World of Warships: Prinz Eugen Is Actually Nice

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Prinz Eugen is surprisingly decent nowadays. The AP, heal, and armour make her quite fun to play.
The commander voice over is Prinz Eugen from Azur Lane.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 German cruiser Prinz Eugen.


  1. Fifthhhhh. Gloious leader has once again produced an amazing video, like always, all praise glorious leader aerroon


  3. I would call them the outer ring, inner ring and center.

  4. Best waifu
    Change my mind

    BTW, epicenter?

  5. A glowing review on my first premium ship, warms my charcoal briquette of a heart. (my buddy got the Atago, I had buyer’s remorse for a while)

  6. My favorite German Cruiser…19 pt captain on this guy. Great ship! Got my first Kraken in her!

  7. …Went Hipper during sprint, good bote.
    WG grants me 3 day rental on Eugen, blown away.
    Finish the sprint, check my account, broke af, tries not to cry.
    Get a pay check, discount over. Cries a lot. T_T

  8. I saw an Amagi! You know what that means ;D

  9. according to some -anime- very serious ww2 footages, she can also fly and her bow can spit fireballs, and finally it seems that this boat loves teasing you

  10. Fredrick Nietzsche

    outer ring, middle ring, center ring

  11. I am still waiting for a Mogami game 😀

  12. I got a coupon from wargaming and was looking at this ship then I saw you had posted a review. Coincidence? I think not!

  13. GG. Its nice to watch reruns on ships that really existed.

  14. Prinz Eugen: same as Admiral Hipster but more armor than her older sister

  15. “she has good armor”
    you mean she *thicc* dont do me like that

  16. One of my favorite things about this ship is the turtleback combined with the relatively slender beam. Sailing broadside against BBs at point blank and watching them overpen the full salvo is so satisfying.

  17. Someone's Youtube Username

    I have no idea why Flamu hates this mini-Hindenburg. She’s quite good.

  18. I call them the Outer Ring, Inner Ring, and Epicentre :p

  19. Thanks for the solid replay !

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