World of Warships – Prinz Eugen Heal Impression

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Checking out the new Prinz Eugen in 0.7.4, they added heal to her loadout and it should make her more tanky for the team. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII German Prinz Eugen Replay – Discord Server


  1. It is certainly a welcome change. Perhaps the chubby little sister won’t just be a port queen now.

  2. Guess i will whip out my Eugen this weekend. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  3. All tier 7 cruisers and up should have heals. Whatcha think?

  4. PleAse turn up the volume

  5. Heal or no , still junky and worthless . Point how many actual princess was buy not give in Xmas boxes ? Defiantly ur on WG payroll already .

  6. 7:43 “My whole package is really effective.” – Notser 2018

  7. I don´t get this: 9:20
    Hydro could have saved you there, yes. But the catapult fighter could have been useful too. You pay extra for the premium-fighter and then you don´t use him ONCE – why? Especially in a game without carriers…

  8. I agree with you on the comment about people underestimating the German cruisers. I have the same experience especially with the Roon and the Hindenberg. People are looking the other way and giving nice broadside for my AP shells.

    • For sure, I’ve deleted full hp cruisers with Hindy because they weren’t paying attention.

    • BalisticChampion1

      I think its more to do with the turtle-back armor. Most of the time its not worth shooting at a broadside German cruiser when you can shoot at any other cruiser bow on and still citadel them (with a BB). It dissuades a lot of the shooting that would be coming your way. As long as there are people next to you that are easier to pen targets you’ll be fine.

    • it ain’t radar boat so it’s low on priority list 😉

  9. Not a criticism, more an amused observation.
    Watching you play this, you seem to be playing your German CA with the instincts of a DD player. Bouncing between islands as you’re not as manoeuvrable (why nobody deleted you or at least did a ton of damage when you’re stuck broadside on is a question), and ultimately heading into an area where you could’ve held fire and vanished as a DD.

    • p.s. I have a book by the second gunnery officer of the PE about her life, especially war time record (as you’d expect). Interesting read.

    • Hi! Is that book in English? Can you write the name of the book? Thnx 🙂

    • Yes, it’s in English. I can’t see it anywhere obvious, so it might be in one of several boxes of books I have in the garage. Will try to remember to look. I’ve not read it for >20 years, lol.

    • Steeltrap Do you remember the name of the book?

    • I think it was “Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen”. It’s not available on Kindle from what I could see. Author was Paul Schmalenbach. As I said, going from memory until I find it. It’s even possible I got rid of it (I’ve had to ditch books over the years).

  10. I got the Prinz when it first came out just because i like the Hipper so much and Prinz Eugen is also the first ship with 19 point commander that i have.

  11. Always nice to see other Warship community contributes making mistakes and paying for them. Let’s me know that I’m not the only one who overextends and pays for it. Keep up the great content Notser! Hope to see you on the high seas!

  12. So now not only Miss Chubby Pudding can fight competitive with other tier 8 cruiser, but with special 8000 doubloon camo player can now play her comfortably and racking a ridiculous amount of cash.

    Seems like a good deal for me. 😉

  13. Hipper a glas cannon?

    • Was thinking the same. Hipper is hardly a glass cannon. Actually it´s quite resilient with decent armor and health. Guns have long range and are accurate, but AP lacks pen and HE lacks alpha. Is there really a difference in the firepower of Eugen and Hipper?

    • There’s a bit of a difference now that Hipper got reload buff, but it’s not that noticeable. Eugen is definitely better now, heal is a lot more important than a small increase in rate of fire.

    • elmateo77 yeah its sad, they should have given the heal to both or given hipper the heal and the pay boat the ROF buff

    • Yeah, I was surprised too at that statement. I really loved the Hipper. 58% winratio. I liked to draw fire and dodge roaming around.

    • FR BBs except Raepublique cant overmatch ur bow armor XD

  14. kein ding yo

    i really liked the hipper before the change, was one of my favourite cruisers (funny, right? :D). had to sell it cause of credit shortage to get the roon. after i saw the changes on the wows development team page i bought the prinz and i think its amazing!
    75k pot HP is no joke, its even 10k more than the atago

  15. Good good good, finally some love on the German line

  16. Hehehe. The reason people don’t shoot at high tier german cruisers is because it’s nearly impossible to hurt one if they are even moderately angled. Whereas USN cruisers are not only fragile as all get out and can get easily penned from all angled, but they also have radar and hence are a giant threat.

    Very glad Eugen got a heal. I love playing this ship and I love the sound of her guns. Plus it’s historically sound … Eugen was in countless major engagements, was the ONLY german heavy cruiser (or heavy anything) to survive the war, and then survived TWO nuclear blasts at Bikini Atoll after the war. She had a small leak and a busted engine that they couldn’t repair because she was thoroughly irradiated and hence would eventually go down months later.

    She was tough as nails and I’m glad she now also is in game.

  17. Blind fire tip – when you see the location of the enemy’s gun fire in smoke center your reticle between the guns at the same height where the shells appear, then single fire your guns while dragging your mouse down to the water line. Since you know the the ‘X’ axis location of the enemy ship, and the shells appear just slightly above the maximum ‘Y axis’ height of the ship it is the Z axis that is the issue. Start at the point where the shells appear and fire your guns as you drag your mouse down (about 1-2 real inches or so on your monitor for most people) this will lay your shots out across the Z axis and get you a hit often enough. You can then target target the black smoke with your reticle and adjust your horizontal lead as needed if they start moving and keep firing also remember that by the time you see the shells the target has moved beyond that point so add a smidge of extra lead in what ever direction the shells are tracking. This works best inside of 12km from my personal experience, beyond that it’s just spray and pray.

  18. I have the exact opposite experience in my German cruisers. Especially in the Hindenburg, as soon as I fire, I become the enemy focus. It never fails. I have to stay back and wait a bit. Not something I like to do.

    • same, i can be in a tier 10 game in my hipper, almost the farthest back, and the moment i open fire i will have people actually drop their current target to shoot me.

  19. John Angelo Tenorio

    How much is Prinz Eugen in PC? Her cheapest bundle in Mobile/Blitz costs about $30.

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