World of Warships – Prinz Eitel Friedrich

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Testing the Eitel Friedrich on Trident with a good variety of scenarios to assess. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VI German Prinz Eitel Friedrich Replay – Discord Server


  1. I can pretty much feel the horror of Cruiser player when they got chase by this ship. Like: ” Wtf? That thing is tier 6. How the hell can it go so fast? This is BS. WG make another OP Prem again.” XD

    • why are cruisers being chased? learn to aim and delete it already.

    • This is the reason I love the Dunkerque 😉 this ship just has a more traditional gun layout lol

    • Mammoth Mk3
      Its not an BB it’s a Battlecruiser what do you expect. This things like Derfflinger Class were built to hunt and kill cruiser.

    • just think about the von der Tann, by powerlevel she would be T3, but would go 24.8knts
      or the Derfflinger (power level would be T5), 26.5knts
      german battlecruisers were built to hunt cruisers, but also to fight along battleships if needed, unlike the british battlecruisers
      the british gave up armor for speed while the germans gave up firepower for speed

  2. Just to say: every notser video, I have to do an impression at the beginning. XD

  3. CVs at tiers 4-6 is why I love playing my Texas so much. I think my record was 30 planes in one match. Running into this thing will be interesting. I wonder how it will handle the upper tier ships.

    • Derek Gentle gj

    • Yes, at tier 7 where CVs have more planes to burn and you have defensive fire. At tiers 4 and 5 there are fewer planes in the match. Do not get me wrong – 50 is impressive – just don’t scoff at my numbers when the situations are different.

    • General Cartman Lee

      My overall record was 56 plane kills with the Missouri against an Essex.
      My highest score with the Texas is 37, that was battle with two CVs in each team.
      These are my only two clear skies achievments.
      The most hilarious was 52 planes with the Alabama against a Hakuryu. I think I only took 1 or 2 torpedoes from his planes.
      And recently I got the new AA defens expert achievement for 42 planes with the Monatana.
      I love my full AA US BBs. 😀

    • Florian Beinschrodt

      126 planes, get on my lvl kek

    • Yep, great AA, great stealth and great accuracy are the reasons why the citadel on US BBs should ve never been lowered.

  4. Reminds me a bit of the Hood.

  5. Kaga ́s Playground

    last time i was this early austria had still a navy

  6. nerf concealment
    buff secondaries
    make german BB’s great again !

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      It’s T6 – even Bayern doesn’t have good long range secondaries.
      – agreed they could lower concealment though.

      Plus it has 2.0 Sigma – it should be more reliable for shots.
      Something all German BBs don’t have excluding Scharnhorst.

      Ironically the Germans used the layout of the Mackensen Class (which is this ship) and used it as the basis of the Scharnhorst Class.

    • But they sould have good secondaries for their tier, especialy t7 should have something like 6km-6.5km range that is the flavor of the line, things like the american t8 premium bb should not exist

    • Hmm, well;
      I think to buff the base range of the PEF secondaries to 6km would be nice (for exchanging a little bit of this good concealment).
      I mean, on T6 you dont get the 60% accuracy of that captains secondary skill, so it would not be overpowered or so.

    • Shut up and touch my Spaghet

      Concealment > Secondaries.

    • Because of all the powercreep (two new BB lines with turtleback), all ger BBs from T6-T9 need a vertical dispersion buff.
      Yes, sigma value might be good on some of them, but the problem is the beyond horrible vertical dispersion, that makes your shells land too short or too far all the time.

  7. @notser she is a Battlecruiser, she’s a successor to the Lutzow class.

    • There are a deutschland class pocket battleship named Lützow which was Deutschland before.

    • The Deutschlands were Heavy Cruisers. There never was such a thing as a “pocket battleship”!!! The very term “pocket battleship” was nothing but British newspaper propaganda. No navy ever used “pocket battleship” as an official term.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      C.K One To be fair, the Derfflinger had 2 less 150mm guns because it had Frahm anti rolling tanks But yeh, they are the same Sorry for nitpick, I’m just a german BC nerd

    • crucisnh They are nicknmed as pocket battleships cause of their guns.

    • Mackensen class battlecruiser, laid down in 1915 and scrapped in 1920.

  8. Can’t wait for for this ship!

  9. Something you did not mention when you were talking about the Bayern, is that it also benefits from manual AA quite nicely too, especially when facing the T5-T6 CV’s 🙂

  10. 7:46 Notser: “They are not using their guns.” Minekaze literally fires a full broadside…

    • ahm…open your eyes Mr. The Fubuki is firing its guns.

    • I just had a Fubuki like that on one of my games last night. I died to a 1% hp cruiser because my friendly Fubuki would not open fire and help me, he was literally 5km from the enemy. I called him out and though he would understand, but 2 mins later he dies to a low HP Mass because… he was playing with his torps and doesn’t get his guns firing. Of course, the team are all defending the Fubuki and calls me being mean even though he cost us 2 DDs.

    • LOL braindead noobswarms everywhere…i feel u guys!! its horrid.
      last night i had a full hp Lyon FAR behind my Alsace, while i was fighting 1v5 AND WON!. he didnt want to do anything useful…except suicide on the enemy when it was endgame and we were about to win on points…lost with 274k dmg :/

    • “…on cooldown.” did you miss that part? They are not firing the guns on cooldown. Yes they are firing but not nearly as much as they should.

    • Jack Sterling he sounds like an idiot…I love the guns on my Asashio, way underrated IMO!

  11. Wernher von Kerman

    Bayern was a classic Dreadnought, P E Friedrich was supposed to be a Battlecruiser and Wargaming decided that Alternate-Timeline Germany upgraded her in resemblance to the British Admiral Class.

    • Wernher von Kerman Yes, it is a Mackensen-class Battlecruiser of the Imperial German Navy in which this ship was based on…

  12. German Battlecruiser/Fast Battleship line when?

    III Von der Tann (8×11” guns, 11” belt) -> IV Seydlitz (10×11” guns, 12” belt) -> V Derfflinger (8×12” guns, 12” belt) -> VI Mackensen (8×13.8” guns, 12” belt) -> VII Ersatz Yorck (8×15”guns, 12” belt)

    With Jutland as an example, these girls should be able to eat British 13.5” and 15” shells for breakfast

    • Josy Naemi Köhler oh yeah, I agree GK10 would make a good tier VIII (though some sites seem to peg her armament at 38cm, ), GK 5041 might even be a good contender for Tier IX before linking back up with Großer Kurfürst

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      O-Class is literally a WW2 Battlecruiser design.
      It is suited to rival Stalingrad and B-65with its Uber 3×2 380mm guns and 190mm belt.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer You mean 3×2 right? Number of turrets X number of barrels The O class has so little going for it except for speed Also, the 190mm belt is too light for german BC standards The O however would fit perfectly on a armored cruiser tree, following the Deutschland, D and P classes

    • Star Trekker the O-class is going to get Shredded by the T10mm it would get if you place her at T8 plus she was superior to Renown in every way plus PEF is a Mackensen which means she is T6 where your statement… it just makes zero sense why you said that because none of the ones you listened are the same tiers as their sisters

  13. Prinz Eitel Friedrich was one of the Mackensen class battle cruisers the Imperial German navy was laying down at the end of ww1….. So the reason it’s longer and faster and etc is its NOT A BATTLESHIP. YES I KNOW FOR GAMEPLAY PURPOSES IT IS BUT STILL.

  14. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    My wallet has been ready since day one I want my german BCs To couple with my Bayern Kaiser and Konig Albert Also, this hints a German BC tree and is perfect A couple of friends and me are working on a full tree I can post it here as finished Notser, if you want

  15. You say the accuracy is lacking, but I feel like most BBs at T6 have bad accuracy lol

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah but the Germans chew it hard until GK.

    • General Cartman Lee

      I agree, you always have to compare ships of one tier. And at tier 6 you have quite some shotguns. I even quit plaing the Fuso because she hits nothing.
      I think the overall most reliable tier 6 BB is the Warspite. The Arizona though being better than the New Mexico is slow and has really bad turret traverse.
      And you need fast turning turrets in your BBs nowadays because your cruisers are always more busy shooting HE at BBs at max range than keeping DDs away.

  16. Watched this live on Twitch and couldn’t believe how hilarious those two knuckleheads in the DD’s were.

  17. If you want to piss off Carriers in a BB, play the Queen Liz, same guns as the Bayern AND ridiculous AA for its tier.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah the Queenie actually has the best AA for a T6 BBs (beating the stereotype that only US BBs have good AA).

    • Yeah it outpreforms even the good old New Mexico at the role of AA Battleship. I’ve seen her chew through squadron after squadron once I got the manual AA aim, carriers soon learn to leave you alone after that.

  18. But was not the Kongo a improved Lion class British battle cruiser? Designed and built in Britain 🙂

  19. ϟϟ PanzerShafter ϟϟ

    Bayern = Bismarck
    Prinz Eitel = Prinz Eugen
    ( *nah* *jk* )

  20. Wow, so she’s a first German BB that is not focused on the armor or the secondaries… hmm.

    Still awesome to my eyes. And she’s still a German. Thus, I must acquire her. I think I shall follow Mr. Notser’s advice and specc her for AA instead of the secondaries, and melt some planes in Tier VI Operations , lol. xD

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