do u want for Musashi?
    Bismarck : Yes

  14. Whoe else knew just by reading the title that this video is about the bismarck? Thx Sabaton <3

    Hope everything is alright with ur grandma

  15. Lovely intro Flambass. I wish the best for your Grandmother

  16. Bachana Kvitsiani

    Flagship* of the navy, the terror of the seas
    Pride of a nation a beast made of steel :d

  17. The ironic thing about the first enemy ship he bullied, the Prinz Eugen is that IRL the Prinz Eugen was the escort cruiser for the Bismark when it sank the HMS Hood

  18. FR: Ah ah, ce mouleau de flambass, quand même !
    GB: What a so lucky guy, this Flambass, lol !

  19. I wish your grandma a speedy recovery mate. My father is in a very similar position and goes in for an op on the 2nd.

  20. Just stay strong. My mother in-law just went through it at the age of 63 came through it amazing

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