World of Warships – Prinz Eitel Friedrich WiP – What Premiums Should Be Like

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I really like the Prinz Eitel Friedrich, she’s got her own thing going for her, her own style of play, yet she isn’t broken or gimmicky. Wish all premiums would follow this idea more.


  1. German: -Looks at Kongou- Oy Nihon freund, can I borrow ze homework?
    Japan: Sure change it a bit so it doesn’t look the same
    Prinz Eitel Fredrick was born

    • Really not sure what you mean? the Kongo was built by Vickers at Barrow-in-Furness and designed by George Thurston based on the design of the Lion class battle cruiser, all subsequent ships of the class where built in Japan.

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      Yeah, pretty sure they know that.

    • It’s just a joke that Prinz Eitel Fredrick plays like a T6 version of the Kongo. It was not meant to be taken literally as in Kongo is built by the Vickers and sold to the Japanese and the German copy the design. It was an analogy of how Prinz Eitel Fredrich plays similar to Kongo in World of Warships just like someone in school asked a friend to copy his homework and not make it obvious that he copied it.

    • Admiral Hattori Yep, some people just too serious for a simple joke =v=)

    • At the end of the day, everyone copied each other- except the Royal Navy! ;D

  2. Damn it #5 comment!

  3. Hooray german bbs for all.

  4. Seems like an interesting ship but I think scharnhorst is a better choice in terms of German premium BBs

  5. If the Bayern didn’t get a fantasy speed buff this would seem even better, same with the Normandie which got made stupid fast.

  6. Agree, this is how prem ships should be. Offer different playstyle, and not being OP

  7. What Premiums Should Be Like
    Not premium paying customer want

  8. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    Gotta love the players mad in chat there lol

  9. Yet another good Tier 6 BB. Tier 6 seems to be the “happy place” for BB’s, nothing gimmicky or outrageous, just good solid enjoyable ships. I’d much prefer something like this, as opposed to the Jean Bart which is so gimmicked as to be laughable. And from that last part, you could probably tell I quite agree with your take on premiums. But sadly, WG also feels the need to cater to the “moar power!” mindset as well to make money.

    • Just yesterday I played against the JB with flambass at the helm (1v1) in my monty and could only win by destroying his turrets, went down to 10k HP before last heal. JB is just OP for T9 as is, agree on the overly gimmicky statement.
      The trouble with T6 is they get uptiered nearly every game. I would prpose giving premium ships protected MM, that would make them more enjoyable to play, without needing to be more powerful than other T6 ships. would make all current premiums more appealing as well.

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      Pretty much why I stay at t6/7. It’s a much more balanced game.

    • Jaroslaw Krassowizkij

      T6 was balanced- T61 (new german prem DD) does that aswell now
      3 Seasons ago I liked ranked T6. Just simple games. But now if we were to do a ranked season then:
      T6 is ruined by T61
      T7 is ruined by Belfast and maybe Boise, Flint. Saipan will lose against a skilled Hiryu, but the prem cruisers wreck the Tech Tree ones.
      T8 is balanced right now. That is why KOTS was T8 always.
      T9 is ruined by Missouri, Mushashi, Jean Beart; and Black.
      T10 is left balanced for now.
      So if you would play competitive/ranked only T8&10 are fine so far… Rest is shit. If you are talking about playing randoms only then it does not matter often if a ship is OP since you can show skills to offset it

    • T6 isn’t ruined by the introduction of T-61 in the same way that T8 isn’t ruined by kutuzov. Both very strong ships but they dont ruin the entire tier. For T7 you forget that helena can still trade with boise and flint very well at range. Every ship at T10 is OP and the game play is very slow and static, and currently we have T10 for everything, ranked, CW, legendary modules, sharks vs eagles, some variety for games would be much appreciated. So far T6 has been my favourite for ranked, no gimmicks and the fewest OP ships (kutuzov is more OP than T-61 I think)

  10. Destroyer Inazuma

    Cool review. I agree that new ships shouldn’t be too OP, but different. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I’d rather pay for novelty than for pure overwhelming power. I’ve been on the receiving end of “premium” players in pay to win games (APB) for far too long. Could you please do a Kongo video one of these days? just to compare it to the Prinz and see how it fares in 7.7 ? Thanks, have a good day!

    • I agree on the Kongo vid. I believe it’s time to do new “How to play”-vids on alot of the “old” ships. Had a guy that asked about the Königsberg and all he could find on YT was two years old or more.

    • why compare to Kongo? Tier 5? Kongo old Techtree ship

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      Precisely. It’s old so many people have it, so many people will have a basis for comparison. Plus the Kongo is also a fast battecruiser, plus it also has eight guns (even though they’re different). The ships have at the least the design similarity.

  11. WG does not want BB players having to think or make good plays example:

    Alsace, best kiter (top tier rear firing angles) and best flanker, which despite its numerous, but small and over pen incapable for the tier, guns still had challenges (32 mm plating no super heal, plenty of time going solo on flanks so torpedo magnet). Nonetheless WG has hammered her (rendering my premium cammo on her useless) becuase good players knew how to use it: use speed, gain position, hammer their broadside.

    On the other hand, there is still no rework on the RN 419 firehooses which require zero planning to be used, and render the 457s compleltey useless.

    So yes, this PEF looks very nice, and I want one, but I cannot avoid wondering why the fuck WG shits on this kind of interesting playstyle on the tech trees and reserves it for premiums. Think of it, PEF has small guns, good but not awesome armor, is fast, and with manual AA is an AA fortress which can go solo on the flanks: The only thing different to Alsace (3 tiers up) is that PEF trades alpha vs RoF.

    edit: btw, this PEF concelment is a bit too much NO BB in the game should be able to outspot, or match, an equivalent tier cruiser…

    • thats why yamato has a 275 base with 26km range right, because higher range means higher dispersion right…and no, we werent having an adult conversation, i was having a conversation with a child butthurt that he cant bow camp anymore and must now call a ship cancer just because it hurt his feelings. grow the fuck up

    • That is because IJN, specially ultra accurate Yamato, were given from the beginning, a better dispersion curve as national trait…

      Just search in google images “wows dispersion chart”. There you see how Germany is slightly worse than average, and IJn substantially better than average… And please, stop embarrassing yourself with this kind of comments: ” because higher range means higher dispersion right… ”

      btw, I did not insult you ever. Oh, and I forgot, yes, I agree with you Monarch is pretty underwhelming.

      EDIT: HEre you are, I even did your homework for you:

      Updated with IJN, USN and German BB. RN BBs follow the same dispersion as USN BBs iirc. Now please, explain again how works this claims of yours “the biggest issue with the 457 is not the reload, its not the turret traverse, its the fact that its BASE dispersion is 306 meters, the kurfurst has a base of 268, a german ship is more accurate by a large margin”

    • bladeclanhalo3 your list of conq haters is hilarious and pretty accurate as well. I will have to disagree with you on the Monarch though. In the hands of a half way intelligent skipper the Monarch can perform quite well. So worst tier 8? Nope. But I love the rest of your comment. +1 for you

    • the main reason the monarch is seen as the worst t8 is because its guns a low caliber, its hp pool is the lowest of its tier, it doesnt get british HE, however its ap is still short fuse, a large majority of people skip it, i did 😛

    • bladeclanhalo3 you also skipped reading disspersion charts, do so in the future in order to avoid embarrassment…

      I did play Monarch, its stock configuration with a hull comparable to a stock tier 7, but on tier x games, was dreadful.

      Fully upgraded had underwhelming AP pen and debatable HE compared even with KGV.

      Only redeeming feature, superb concealment: choose engagements and ambush opposing broadsides if AP can work…

  12. in game chat is salty…lol

  13. Just another ship.. no big deal, the AA I do like in tier 6 too many CV in that game. So a good AA is something I like.

  14. I do like Ishizuchi and this looks like alot of the same so…….Will buy.

  15. Proper thorough honest fair review , as usual and 2b expected from ichase. (have been unsubbing from those cc’s that have recently become 2nd hand car salesmen for wg)

  16. I’m all for these sort of Premiums.
    Hipper and Eugen turned out pretty good as well… just took WG a hundred years for the easiest fix ever but oh well…
    Tirpitz and Bismarck are not that bad either… Tirpitz trades hydro for torpedoes. It would be better if Bismarck had no hydro and Tripitz would trades secondaries for torpedoes but I guess Tirpitz got power-creeped quite severely.

  17. So, while labeled a BB, it falls short of Bayern in comparison of armor and guns. It also is comparable to cruiser by speed and detectability. It sounds like playing this actually as a BB should be avoided, unless your skills are closer to iChase’s rather than the average Bayern player.

  18. Stevonnie Jenkins

    i am fine with some gimmicks but if it is extremely overpowered, i do not buy it, like i did not buy the asashio because i believed it to be cancer. I do think ship balance is important, and as my wows motto goes, “There is a use for EVERY ship, no matter how weak or strong they are (even if it means turning your ship into a torpedo)”

  19. Just another YouTube account

    Guess that’s why I like the Mutsu, unique, no real gimmick and sturdy enough to hold her own against ships of her tier or slightly higher, accuracy sometimes is a bit questionable but overall decent, penetration is good for her tier as well

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