World of Warships – Prime Promotion

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Highlight promotion going on for , show off the goods and a little game. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Replay


  1. We all live on a purple battleship!

  2. I just went there and the “link warships account” link only goes to an EU sign-in. No idea how to get this thing to work.

  3. Thank goodness for Student Prime

  4. cant wait for Yuro to use that Kappa face in one of his videos

  5. non realistic camo’s should actually make you easier to hit…….not harder.

  6. Ships in ww1 and ww2 used camos like this. They’re called ‘dazzle camo’ I believe. They were used to trick submarines to shoot wrong at the ship.

    • Dazzle was stripes.

    • Richard Winstanley

      Dazzle was shapes and patterns, not just stripes. It was used not to make subs shoot the wrong ship because thats nonsense. It was designed to make it harder for the enemy commanders to judge the distance, speed and direction of the target ship, particularly useful against subs.

  7. Melonic Randomizer

    i would love to get that! but i dont want to give my credit card information, and i still want Kappa -_-

  8. 666 days of premium… hmm…

  9. We just all herd Notsers pick-up line “I want to enter your citidel….OH yeah” made my day

  10. Guys do not do this, stop connecting all your accounts to websites they make insane amounts of money by selling your private information they are not doing this because they love you so much.

    Notser stop advertising stuff like this!

  11. Roberts Georgs Fimbauers


  12. I miss the “old” Northern Lights where you actually played at night under the northern lights.

  13. Nice to hear you are back with your girlfriend, or have found a new one. In Love Notser is the best Notser – you just seem happier sir, so gj and keep up the awesome work!

  14. My OMG moment in the game….”I’ll be moving in with my girlfriend soon”. I can see it now…..”are you talking to your internet friends again…how much longer is that game going to last?”

  15. Colonel David Davenport

    NOTSER! Help!  I linked my Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts together no problem – Saw the free stuff and tried to claim it – The website asked me to log in to my Warships account using their EU address – UH OH!!! I have been a WOWs player for a year and ANYTIME I have been asked to sign into my account utilizing the EU address – “Password Not Recognized” – I am not going to screw up my WOWs account by changing stuff – Any Ideas???

  16. sadly India is not a country covered by twitch prime.. just stupid..

  17. Moving in with girlfriend hm? Will there be soon Mrs. Notser in game?

  18. i want that kappa but i don’t have twitch prime rip me

  19. Got my cammo’s port and 10 point commander. Thanks again Notser for making me aware of this promotion.

  20. moving in..!!!.. are we talking about the End here?.. hope not like watching your videos and comments, all the best.

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