World of Warships Prinz Eitel Friedrich Tier 6 Premium German Battleship Preview

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Today we take a look at the World of Warships Prinz Eitel Friedrich Tier 6 Premium German . This preview was not easy for me, because playing the ship was not easy. While the AA was strong, I found the ship itself to be very lackluster.


  1. •_Lumia Art_•

    Dude if you don’t run into lots of cvs at tier 6 you are doing better than me ?


    Also this is of course subjective, but I play low and medium tiers exclusively and it feels as though I have been meeting more carriers there in the past two, three months than ever in my first year of WoWs so far. It made me re-build many Tier-5 through -7 BBs into full AA spec.
    Flamu was also disappointed. These guns should hit about as hard as Kongo’s, which has about the same calibre and the same turret layout. Sounds like they nerfed them a bit to balance the higher speed and better AA and other specs.

  3. Soo you’re expecting 350mm guns to hit like 406mm guns and with the same accuracy?
    Powercreep is already an issue in recent premiums and asking for those is just bad.
    This is just like asking PEF to be the T6 Guilo Cesare

    • Ryuuoh DeltaPlus I think he’d expecting 350mm guns to hit like 356mm guns like on Fuso, New Mexico, or Arizona. That’s a pretty reasonable expectation. 350mm guns probably can’t overmatch a t6 BB or maybe even a t7/t8 cruiser bow like a 356mm gun often can.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Captain_Dorja The overmatch is entirely possible for tier 7 or less cruisers cause 16mm bow plate But the overmatch for BBs 25mm should have at least 380s I also hope they improve the hitting power but nevertheless the ship is a buy for me cause of history

  4. Why there isn’t that much CVs

    – Too much AA that your planes just get shot down
    – Community is toxic as heck towards CVs

    • community toxic toward CVs cause they are OP in the right hands, and the only thing that can counter them is another good CV. So, if you suck you lose and the team will blame you. Manual drop needs to be gone with strafing, never heard of planes strafing other planes and killing them all. if that was the case bombing runs would be ineffective in WW2.

    • Daniel Griego You don’t want to use historical tactics as a reason to get rid of irritating gameplay elements.

    • that would make CVs complicated if your able to use elevation and speed, to deal with AA and other aircraft.

    • Daniel Griego The thing is the community is toxic whether you’re good or bad lol

    • Just another YouTube account

      To be fair though, a bad CV player can be extremely detrimental to a team, usually though if it’s a T6-T7 CV player I’m willing to cut them a bit of slack if they’re within maybe the 1st 40 battles, but if they’re at around 100+ battles and have abysmal stats in their CV sorry but maybe they should look into other ship types, but like I said I’ll usually try to cut CV players some slack if they’re new, but if you’re at T8+ in the CV lines and still don’t know how to manual drop or strafe, you’re basically dead weight to your team, especially if the enemy teams CV is leagues ahead of you. It’s the sad unfortunate truth, hopefully the CV rework mitigates the skill gap a bit.

  5. Angry Nerd Gaming

    Oh, someone who agrees with me, when I gave my feedback, everyone else was like “We love it”. I had such bad results firing AP at cruisers, I switched to HE

  6. Thanks for quick review. Quick one, Giulio Cesare is not pronounced like that! Cheers.

  7. What is the purpose of this ship? $$$$ for WG.
    And where is this lack of CV’s of which you speak. Heck, even during this game play, and with the good AA you mentioned, you’re still getting sky raped. But I see a lot (too much) of sky cancer in game.

  8. Ishizuchi and Myogi are also battlecruisers together with Kongo. And then it’s Hood, Ashitaka and Amagi. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were not battlecruisers it was just the british that called them that.

  9. “Pocket Battleship” was a derogatory term coined by the British media, it was never an official designation by any means. The German designation was Panzerschiffe – literally Armoured Ship. The Panzerschiffe were not full-on dreadnought battleships (Schlachtschiffe) but nor were they cruisers (Kreuzer). They were an intermediate type.

    • I like the call the Deutchland cruisers ‘Raider’ cruisers. This new German BC seems like it is one tier too high, maybe.

    • So…was the term “Pocket Battleship” exclusively used to describe German ships ?

    • I wouldn’t say Pocket Battleship was derogatory, but highly political. It made the ships ‘sound’ far more dangerous than they were. Germany at the time was not allowed to really build a real battleship, and Deutchland class was as extreme as the treaty let be built. The British called them Pocket Battleships in a way to say Germany was doing something it shouldn’t or was far more dangerous than it really was. They were commerce raiders, nothing much more. The battlecruiser in this video was a WW1 battlecruiser design, similar to Kongo but more AA..

    • I think “Pocket Battleship” was more apt than “armoured ship”. Battleship guns on a cruiser package? Might as well call them what they were instead of some generic title the Germans gave them to conceal their warmongering.

  10. “Might be good in ranked”- like they will ever have ranked @ T6 again. I have a bad feeling WOWS is stuck on the current format for ranked, and they keep defending their decision to do so. It baffles me as to why they listen to the community on some things, but ignore other items. I mean the forums and other sites have many players asking for ranked variety.

  11. so its like a bayern but with smaller guns but improved reload?? i still prefer fuso with fast reload and 12 guns…

  12. This is a ship I’ll probably pick up even if it is a bit weaker and not the best captain trainer for German ships just because I’m a big fan of the WWI battle cruisers of the High Seas Fleet. I’m not a Kreigaboo or a Wehraboo or anything but I do like the German battle cruisers. I think Britain got a good idea and Germany perfected the formula, outr just improved it massively. When I first learned that World of Battleships was going to be a game, back when the title was still World of Battleships and the forum wasn’t even up yet, my first thoughts ran something like this, “Oh my God! I hope I can slug it ot with ships like Duke of York vs Scharnhorst, Bismarck and Hood, Yamato, Iowa, South Dakota, Warspite, and any of the Italian ships. How great would it be to take Moltke or Von Der Tann out and skirmish with Lion and Invincible before Iron Duke or Emperor of India came up to engage Kronprinz or Friedrich der Grosse! I have to play this game!” Getting a Mackensen, even if it’s mediocre, is a bit of wish fulfillment for me.

    I’m still holding out that the British, German, Japanese, and US get full lines of battle cruisers. I recall a WG interview where they said they already had enough material for a full battle cruiser line for those 4 nations and I want to see them in game.

  13. Mike Kraner-Henthorn

    I really do well in the graff, but the way this ship is doing I don’t think I will pick it up. you can’t miss enough to win or have fun.
    It looks better than the USS Boise, but that isn’t hard. I can do that kind of damage in the Boise but it isn’t decisive. you at least could sink some ships.

  14. Colonel David Davenport

    Great video – I will pass on her unless they fix her!

  15. Is it close enough to Kongo that with a drop of AA, it can be a tier 5?

  16. Is it me or WG is trying to reinforcing bad gameplay habits? It looked like it started with the RN BB line sitting aaaallllll the way in the back of the map and shoot nothing but HE on ships, now this seems it has bad gun performance so you have to shoot HE.

  17. Eustace Stritchers

    Yeah, the Germans make things complicated. The British battlecruisers were genuinely different ships with battleship guns put on hulls with cruiser armor and speed; cruiser killers by design that simply melted when faced by battleship guns. The German “battlecruisers,” be it Goeben, Mackensen, or Scharnhorst, were really just battleships that traded a little firepower and/or armor for a notable improvement in speed. The better term for these German ships should probably be fast battleship.

  18. i agreee there are not much carriers T7+ but tier 4-6 there are like 2 carriers every damn game …

  19. That WWI era battlecruiser w/ eurobeat lol

  20. where do we get this game for PC……… plz tell me guys…. thank u

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